February Bake Sale


It’s time for the February Bake Sale. Our fabulous designers have placed the following kits (and a few more too) in the bake sale this month. Only $1 per kit from 2/15 to 2/20.

10686678_10153074768828648_449190940636637636_n 10978655_10153074769418648_4602781147742717504_n 10983425_10153074768803648_262460184310088541_n 10985319_10153074769463648_6652069060659592397_n 10991121_10153074769263648_1891020554413145745_n CathyKGSBakeSaleFeb2015_zpsjqtzg4u8 LLD_BAKESALEFEB15_zps00znxg9u 1509713_10153074768908648_7010017435213979577_n 10404409_10153074768963648_7740147753612147915_n


Aren’t you excited? Looks like I need to go shopping. Make sure to head over to the store to get your favorites before the sale is over.


February Featured Designer – JB Studio


Welcome to February. Hard to believe we are already through January. I wonder if it means this year will go by quickly? This month I had the chance to “chat” with the fabulous Dani of JB Studios. Here is her thoughts on my questions. Make sure to read all the way to the end for  some awesome layouts with her kits.

What is your design process?

I usually have ideas for kits from music – lyrics or rhythm… I am all about feelings and I let the feelings guide me. First thing I do is choose the name of the kit because it will lead my design process and as I am not the best at that, I always rely on my creative team to help me brainstorm. Then I build the color palette that will help me express the feelings I had, I always start from patterned papers, then elements, extras and alphas. Sometimes the process is inverted. I see a color palette that catches my eye and I let it guide the feelings. I like to take notes of moments and things I see when I’m not home because some things just may inspire kit ideas.

What do you use to create your designs (program, addition tools, etc.)?

I use Photoshop CS3 (it’s old, I know. I will be soon switching to a newer version) and illustrator. Tools? Hmmm, I like using some actions and styles because they are time savers.

Describe your design workplace.

I am building my workspace through babysteps, but as we don’t have much space in the house, it is in our living room for now. I have a pretty spacious work table and some drawers, but to be honest I didn’t declutter or organized yet.

What is your favorite thing about designing?

I’m blessed for being able to be creative and call it work. And also blessed for working at home so I can stay with my daughter and take care of the family and myself.

What is your favorite or “go-to” color palette?

I like bright colors and I always add a bold one to contrast. Being honest, I love vintage colors, however I just can’t design anything vintage, I guess it’s because I’m an Aquarius. LOL

What is your favorite treat to have close while designing?

I feel guilty by answering this… a very cold glass of coke.

Do you have job outside of designing? If so, what do you do (if you don’t mind sharing)?

I’ve just quit the position of coordinator at a language school. I am now only teaching English on Saturdays, so I can have plenty of time to devote to my creative business.

Please share a photo of yourself, can be silly or serious but a photo that shows us who YOU are.

I really like this photo. It’s not perfect, I have no make up, I’m wearing glasses, I have eye circles, but I think it expresses who I am – the colors and the smile. I see myself like this – soft, feminine and happy.


What is your *favorite* kit you’ve designed (that is currently in store) and why is it your favorite?

I have to mention 2 of them. One is On Cloud Nine because it was a turning point in my design style and the other is Gone Away because it was the way I could express my feelings in a sad moment when we lost a close friend in a very terrible way. I am pretty introvert sometimes and that was the way that I could put the bad feelings out of my chest.

What is your favorite thing about GingerScraps.net?

Oh, everything! I wish i could be online in the community more often because I always have so much fun. And I love how sweet and supportive everybody is. I love being a GingerBread Lady.

What is the current ringtone on your phone?

Radioactive by Imagine Dragons (I just love the guys!)

If you were deserted on an island (with all water/food provided), what three things would you want to have with you?

I feel pretty uncomfortable answering this kind of questions because I hate to have to choose between things, I just can’t. I want everything. My decision making in this situation is stressful. I would start with my family, internet, my laptop, my books, my notebooks and all my scrapbooking supplies, my daughters’ dolls, playing cards, and I could go on forever… LOL

If you could spend the day with anyone (living or dead) who would it be and why?

Mandela. I would try to learn everything I could from the guy. He was so spiritual.

What songs are included on the soundtrack to your life?

