February Feature Designer – Seatrout Scraps

It’s time for our February Feature Designer interview. This month, the lovely and awesome Rachel of Seatout Scraps has volunteered to answer our questions. Some serious, some crazy. Let’s see what Rachel has to say.

How did you get started in digital scrapbooking?

I started paper scrapping many years ago and made the switch to digital in about 2010. I saw layouts in galleries online and thought … hey, I want a go at that !!

What made you decide to design?

I was on the Creative Team for quite a lot of designers and people kept asking me whose templates I used. When they found out I was making my own, they asked me if I would sell them and it started from there.

What do you use to create your designs (program, additional tools, etc.)?

Photoshop Creative Cloud and Adobe Illustrator

Describe your design workplace.

One corner of the sofa with a small dog jammed in next to me.

What is your favorite thing about designing?

The creative outlet … and being able to work for myself.

What is your favorite kit currently in your GS store and why?

My favorite kit is always the last one I worked on.

What do you do when you are feeling very sad or depressed?

I don’t really do sad or depressed. I am a glass half full kind of a gal.

Which is the best vacation you’ve ever had in your life?

We traveled on a roadtrip through the Rockies from Denver, up through Wyoming, stopping at Mount Rushmore and on through to Yellowstone. Then back through Idaho and Nevada to my stepdaughters in California. A 2 week trip that I will never forget.

Do you believe in ghosts?


Who is your celebrity crush?

Timothy Olyphant

What do you order when you go to Starbucks?

The nearest Starbucks is about 40 miles away .. I live in the middle of nowhere.

What is your favorite kind of cookie?

No cookies … not a sweet lover … give me cheese instead.

How old were you when you had your first kiss?

Maybe 13 or 14.

Are you an optimist or a pessimist?


Would you change your name if you could? If so, what would you change it to?


What is your favorite pizza topping?


What do you do to wake up in the morning?

I am always awake by 4.30am – 5am. Love mornings.

What is a small luxury that you treat yourself to?

A walk on the beach. I treat myself to that most days.

What did you want to be when you were small?

I seem to remember that I changed my mind every few days.

Which would you rather do: wash dishes, mow the lawn, clean the bathroom, or vacuum the house?

None of the above. I have an amazing husband that is in charge of the house.

If you could hire someone to help you, would it be with cleaning, cooking, or yard work?

See above LOL.

What would you do if you won the lottery?

Travel more.

What’s the most interesting thing you can see out of your office or kitchen window?

I look out onto our garden.

Share your favorite recipe with us.

Not a foodie at all. I rarely cook and left to my own devices, I eat cereal for breakfast, lunch and dinner because it takes no thought !!

Thanks Rachel!!

Make sure to check out her GS Store, her Facebook page, her Facebook group, and her blog. She’s always offering her fans freebies.

Designer Sneak Peeks – February 5, 2016

Happy February. Hard to believe we’ve already blown through one month of 2016. I’ve got a few sneak peeks for you today. Make sure to check back tomorrow for some awesome layouts from our CT and then head to the store on Friday and shop for these great new releases.

January Bake Sale

It’s January Bake Sale time. Make sure to hop over to the store and do some shopping. The designers are offering up some great FULL kits for just $1 through January 20.

After you’re done shopping come back here and leave a comment. Or show us your layout in the GingerScraps Facebook Group.

Designer Sneak Peeks – January 8, 2016

Welcome to January. Our designers have put together some fabulous new kits for Friday. I see some that may need to be added to my stash.


Don’t forget to head over to the GS store on Friday and grab these fabulous new releases.

Designer Sneak Peeks – January 1, 2016

Oh goodness. Can you believe it’s about 2016? What are your plans for New Year’s Eve? We generally celebrate here at the house with a little bit of sparkling grape juice and then are in bed before the fireworks start. I lead such an exciting life.

Let’s see what the designers have releasing on Friday (or Thursday):

Wow, that’s a lot of goodies!! Have fun shopping!

Designer Sneak Peeks – Christmas Day!

Merry Christmas everyone!! The designers have put together a few exciting things for our normal Friday fresh baked releases and some special sales. Make sure to save that spending money for Friday (great aunt Matilda really doesn’t need a new sweater anyway).

And some retiring products sales:

Remember all of these are on sale on Friday, December 25th – Christmas Day!!

I hope each and every one of you have a very Merry Christmas!




December Feature Designer – Part 2

Ah, the business and craziness of the holiday season is upon us. This post is a little late, but wanted to make sure to get it up so you could see the delightful interview I had with Sandy of Key Lime Digi Design.

If you could travel anywhere in the world, where would it be and why?

A tour of all the European countries, starting with Ireland and finishing in Italy…Now wouldn’t that be a dream come true?

