Celebrate Mother’s Day


Here in the states, today is Mother’s Day! A day we are celebrate and celebrate the mother’s in our life. I don’t know about you; but for me that includes some scrapping! Today we are going to take a look at some of the great items we have in the store for Mother’s Day. Some digital scrapbooking supplies. Like most holidays, there is a section dedicated in the store just for Mother’s Day. If you do not see something that strikes your fancy in today’s post, you can always look around the store. Here are just a few examples of some great Mother’s Day digital scrapbooking supplies. They are linked for your shopping pleasure.










Those are just a few of the great digital scrapbooking supplies to scrap the mother’s in our lives. I hope you all are having a great iNSD weekend and Mother’s Day weekend!


Creative Style | Pocket Scrapping


Hello scrappers! Are you having a good weekend? It is super busy over at my house. No time for scrapping for me. Sigh. That isn’t what we are here to talk about though. I am here to talk about scrapbooking styles. You know: fantasy, pocket, traditional, and everything in between. Some people scrap only one style. Some people (like myself) can scrap one style one day and another a next. I like to mix things up.

One thing I’ve really not scrapped is those great pocket pages. I love to cluster a bit too much. Those pages are lovely though! So neat, clean, and brought together. The perfect touch of ellies and patterned paper. Some of these layouts have photos and such tucked in actual pockets. Those are great! Others are just wonderfully blocked layouts. These layouts jump out of the galleries! So, that is what I did. I stalked the gallery and am here to show of some of those great pocket scrapbook pages that are filling the GingerScraps gallery. I will follow up all that great inspiration with some items from the store to help get your pocket layout started.
















There you go. Just a little peek at some of the pocket pages that are filling up GingerScraps layout and some great items to get them scrapped! They are super popular right now. Take a look around the galleries, grab some inspiration, and get to scrapping!


From The Archives Vol. 1

We are going to start something new here on the blog. From the title you can probably guess that we are going to go back in the archives. What archives? Well, we are going to show you some digital scrapbooking supplies that are in the store that are at least a year old. Some of us may be new to digital scrapbooking or new to GingerScraps. Some people don’t check the store every week. Basically, things can and do get lost in the weekly shuffle of the store. With that in mind, we are going to go back and look at some great products. Our hope is that you find some great things you might have been looking for; or find something that you didn’t know you needed but totally do now that you see it! 🙂

For the first edition of From the Archives, we are going to to back as far as we can. Here are some of the oldest kits in the store. All images are linked so you can check them out in the store. They might be oldies, but I promise they are goodies!!

This is one of my most favorite kits from Pretty in Green. As a mom of a boy and Aunt to 3 more, I have been in and witnessed my fair share of dart battles. It never fails that when I move my couch to clean there are darts behind/underneath it.


This is one jam packed kit from Inspired Designs! It is only $4 as well.


Look at all those pretty flowers in Blue Heart Scraps kit! I see so many scrapping ideas for this kit. Such lovely colors as well.


Gotta a fu-ever friend in your life? I’ve got one and this kit from Aprilisa Designs is a perfect addition to your scrap stash. Never can be without too many pup kits when you got them in your life!


I am such a fan of Colie’s Corner! She doesn’t have a new release every week; but when she does they are fantastic! I suggest if you don’t have some of her designs to go check out her store. There are some great ones in there; like this one!

There are 5 kits from the archives. Maybe you have some or all of these (I do!) or maybe these designs and designers are new to you. I suggest taking a look back in the store to see what you can find. I will be back once a month to help you do just that.


Let’s Celebrate Spring!


Spring! Spring sprung a few weeks ago here in the states. It is just now getting to feel like spring now where I live. Even if Spring has sprung or Fall is here and you just want to look back at those Spring photos and get them scrapped, I have some great products for you!

I don’t know if you have noticed, but it is like the store and gallery comes alive once Spring comes around. Such beautiful colors, themes and flowers fill the store! Of course there is a section dedicated to all things Spring in the store. You can find that HERE. Today though, I am going to pick a few out of the store that are my favorite and showcase them. All images are linked!











Great, right?! This is what I found only 5 pages into the search. There are FIFTY more pages in the spring section. I told you that the store comes alive when Spring comes around here in the states. I hope some of these will get your creative juices flowing! Makes sure you upload your images to the gallery and links us up here if you use any of them. We would love to see your work!


Let’s Celebrate Easter!

Tomorrow is Easter. Are you ready? Make sure you take your camera long for those Easter Egg hunts and fun Easter activities. I wouldn’t suggest pulling your camera out and clicking away while you are at church…but each their own. lol. Today though, I am going to show you some of the great products GingerScraps has in store to get those photos you are going to take tomorrow scrapped.

As usual, there is a section dedicated to this holiday in the store. You can click HERE to view that. I am taking the hard work out of it for you though. I searched the store and that section and going to showcase some of my favorites. Hopefully you will like some of them too! As usual, all images are linked to their counterpart in the store.










This is just a small look at what the store has to offer! If one (or some) of these are not what you are looking for, make sure you run over to the store and take a look around. There are many many more where these came from. You can also take a look at last year’s Celebrate Easter post. There are some great items in that as well! (Some of my favorites in fact!)

For those of you, like me, who are celebrating Easter, I hope it is a great, fun and peaceful holiday. Happy Easter!


Creative Style | Green


Hello scrappers. Today we are going to take a look at a creative style. Well, let me honest. It isn’t really a style so much as getting some inspiration from color.