Unconditionally by Katy Perry

What would you sing at Karaoke night?

I love Karaoke and I sing lots of songs, but my favorite are Rolling in the Deep by Adele and I’m No Good by Amy Winehouse.

Any special message to our members?

I’d like to quote Mahatma Gandhi: “Happiness is when what you think, what you say and what you do are in harmony.” Living with intention is having a fulfilled life. Everything is just perfect when you are in harmony.

What awesome answers to my questions. Thanks again to Dani for taking the time. Make sure to check out her GS store, her Facebook page, and her blog. Her birthday is this month and she’s giving away goodies all month.

I asked on our Facebook fan page and our group page for you to share your favorite kit and layouts with me and I received some great posts. It was so hard to choose, so… I’m just going to show them all.

The biggest response was using the Honeymoon Collection.




lorigaud shared this layout made with Rock This Way:


Sarah shared this layout using Everyday Photos:

And finally this one from missdamsel using Digital Besties:

Thanks for hanging on and reading this long!! Can’t wait to catch back up with you soon. Keep your eye out for some fun stuff coming to the blog. We have some exciting things in the works.




GingerScraps Site CT Call!!

Yes, this is a big announcement! GingerScraps is having a  Site CT Call! Yes we are!!

Get those applications in!  This is your chance to work with the designs of ALL the GingerScraps designers! The call is open until all spots are filled so get your info sent in right away!

I can’t wait to see who applies!

Fresh Baked!! 6-23

Its that time again… Fresh out of the oven for you!! Some wonderful goodies.

First of all, The GingerBread Ladies have totally rocked a new collab for you-

The GingerScraps County Fair-

I don’t know about you but every year I look forward to the County Fair! As a matter of fact when I was in 5th grade I wrote an essay about our family…. and it won “The Nevada County Family Of The Year”! It was so amazing!! Our family got daily fair passes, unlimited rides for us and any of our friends, parking passes right in the front spot for VIP, admission to the extra events – like The Monster Trucks, and we even got to judge the salsa contest. It was the best week ever. We made wonderful memories that will last a lifetime.

I choose a GingerBread Lady color palette and theme 4 times a year and I knew that this summer I wanted to do a Fair collab. Watching this kit come together has been thrilling for me!! I hope you all enjoy it as much as I do.

It is HUGE of course like all the GingerBread Lady Collabs are. Including-

59 Papers, 108 Elements, 2 CU sets, Glitter (style and sheets), and an alpha that is like nothing I have ever seen! Mandy made a Roller-Coaster Alpha- including a little track for the Roller-Coaster Alpha to ride on!

I can not wait to see all your Layouts and see what your County Fair looks like!!

On sale now for only $5.00!!


Next up we have some amazing Vintage Frames by Wyld Web Designs

Add a touch of yesterday to your designs with these vintage frames. These worn and tattered frames are from antique photographs of my family. All eight frames were photographed and extracted by hand. These frames are available for personal, scrap for hire and commercial use.


ModernJune has some must have additions to her Over the Rainbow Series: The Alphas

This bundle includes the entire over the rainbow alpha series! Save a few bucks and buy them all at one time! Mix them match them use them all together its up to you, they work with anything! You can get them in the bundle or individually by color:)

These alphas are unique textured and all the letters are a different fade. Made from my ‘Over the Rainbow’ Paper Pack.

Have the perfect combo and pick up the Over The Rainbow Paper Pack as well:


*Both the Over the Rainbow Alpha Bundle and Paper Pack will be 20% off for this week only:)


PhotoCowGirl has the coolest template set I have seen in a long time!! Extreme Cluster Templates 2


4 templates in PSD format. Lots and lots of clustering to make intricate layouts simple!

Reg. $3.00   Get it this week for 20% off!

Here is a look at them in action….. Credits: Girly Girl by MandyMade

Credits: Soul Sister by Modern June

Fresh Baked! 5-26

Hello scrappers! Hope you all enjoying this lovely day. We have some YUMMY goodies today!

First up today…. Are you ready for some good old time Rock-N-Roll? Check out this GingerBread Lady Collab!

