Sneak Peeks – October 2, 2015

It’s hard to believe it’s already October. Let’s see what our designers have releasing tomorrow.

LJS Designs has a new template set.

Clever Monkey Graphics has new Cluster Frames.

With new Magical Scraps Galore kit


Blue Heart Scraps has a new grab bag.

With new Clever Monkey Graphics frames.

Dear Friends Designs has a new template set.

With new Magical Scraps Galore kit

With new Magical Scraps Galore kit

Magical Scraps Galore has a new kit.

With new Dear Friends Designs template

Have a great weekend. We’re supposed to have a lot of rain. Hope y’all stay dry.

Sneak Peek Time!

It is that time of week again. Time to tempt and tease you with what the GingerScrap designers have coming to the store tomorrow. Make sure you stop by the forum and take a look around what is to come in the Sneak Peek section.

First up is a new template set from Seatrout Scraps


10406986_704590929662854_6828475412342353982_n 11059793_704590952996185_8273527785193179978_n 11081364_704590879662859_917582832940854513_n


Next up are some beautiful examples of CathyK Designs‘ Rest and Relaxation Collection.

19130_930706213640514_7103522491979479337_n 17388_930706210307181_2310846703672909268_n 11026220_930706206973848_8523672456813349328_n

as well as her Spring Has Sprung – Bundle

11071415_930705373640598_6629301484284884342_n 11079631_930705376973931_1762092608542018257_n 13168_930705380307264_5738408490766328568_n


Next up is a sneak peek of Mandy King’s newest kit.



Connie Prince has a grab bag coming out tomorrow. Here is a little peek into that!


11053401_10203804401136007_4070490419769719954_n 1966856_10203804399535967_8282890934731078845_n 11070007_10203804386575643_2723405589295208245_n


Next up is a little peek at Dandelion Dust Designs‘ new release.



Last, but not least, is Ooh La La Scraps‘ sneak peek to her newest design.



That is it for the sneak peeks. Tomorrow is release day!! Make sure you come back over tomorrow and see all these beautiful and fun creations in all their glory.


Sneak Peeks!

Good afternoon everyone! April here popping in quick for Shellby to give you the sneak peeks of (some of) what’s arriving tomorrow in store!

Three new beautiful kits coming to you from Susan Godfrey Designs (whose word bits I love!)


A very pretty Earth toned kit PERFECT for the upcoming holidays from Seatrout Scraps:

And a super fun themed kit from Ponytails Designs

Which is versatile enough to use for anything!

There is a bright new kit from Luv Ewe Designs that’ll have getting all dressed up

One thing I absolutely enjoy about GingerScraps is the many different styles of designers we have here. It provides *so* much variety for all our scrap happiness. I can’t wait to see what else is in store (literally!) tomorrow!

Sneak Peaks!

Happy Thursday everyone!

I’m here to brighten your morning by sharing with you some great sneak peeks of what’s to come tomorrow!

Check it, new releases by Keep in Touch Designs, Neverland Scraps and Blue Heart Scraps!  Plus, a bonus peek at what our Guest Designer, Amy Stoffel  has for us!

First, lets see what’s coming from Keep in Touch Designs, reminiscent of summer days quickly fading.

That’s not all, she has another release!

Both, totally different, yet look great!

A new release from Neverland Scraps, will have you putting on your grass skirt (you know you’ve got one in the closet!) and  throwing your own luau!

Blue Heart Scraps new release will have you pushing harder, stronger, you can do it! Fight your way through it! Whatever it is, you’re a lot tougher than you think.

Last, but not least, Amy Stoffel has got a spooky treat for us! Check out that bloody alpha! It’s to die for! 😉

All this and more will be coming to you fresh tomorrow morning!

Have a great day friends!

Sneak Peeks! What’s coming 9.21!

Happy Thursday!

It’s sneak peek time! There are some great templates and kits coming out tomorrow! Here are just a few of them…

First up is something by Blue Heart Scraps, something bold and fun and dare I say …lyrical?