If you had a warning label, what would yours say?

Caution, may hug unexpectedly.

What is one thing you will never do again?

I can’t think of a thing and I still have lots more to try.

What’s your favorite movie?

The Princess Bride

Do you love or hate rollercoasters?

Hate the adult sized ones, but put me on a little kid one, I’ll ride forever.

Do you believe there is intelligent life in outer space?

In all it’s infinitesimal size, there must be.

What was the last thing you ate?

Breakfast skillet…it uses up leftovers in a delicious way.

If you were a crayon, what color would you be?

Sunset Orange puts me in a warm happy place.

Pirates or Ninjas?

Pirate Ninjas!

Country or City?


Morning or Night?

Night, though I wish it were morning.

Indoors or Outdoors?

Indoors. My idea of camping involves air conditioning.

Chocolate or Vanilla?

Chocolate, without a doubt.

Cats or Dogs?

Cats, I love their independent nature.

Who did you look up to as a kid?

My older sister..we remain best friends.

What is the one thing that makes you happy despite any mood?

Looking outside and seeing bright blue skies pretty much every day.

Do you have any tattoos? If yes what and where are they- If no do you want any and what would you get?

None, never will.

.Name one television character that you simply adore?

It always changes, but right now I love Supergirl’s attitude.

Thanks so much to Sandy for playing along. Make sure to check out her Gingerscraps Store, her Facebook page, and her blog. Her GS Store is 50% off all PU and CU through December 31.

Designer Sneak Peeks – December 11, 2015

Hey everyone. Just popping in to give you a quick sneak peek from a few of our designers for their releases on Friday.

Make sure to check the store on Friday for these and other new releases!

December Feature Designer – Part 1

Happy December! We have TWO fabulous designers to spotlight at GingerScraps this month. Pretty in Green and Key Lime Digital Designs. They have both been gracious to answer some quirky questions for me. Part 1 will be with Rachel of Pretty in Green. Part 2 will follow in a week or so with Sandy of Key Lime Digital Designs.

Let’s see what Rachel has to say.

If you could travel anywhere in the world, where would it be and why?

That’s a hard one because I haven’t traveled very far, so I love to see new places. Although I would love to travel to Ireland some day, the lush green and the mystical castles.

If you had a warning label, what would yours say?

Warning! May Cry at everything!
I can’t handle anything sappy even tv commercials make me cry. lol

What is one thing you will never do again?

I will never stick a potato in the oven with out piercing the skin again…. that was a mess hahahaha

What’s your favorite movie?

My Husband and I watch a lot of movies, and I’ve seen a lot of good ones…. hummm I think I am going to go with Avatar, I must of watched it a million times when it first came out, and we just watched it again a few weeks ago, I still love it… I’m pretty pumped to see the next one!

Do you love or hate rollercoasters?

I Love them! Although it’s funny I didn’t start riding them until I was probably 16-17. I was too chicken to get on one until an extremely hot day, my cousin and I decided to ride a water ride and every since I have LOVED them.

Do you believe there is intelligent life in outer space?

I’m hoping it’s Dr. Who

What was the last thing you ate?

Only the best meal ever, French Toast!

If you were a crayon, what color would you be?

Green of course 😉

Pirates or Ninjas?

Pirate, arrrggggh!

Country or City?

Country all the way

Morning or Night?

I am a night owl, I have zero energy in the mornings no matter how much sleep I get, but let me say up late and I’ll just keep going and going.

Indoors or Outdoors?

Indoors with a good view, I burn to easily, lol

Chocolate or Vanilla?

Chocolate, Dark Chocolate.

Cats or Dogs?

Dogs, Cats are Brats lol, super cute brats but still brats. (I do love my kitties tho)

Who did you look up to as a kid?

My Mom and my Mom’s best friend. I always wanted to do everything like them

What is the one thing that makes you happy despite any mood?

My kids laughing. That is the best thing.

Do you have any tattoos? If yes what and where are they- If no do you want any and what would you get?

Yes, one I got when I was 16. its a heart with scrolly wings on my hip. I’d love a half sleeve on my arm some day, with lots of color but I can never decide what I want to be there forever!

Name one television character that you simply adore?

I just finished up the new show iZombie, I love Liv’s hair, I want that cut!

Thanks Rachel!! Make sure to check our her GingerScraps store, her Facebook page and her blog.

Don’t forget to keep an eye out for Part 2!

Designer Sneak Peeks – December 4, 2015

Happy beginning of December. Where has 2015 gone? I am not ready for the holidays. Guess I need to get a move on.

Here’s a sneak peek of some of the goodies our designers are releasing Friday.

Make sure to check out the store on Friday to see what other fun kits and templates are available!