Rock-N-Roll Cafe

They say Rock N Roll is here to stay and the designers at GingerScraps are certainly proof of that. This month, we are featuring our Rock and Roll Cafe Collab. Grab your poodle skirts and roll up those white t’s and let’s shake a leg. This whimsical kit is not only perfect for those vintage photos, but will turn any photo into one that is really Neat-O. From Sock Hops to Old Fashioned Ice Cream Socials, this kit is for you! Versatile enough for everyday photos as well, this kit is truly Peachy-keen.

Rock and Roll Cafe includes:
A Whooping 99 Elements
72 Papers
2 Alphas
A CU Template Set.

This HUGE kit is on sale now for ONLY $5.25!!

Here is a closer look at the paper:

And the Ellies:

Now take a look at there wonderful LO’s by The GingerBread Girls:




Next up a lovely collab from Graham Like The Cracker and Stolen Moments- Carry My Heart
(carry my heart): A Wedding Kit
by Graham Like the Cracker and Stolen Moments

This week Scrappy Cocoa has a super cute new kit! and boy did the CT have fun with this one! Check out all the great LO’s!!

Reading Time

If you have kids or grand kids and they are anything like mine, they love to read! I have so many pictures of my dear son reading picture books to himself. This kit is the perfect kit to scrap all those fun reading times. With bright colors, and fun characters, this kit is a must for any scrappers library. Kit includes 16 papers, and 53 elements including~

Fun story book character like the big bad wolf, a little pig, 2 book worms, a hedge hog, an owl and a snail. Plus lots of of other goodies!! Just check out this CT deliciousness!





Scrappy Cocoa also has two new wonderful template sets-

The template Tool box has now been broken up! This fabulous set called Blockus has 4 12×12 layered templates. CU Friendly! $2
And Typus
Set of 4 12×12 layered templates. This set is called Typus, and there is tons of space left for you to tell your story! CU Friendly! $2

HarmonyStar has some Spring Flowers for you! In Personal Use and Commercial Use

What’s a layout or more importantly a kit without a flower or two? These flowers will surely make kits and your layouts bright and beautiful.
includes: 13 flowers
PU $2.00
CU $4.00
She also has a great set of jean goodies! I am so loving these!!

My Favorite Jeans in Personal Use and Commercial Use

Everyone knows jeans go with everything. The same thing goes for layouts. Try these jeans on for size. I bet they’ll be a perfect fit!

jeans paper, frayed edge, hemmed edge, hole, button, loop, loop strip, pocket, zipper, snap, snap strip


PU – $3.00
CU – $5.00

And now from Kathy Winters some Doggie Wisdom.
A set of six (6) wordart pieces designed to reflect the wisdom and unconditional love that comes from owning man’s best friend.

Regular Price: $3.00
Sale Price: $2.25 through 05/31/2010

Here’s a great layout from Julie using Doggie Wisdom, Ginger Scraps Doodle Borders – Set 1 and MandyMade’s Scrap Your Life 365 Project all rolled into this awesome layout.

A Cat’s Life is a re-release of a product that never made it into the store.

Six short phrases to add that special touch to the scrapbook layout inspired by the cat(s) that play a special role in your family.

Regular Price: $2.00
Sale Price: $1.50 through 05/31/2010

Doggie Love is also a re-release of a product that never made it into the store.

Four pet inspired WordArt creations perfect for those scrapbook layouts or other craft projects dedicated to the love of your dog.

Regular Price: $2.00
Sale Price: $1.50 through 05/31/2010


And now…… something by ME!
Doodle Borders~ Set 1


Here is a super cute way to frame your LO- Hand drawn Doodle Borders!

I remember when I used to “paper” scrapbook. I loved to draw doodles around the edges of my pages. Now you can do it on your digital pages! With my hand doodled border frames.

Another great use for these doodles is as frames. When you have the perfect photo one of the first things you do is find a frame to show it off. Well the same is true in digi scrapping. These adorable Doodle Borders will be the finishing touch for all your photos. Use them as is to frame, or layer behind other frames as a base to create beautiful clusters.

Doodle Borders~Set 1 includes 7 doodles borders.
12 by 12inches- The perfect size to just drag and drop onto your LO. But a simple re-size to fit around any square photo.
300 dpi and in png form- they will work in any photo editing program.

Here are two examples - and there ia also a great one up in Kathy’s Doggie Word Art above.