I am totally loving those music notes!

Next we have what looks like a sweet batch of templates by Pretty in Green.

(using previously released A Match Made in Heaven Buffet)

(using a NEW kit by Z Pink Boudoir Designs)

And because I just love the look of that new kit by Z Pink Boudoir Designs, here is another peak at it!

I am lusting for all these Fall pages. While I write this up, I’ve got my windows open and it’s 54 degrees out, with a cool breeze. Fall is in the air and it gets me so giddy! I positively adore that little owl and foliage. Yes, foliage- I totally love leaves and branches!!

Lastly I’ve got a fun flowery sneak peek from Twin Mom Scraps.

The patterned papers look amazing!

Don’t forget Twin Mom Scraps is our Daily Download Designer this month too! Grab the download link each day and at the end of the month you’ll have a FULL FREE kit by the end of the month! (go back a post to grab today’s!)

That’s what I’ve got for you this morning, a little bit to leave you wanting a whole lot more!

Have a happy scrappy Thursday my friends!



Sneak Peeks!

Good morning!

We’re into day 2 of our Birthday celebrations for GingerScraps and we can’t forget our Sneak Peeks! Tomorrow is Friday, and though there already are some terrific new pieces in the store (see the additions to our Birthday Buffet!) there are still some goodies coming out way!

This is where you can commence your New Releases Chair Dance! 😉

First up we have something new from Pixelily Designs!

There are so many wonderful pages already created with this new product, and I wish I could share them all but you’ll have to settle for three.  😉 It looks like a beautiful kit, strong affirmations and lovely warm colors. I can’t wait to see it in full!

Next we have a fun looking kit coming from Twin Mom Scraps!

I love this! I love all the trucks! Might just have to pick this one up- since my sons collection of trucks is growing. I really love that fork lift element! I used to work in a warehouse, and used to drive one of those around all the time- I might even have to dig around for a photo or two from way back then. Hehe

There is also a new release coming from Kawouette Designs!

It’s already half way through September- October will be here before you know it, and with it, Halloween! I didn’t start scrapping until after all the fun holidays last year, but this year… oh yes, this year BRING IT ON! I love the fun cute look of this kit- I’m totally in love with those little pumpkins! I can’t wait to see this in the store!

I have ONE more sneak peek for you, a  layout created using something new from Connie Prince.

I’m absolutely intrigued and drawn to that very “fragile” looking butterfly in the top right corner! That looks amazing, and I’m not even a butterfly fan!

That’s it – BUT don’t fret, there will be more in the store, this is just a sneak peek of some  of the lovely goods that will be arriving tomorrow morning. Are you excited? Does Friday morning feel like Christmas EVERY WEEK? Yeah.. me too. 😉

What makes it even MORE exciting is our GingerScraps Birthday Party (ALL WEEKEND LONG) Celebrations! The entire store is 30% OFF PLUS there are bundled goodies (three kits for the price of one!), and fun prizes too! SO MUCH EXCITEMENT that I HAVE to use CAPS!

Alright alright, time for me to dash, I’ve got so much to do… like adding everything to my wishlist!

Have a LOVELY Thursday my friends!





Sneaky Peeks!

Good morning everyone!

This week has been a wee bit crazy, and I blame having Monday “off” (except mommies never get a day off 😉 ) and throwing the entire week into a “What day is it again?”  Beth is out so I’m taking over for her today… lucky, or perhaps, unlucky you! 😛

I’ve got just a few sneak peeks for you today but enough to get your excited- well,  I’m excited! So get ready, this is going to be short, sweet and I can’t wait to see everything in shop tomorrow!

First up is a  beautiful looking kit from Kawouette Designs

I absolutely love the soft feel to this and neutral enough for all sorts of pages that come to mind! I am super excited about the paint splatters I see and the papers are so dreamy!

Speaking of papers, here is something coming from Joyful Heart Designs! These grungy papers have such warm feel to them I can already see them in some gorgeous fall/Autumn layouts!