There are many things that can make a layout stand out in the gallery. What grabs one person’s attention might not grab another’s. I could write multiple blog posts about what grabs mine. That being said, seeing a layout that has predominantly one color always grabs my attention.  Since we are edging up on St. Patrick’s Day, I thought it would be fun to get some inspiration from the color green.

We are going to take a look at some pretty green images, some great digital scrapbooking layouts done up in green, and round it up with the latest green filled goodies from the store. If those do not do it for you, make sure you check out the Let’s Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day post from last week.

Now, here are some lovely images to get those creative juices flowing. Did you know there was a place you could get pretty nice stock photos for free? These images are from Pexels. (All photos on Pexels are licensed under the Creative Commons Zero (CC0) license. This means the pictures are completely free to be used for any legal purpose.) I use them on my personal blog. I thought I would share with you guys while we get some inspiration for scrapping with green.






Fantastic right? I find inspiration for layouts in all kinds of places. Looking at beautiful photos are one of them. Want a bit more inspiration? Here are some layouts that are predominantly green. You know, to help get those ideas flowing! (all images are linked to their counterpart in the store. Go leave some loving!)

Natural Beauty by kpmelly

obstacle by jerilie

Walk by Jenn18


blessed by craftytam

Are these not some lovely layouts! I know part of that is the great designers we have here at GingerScraps. These layouts are beautifully scrapped though. I hope you found at least some inspiration from today’s post. I will leave you with some great designs to get those green filled layouts scrapped. As usual, all images are linked to their counterpart. We actually have an entire location in the store just for GREEN items.



Let’s Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day


Welcome to March scrappers! I really cannot believe that we are already into the 3rd month of the year. I guess I should just get used to all these years flying by. Since we are into March, let’s talk about scrapping for St. Patrick’s Day!

I am doing all the hard work for you. (Well, I like shopping around; so it isn’t hard work for me!) Here are some great items from the GingerScrap’s store to get your St. Patrick’s Day photos & fun scrapped. This is just a glimpse as to what is in the store. If these are not what you are looking for, check out the section dedicated to this holiday.

Before I get started with showing you some great St. Patrick’s Day goodies, I thought I would remind you of this month’s Mix. It is perfect for this holiday!

Monthly Mix: A Bit Of Luck: A collaboration from our GingerScraps designers.

Everyone has a bit of luck with this kit! From top hats for the leprechaun in your life, to the colors of Scouts and grass, and the hints of spring.

This collab includes:

  • 1 Full Alphas
  • 30 Papers
  • 55 Elements
  • 2 Bonus Templates- PAGE, PNG, PSD, and TIF File Formats


Now, Here is those St. Patrick Day goodies I was talking about. All images are link to their counterpart in the store.









Great, right? Like I said, these are just a glimpse as to what GingerScraps has in store to scrap your St. Patrick’s Day memories and fun. It is still early as well. There is a little less than 2 weeks until the holiday. Make sure you keep a look out on the Fresh Baked goodies to see what else might show up.


Celebrate Valentine’s Day


It is that time of the year. February brings Valentine’s Day for us in the states. All things love, hearts, pink and red. So with that in mind, we are going to take the hard part of your digital scrapbooking shopping and bring you a ton of Valentine’s Day stuff all in one post. All images are linked to the store. Don’t forget, there is a section just for Valentine’s Day in the store. You can these items and more there.






















There you go guys. Just a small glimpse into what the store has to offer to get those Valentine’s Day and love layouts scrapped. We would love to see what you have scrapped with our Valentine’s Day inspired kits. Make sure you upload in the gallery and come back and link us up here! Happy Valentine’s Day and happy scrapping.


Let’s Celebrate… Winter

Good morning scrappers!! Here on this side of the world we are in the full swing of winter. That being said, it really hasn’t been very winter-y here in the south. Not a stitch of snow in sight. That doesn’t mean we cannot enjoy some wonderful winter digital scrapbooking! Today we are going to take a look in the store at some great products to get those winter wonderland photos scrapped. Like past seasons the store has it’s own section for it.  Here are just a few items to get those winter layouts scrapped. (All images linked to the store)











Happy Scrapping!!

Creative Style: White Space


Good morning Scrappers! For those who celebrated Thanksgiving, have you recovered? Are you all ready for what comes next?!You know what…It’s the most wonderful time of the year! Next month for the inspiration side of the blog, we are going to be doing all things Christmas! Fonts, apps, supplies and more. I cannot wait!

Today though, we are going to be looking at the creative style of things. Scrapping white space layouts. I will go ahead and tell you that this is not my forte. I am all about messy, clustery, and filling up my pages. I appreciate what white space layouts are though & love to see them in the galleries. I am in awe of beautifully done white space layouts.

So, what is white space?

White space on scrapbook pages is not always white. It can be any color –it can even be patterned paper. The term white space refers to an area devoid of photos, embellishments, journaling, and title.

White space provides a resting point for the eye and breathing room for the viewer taking in your photos and journaling. White space has a shape that can be active or passive – Get it Scrapped 


Here are some beautiful examples of white space scrapping:







All these great layouts are linked to their counterpart in the gallery. Make sure you run over & leave them some love. As you can see, white space layouts are not layouts that are lacking!! They all have used their elements and paper to draw your eye to the photo. After all, this is about passing down memories. You can have patterned papers, fun paints, layered papers, and cute elements all on your page!

White space layouts stand out in the galleries against the big photos, layers and layers of papers, and lots of elements. Not to say one is better than the other! We are all different and we all scrap different. This is jut one of those ways. If you think that white space layouts is something you want to try, you know that GingerScraps has the supplies you need. Of course you can make a whitespace layout with any digital scrapbooking kit. Here are a few examples though of items in the store geared a little more to it.