Last but not least….. Scrapberry Designs a SUPER cute blog wear set. Don’t be surprised if you see me sporting this on my personal blog soon! It is made by one of my favorite kits! :)

Get Your Blog On ~ Wild Cherry Tea

Ready to get your blog on? This package contains all the elements you need for sprucing up your blog and giving it a fresh new look. Even those that are novice bloggers can install this with the included step by step instructions.

Blog wear created using Wild Cherry Tea digital kit by GingerScraps.

Includes: 3 Blog Headers (2 with places for photos and 1 without) 3 Blog Backgrounds 2 Post Dividers 4 Pre-labeled Sidebar Buttons 2 Blank Sidebar Buttons Installation Instructions

Regulary Cost: $4.50

On Sale: $3.15 (30% off) through 5/30


And now.. some very sad news :( My sweet Jen is closing up shop at GingerScraps. Jen has been with me from almost the beginning and I am so sad to see her go!! But we all wish her the very best on her new adventures in DigiLand!!

Lets help her go out with a bang!! Many of her goodies will be retiring once they leave GingerScraps so get them while you can!! And EVERYTHING in her shop is on sale till the end of the month.

Graham Like The Cracker’s Shop


Fresh Baked 5-5!

Did you all survive {i}NSD? I sure did have fun!! Personally my favorite part of the weekend was the Scrapping Survivor Finally!

I am so happy to announce the Winner of Season 2 Scrapping Survivor!!

Rachel (pretttingreen)

Ohhh look at her new avatar! Yep she is now one of the GingerBread Girls (Site CT) Yahooo!!

Welcome to the family Rachel!

And now……. Lets got to all to goodies – Fresh out of the oven this week!


We have a new Grab Bag!!! This is my favorite so far! It is soooooo fun! And for the first time… we have a special CU Grab Bag included in this Mega! The GingerBread Ladies May~ Grab Bag

GingerBread Ladies have used all of their energy on this darling mega collab. May’s GingerScraps Mega Grab Bag was created by Graham Like the Cracker, Statements by Jodi, Teri’s Thing-O-My-Jigs, MandyMade, Simply ShanMarie Designs, Daybreaks Scraps, Kathy Winters, HarmonyStar, Modern June, Scrappy Cocoa, WyldWeb Designs, ans Scrapberry Designs.

This months Mega Kit is a jam packed kit that is bouncing with energy! If you have any little ones that are non-stop 24/7 then this mega kit is perfect for you.

Including: *2 alphas *60 papers *66 elements *Glitter- Style and sheets *CU Grab Bag included!

And As usual- For a short time you can get this AMAZING GrabBag for only $1 with any purchase over $5
You will receive the coupon code by e-mail. Please allow 24 hours as every coupon has to be e-mailed to you manually. ______________________________________________________________________

The April~ GrabBag has now been REVELED!

Down The Bunny Trail-

We “hop” that, I mean hope that this will satisfy that sweet tooth. It is full of such sweet goodies I can’t hardly stand it.

Come hopping Down the Bunny Trail with the GingerBread Ladies spring collab. This kit is not limited to just Easter by any means. Filled with bursts of flowers and sprinkled with sunshine this kit is sure to please. Great for babies too!
This months grab bag has 4 alphas, 72 elements, 48 papers and even includes glitter styles and sheets.


And now Just released this week- The matching Down The Bunny Trail QP Album!

Need a jump start on you Spring or Easter layouts? Our Down the Bunny Trail Quick Page Album will get you going in a jiffy.

This is a Huge QP pack! Enough to make a whole album.
Includes 26 – 12by12, 300dpi Quick Pages

Be sure to pick up the full collab so that you can personalize each quick page to make it uniquely yours. Buy them both together in the bundle and save!


The Down The Bunny Trail~ Mega Kit and QP Album~ Bundle

Get the Bundle and save.
A Huge Mega collab and matching QP Album.
The April~ Grab Bag~ Down The Bunny Trail *Bundle*

This week the Bundle will be 25% off – so you can snag all these yummy goodies for only $7.50!


Quit Buggin





An Adorable Boy kit perfect for all thing outdoors and exploring! Kit contains 16 papers, 3 alpha and 53 Elements! Kit is regularly $4 but on sale 25% This week!


All Frogged Out


All Frogged Out is the cute boy kit you have been looking for!
Filled with the perfect elements for boy LO’s you will be so happy with this kit! Textured fun papers and three alphas you don’t want to miss out on kit!

*21 textured papers  *47 elements  *3 alphas (with and without shadows)

and a little CT Inspiration…



Layered Frame Template -CU OK


For personal and commercial use, this frame download includes 6 layered frame templates. Files are in .psd as well as .png form. Credit not required but always appreciated.


Four Retiring Favorites


It’s hard to say good bye, but it is time for Hukilau Honey, Dragonfly Summer, Movers and Shakers, and Red White and Blue Adventures to all say good bye. Which makes it a good buy for you. 4 full sized kits for less than the price of one!

Only $3.00!


Whispers of Romance Mini Kit by Kathy Winters Designs

This is a sweet kit with just a touch of romance in shades of pink and brown filled with delicate patterned papers and shiny elements.

Regular price is $3.00 but through the weekend you can snag this mini at 25% off.



Day Dreamer Collab by Teri’s Thing O My Jigs and Scrapberry Designs

This is a dreamy duo that is great for scrapping lazy days or your little dreamers and doers special moments. The beautiful greens, blues, and browns and the variety of elements make this kit perfect for boy or girl. Regularly priced at $5 but will be available 25% off through the weekend.


Need some inspiration? Here are a few layouts from our CT teams:







Freshed Baked!! 4-14

Hi ladies!  This is Teri, and I am sending out my first newsletter!  Ginger and I are working together to make things run alittle smoother in the kitchen.  I guess you can call me, her sous chef!  We have so many great things this week,  lets get right to them!   :)T

We  have some pretty busy bunnies around here and we want to show you our latest GingerScrap Grab Bag.  April’s GingerScraps Mega kit was created by Graham Like the Cracker, Misty O’Brien Designs, Statements by Jodi, Teri’s Thing-O-My-Jigs, MandyMade, Simply ShanMarie Designs, Daybreaks Scraps, and Kathy Winters,

So are you wondering whats inside?  We "hop" that, I mean hope that this little sneak peek will satisfy that sweet tooth.  It is full of such sweet goodies I can’t hardly stand it.  This months grab bag has 4 alphas, 72 elements, 48 papers and even includes glitter styles and sheets. 

And As usual- For a short time you can get this AMAZING  GB for only $1 with any purchase over $4  Now that ought to make anyone do the bunny dance! You will receive the coupon code by e-mail. Please allow 24 hours as every coupon has to be mailed to you manually. 

April Grab Bag


Next up is Scrappy Cocoa.  She  has teamed up with Nibbles and Scribbles to bring you a fantastic template pack available for a limited time so snag this one quick!

Template Tool Box $5


This grab bag between NibblesSkribbles and ScrappyCocoa is jam packed with all new, never before seen templates! This bag has 4 all new products which means 16 new templates! All templates are CU friendly. Grab this bag quick because after a while it will be split up and each product will be packaged individually and sold at full price. Thanks for looking!


Are you as Wyld about Char as we are?  She has some great timesaving actions that are a must for every designer!

Design Tools: Trimming Action by Wyld Web Designs

This Photoshop action will help you trim the file sizes of your designs with the click of a button! Removing the empty space around your design elements will greatly reduce your file sizes which allows you to package your kits in less download folders and save time! This action removes all empty space around your flattened PNG image and leaves a 1 pixel border surrounding it to avoid any clipping of your item. This action has been tested in PSE, PS CS2, 3 and 4.

Design Tools: Saving Action by Wyld Web Designs

This Photoshop action will resize your images to 600×600 pixels and make them sharp and web-ready. Whether you are uploading kit previews or your own personal layouts, this action will save you time by automatically resizing to the standard size and then sharpening your image to make it pop online! This action has been tested in PSE, PS CS2, 3 and 4.

Both actions are on sale for 25% off this week only!


Well we want to say Congratulations to two of our very own gals who have been blessed this week with newborn bundles of joy! Jen has created a darling little kit, both pink and blue to welcome our new babies!

Did you know that we had some tiny new members join the Gingerscraps Family? Charmaine of Wyld Web Designs had a little boy named Quentin, and Gingersnap Marie (MadScrapper) had baby girl Emma a day before Quentin was born. Jen’s gift to the two of them is this:

Quentin & Emma


A kit that is both formal and cute, this newborn baby kit will scrap endless layouts. Made for boys and girls, this kit contains 40 elements and 20 papers. The kit is $6.00

No kit of Jen’s is complete without some gradient papers, and this time she made a paper pack.

The Gradient Papers


These papers aren’t just for babies… these highly textured (but still soft) papers will look great in any layout. Mix them, match them, their possibilities are endless.

Of course they look their best with The kit Quentin and Emma, but you will love them in any layout you use them in. The gradient paper pack is $3.00

Every kit needs and alpha!

This adorable alpha can be used in a wide variety of layouts. Multi-layered and striped, it will be a fantastic addition to any layout.

This alpha comes in blue striped and pink striped in lower and upper case letters. Full alpha sheets and individually cut letters are included to suit your scrapping fancy. The alpha pack is $3.

The Bundle

The contain the kit, the alpha, and the gorgeous gradient papers that complete the Quentin and Emma Collection. The Bundle is $9.00

Make sure you check out Jen’s blog for the coordinating freebie and to see the rest of the gorgeous CT layouts!






Let’s give Scrapberry Designs a warm welcome with her darling Hootie Cutie kit!


Whoo wouldn’t want to be a Hootie Cutie? This whimsical kit is full of bright colors and elements that will be perfect for so many of your scrapbooking layouts. From the big eyed owls with cute trees to play in, to the colorful doodley paisleys, this kit is great for any gender at any age!



Fresh Baked!! 4-7

Hello scrappers :)

We have some delicious goodies out today!!

First up from PhotoCowGirl…. a deal you will NOT want to pass up!! Limited Edition Template Bundle

I’m moving (don’t worry- I am not leaving GingerScraps- I am moving into a new house) Im spending the next 2 weeks packing – so to celebrate I have a limited edition template bundle! It’s such an awesome deal – you get 6 template packs for only $6.00, but you have to hurry because it’s only available bundled in this awesome deal for 2 weeks!

Includes template packs: Room to Journal, Down the Line, Like Em Big, Clip It Spring, Messy Text, and Extreme Clusters. (All packs PSD format, except Clip It Spring is png format).
Next we have a beautiful kit by ModernJune - American Honey

American Honey is a really sweet spring kit that has everything for your spring LO’s. Textured papers, vibrant colors, flowers, butterflies, swirls and adorable doodle alphas!
Inculdes: *20papers *57 elements *3 alphas

*additonal folder containing shadowed elements as well!
ModernJune also has some  amazing templates! – All Curled Up Template Pack

4 templates for your PU/CU/S4H and S4Ouse!! only $2.50!

Daybreak Scraps, Misty O’Brien Designs and Teri’s Thing-O-My-Jigs all teamed up and created this striking kit. I love the color combination! This will surly produce some gallery standouts! Elegant Azure

Elegant Azure brings to mind the cool crisp colors of a blue sky mixed with the emerald green waters off some romantic coast. And speaking of romantic, this kit was designed for those special occasions when you get all dressed up and hit the town. As our treat to you, you can pick up the Elegant Azure add-on free with your purchase of the full kit. Elegant Azure was designed by Daybreak Scraps, Misty O’Brien Designs and Teri’s Thing-O-My-Jigs. We hope you dance! There are 25 papers and 47 elements plus a fantastic add-on with purchase.   $5.00




by Lisa
Template from All Curled Up by Modern June
Word art by Feli Designs

And now we have some VERY EXCITING news!!!!

Wyld Web Designs is BACK!!!!!!

This week she has a AWESOME design tool that will help any designer create quality designs with the click of a button! This action will remove any strays or jagged edges without loss of quality of your original product, even after running it several times. This action has been tested in PSE, PS CS2, 3 and 4.

On sale this week only for 25% off! Design Tools Smoothing: Action by Wyld Web Designs


Char -Wyld Web Designs- also has some fun little doodles for you- Doodle-rama: Animal Doodles by Wyld Web Designs

This designer resource contains 7 animal doodles in PNG and PSD format. These doodles are permitted for commercial, personal or scrap-for-hire use and are easily colored and customized to fit your needs. Each doodle is provided in both PNG and layered PSD format.
On sale this week only for 25% off!





Fresh Baked 3-31

Hello Digi Land friends :)

Have you stopped by GingerScraps and checked out all the wonderful Layouts from Scrapping Survivor? They are sooo great!! What an amazing group of talented Scrappers!

We have some YUMMY goodies for you today!!

First up from PhotoCowGirl- Extreme Cluster Templates


$3.00 ($2.40 – 20% off this week)

4 PSD templates with plenty of white space, room to journal, and especially – layers and layers of clustering already composed for you.


Next up from ScrappyCocoa- Rainbow Bright- I am soo loving this one! bright and fun :)


A bright, cheery kit for girls of all ages! Perfect for scrapping those flying high moments or those sassy teens! This kit contains 10 Patterned Papers, 6 Solid Cardstock, a lower alpha and 45 elements! $4 Check this great inspiration by my CT!




And if you love the kit but don’t have the time, here is the adorable QP Album! Comes with 8 12×12 QP’s! Only $2.50!


HarmonyStar has some great CU or PU sets today!


Add a little mushroom to your layout or use them for some fantasy edits. Commercial use Great for fantasy, foresty, or ever earthy kind of themes.

Includes 14 Mushrooms!

PU – $2.00

CU – $4.00




Who doesn’t love a pretty butterfly on their layout?

for CU -What kit is complete without a matching butterfly? Use these to match whatever theme you’re working with.

Includes 10 butterflies!

PU – $2.00

CU – $4.00


Tinkerboy by Teri Mayo- ohh it is a cute one!!


Tinkerboy. What does that bring to mind? Little boys, making messes, doing what boys do best. Playing of course! This colorful kit will surely become an all time favorite. But don’t think this kit is just for boys. We all know those little girls who would be right at home with this theme. Filled with one of a kind elements, custom designed just for you! Whimsical wordart, date markers, cardboard frames and more. All tied up with stitching and tiny little bows, even a tree to climb. What fun would a boy kit be without a little mud and a paint spill, oops! Well that’s what you get for tinkering around. Tinkerboy is a perfect all-season kit. Create, Inspire and Share!

Tinkerboy includes:
16 richly textured papers
62 elements
1 complete alpha set

CT Marion

CT Amy!

CT Sandy

And even one by me!


Some VERY exciting news!!! The fabulous Tabby-otherwise know as- ScrapBerry Designs is the new in-house Blog Diva at GingerScraps!!!! I am so excited to welcome her to our family!:)

Here are a few or the awesome services she offers-

Blogwear Installation Service
This package covers installation of any blogwear purchased here at the GingerScraps store.

Installation services include the upload of the graphics and installation into your existing blog template, including but not limited to header image, sidebar images, and post separators. I can also convert your two column template to a three column at this time if requested by you.


Custom Blog Design Service
This package includes a total custom blog makeover for your personal blog! I will design a blog look that is completely unique to you and you alone. Includes background, header image, up to 10 sidebar images, post separator, and custom signature.


Custom Navigation Bar
This package includes the graphic design and installation of a horizontal navigation bar. Available for blogger blogs only at this time.



How about a little bit of Sew ‘n Sew to make your layouts pretty and sew perfect? Well DayBreakScraps has the PERFECT kit!! Sew ‘n Sew-


20% off through Easter Sunday!

There are fourteen pretty and a little shabby 12×12 300dpi papers along with 28 elements.

StatemantsByJodi has a great- bright kit- for a cause close to our hearts here at GingerScraps.

April is Autism Awareness month! I have decided to fix up my Autism Awareness kit - We Are All Unique- to raise money for Autism. I have added a few things and fixed the existing items in this kit. So if you got this from my blog in the past you will want to get it again.

This kit is $5 and all proceeds will go to Autism. This kit will be available all through April and has a coupon inside to my store for $5. So donate $5 to Autism and get $5 to my store! That’s 2 kits for the price of 1.




If you would like to donate more you can name your price on this add on mini or you can snag it for free on my CT blog. http://statementmakers.blogspot.com/



The main kit includes a full alpha, 11 papers and 33 elements.
The add on mini kit includes 5 papers and and 15 elements


Fresh Baked!! 3-24

Hello ladies :) I hope your all having a wonderful day today!! Over in my home town- of Northern California- the weather is beautiful!! I have the windows open and I am loving it!

This is a VERY exciting week for me!!!!

Scrapping Survivor Season 2 starts today :)

Even if your not playing… you can come follow along. It is so much fun! The prize package is totally amazing this season!! The official welcome is posted in the Forum and Scrapping Survivor Blog.

And first up.. inspired by Scrapping Survivor Season 2- The GingerBread Ladies have totally out done them selves!!! To bring you- Scrappin SafariSafari Preview

Paper Preview-

safari paper preview

Grab your binoculars and camera and get ready for a Scrappin Safari!

This jungle theme kit is perfect for those photos from your trips to the zoo, or just for those of us who have those little monkey’s swinging from tree to tree in our very own back yard! From the whimsical animals, to the unforgettable Meer cat, add in the unique elements created by our designers and you start to get the feel of this kit. And if you want to add a touch of glitter, we have that covered too.

Scrappin Safari includes- 50 papers, 76 elements, 7 glitter styles and 4 alphas. Don’t monkey around, grab this kit and join our Scrappin Safari. $7.00


Next up for PhotoCowGirl- Lil Bit Country



And check this out!! I am soo loving these- Set of Quilt Templates- you can turn any paper into a digi quilt block!!! I would but the kit just for that! :) And it is FREE with purchase of the Lil Bit Country kit!!!!



A little worn. A little vintage. Full of a youth. Perfect for heritage layouts, scrapping your children playing outdoors, or for showing off those precious baby photos. Bonus 4 FWP Quilt Templates – PSD format.

LO using Lil Bit Country- by Photocowgirl

LO using Lil Bit Country- by Majula


Kathy Winters Designs has a delicious kit out this week! Oh it gets me all excited about Easter and spring!!

Spring’s Renewal
Kit contains 17 papers and 56 elements
Regular price $5.50 — now through March 29, 2010 on sale for 25% off or $4.13



Spring’s Renewal Alpha
Kit contains 5 sets of lower and upper case alphas with numbers and full symbols
Regular price $3.00 — now through March 29, 2010 on sale for 25% off or $2.25


A few layouts from my creative team for inspiration



Wired Out Alpha from Statements by Jodi only $2!

This alpha includes a full upper alpha, full lower alpha, full set of numbers and extras including punctuation and symbols. It is a chrome outline and perfect for any layout. Add a little shine to your layout with this alpha!



Dawn has a kit that will make you So Hoppy!!


Are you feeling ‘hoppy’? Here’s a kit to help you record some of your most fun and happy
times. There are twelve papers, 25 elements, and an uppercase alpha with special characters
and numbers 0-9.
On sale for $4.00 through March 28!

My CT totally ROCKED this kit, check out this awesome inspiration:



Spring Sorbet by Teri’s Thing-O-My-Jigs- YUMMY!! It is making me hungry just looking at it…. :)


Spring Sorbet is as refreshing as its name. Filled with soft, cool colors and unique hand-made elements, Spring Sorbet is sure to please. Don’t you just want to grab it and “go outside and play”? Perfect for either gender. Spring Sorbet includes: 18 papers 40 elements 1 alpha set with: uppercase, lowercase, numbers, and symbols.

CT Amy!

spring-sorbet.jpgCT Heather

Love this kit and don’t have time to make your own pages? Or do you just want to get started and then customize with your own unique touches? Pick up this Spring Sorbet Quick Page Album.


And my last release this week is another QuickPage Album from my Rejoice! Kit. Perfect for Easter or any of your Spring and Summer photos.



And I am bringing back an oldie but goodie :) First Day Of Spring

A light and bright kit ready to scrap those spring photos.

With cheerful colors and plenty of fun elements, this kit will bring a breath of fresh air to your scrapping.

Includes: *13 papers *36 Elements *Full Alpha
Kites, clouds, flowers, ribbon bows, a ribbon bird, frames, swirlies and more! $5.00

Here are a few LO’s-


Have a wonderful day!!