Sticking with the trend of warm colors, this pallet from Connie Prince has me thinking of my favorite season and wishing for it to hurry up and be here already!

I love the purples, golds, greens, browns, the everything! I am really excited to see what else is included in the kit! Not only does it look like a promising wishlist item 😉 but the page created has some true words of wisdom- thank you to the CT!

I’ve got one more for you, a new release by Blue Heart Scraps!

I am SO over the moon for all these colors! I’ve got my eye on those hidden ribbons and banners too, and the papers! OH THE PAPERS! I’m just so entranced by all the color honestly, I can’t stop oogling it, my brain is all sorts of mushy so excuse the horrible writing. 😉

That’s all I have for you today, I know it’s not much, but quality over quantity right? 😀 I can’t wait to see what else sneaks into the store tomorrow. Make sure you pop in first thing tomorrow morning to see all these designs and more in full!

Have a happy scrappy Thursday!


Weekly Wrap-Up: It’s beginning to look a lot like…

Another week has gotten away from us!  I can hardly believe that July is more than half over- I know, each week it’s mentioned just how fast this week, month, YEAR is flying by! It’s hard not to take notice and reply as such.

It’s been a bit quiet this past week. Again, with summer in full swing it’s hard to drag ourselves away from all the fun adventures we’re having! I do hope, however, despite all those exciting adventures you’ll join us for a BIG celebration that’s only a few days away!


I know I’m excited! It’s like… CHRISTMAS! … in July. HA! Okay, I admit, I haven’t had coffee yet this morning. Not to worry, I hear it peculating as I type. 😉

Have you been reading along with us this month? The GingerScraps Book Club has been discussing this month’s book in a new way. Check out the discussion thread and join in! Next month’s book has been chosen in our pick-our-read poll: What Alice Forgot by Liane Moriarty. I’ve been wanting to get my hands on this read for a while, and am glad now I’ve got more reason to read it!

Less than 10 days before the end of the month, PsychoZoe‘s retirement sale ends on the 31st. Make sure you get check out her shop!

Don’t forget to grab our HUGE grab-bag this month! Roseytoes created such a generous grab-bag, that you get FOR FREE when you spend $10 in the store!

I wish I had more to share with you today, it’s certainly a lazy day here for us. Hoping to hide away from the increasing heat by getting some much needed scrapping done! Especially my challenges! Make sure, if you haven’t already, check out the new Rewards System, they’ve changed just a tiny bit. 

With that I’ll leave you to your own scrapping!  I hope you’ve had a happy weekend and have a great Sunday!

Sneak Peeks 7.5 v.2: Life captured, sweet treats, say cheese and more!

Good morning (again) friends!

I’m popping in quick to throw at you some WONDERFUL sneak peeks of tomorrow’s new releases. Are you ready? Are you sure? GOOD! Let’s do this! :)

First up is a new one from Sugar Kissed Designs- and sure I’m going to be a super tease and say it’s definitely a new favorite of mine! Love the color pallet, the journal cards, love the everything!

Another new one to hit the store is from Luv Ewe Designs!  By the looks of it, I see it’s a must for any photog-phile! 😉

I see STARS! LOVE stars almost more than banners! I am also totally digging those button and flair elements of the camera and the word “smile”. The papers? CHECK! Totally cute. The more I talk about it the more I want it right now!

A bright, super sweet preview of what’s to come from Z Pink Boudoir Designs,

Another preview of this yummy looking kit with a new template by Pretty in Green!

Here is a pretty pretty preview of something  coming from Keep in Touch Designs,

How about some more new templates by Pretty in Green?

(both templates are using older kits by Pixels by Jen and Keep in Touch Designs)

I am seriously all about the blocking in those templates. Paper, pictures, journaling, so many options! So many ideas coming to mind!

Twin Mom Scraps has a bright fun kit on the way!

There is just something about this layout that makes me want to see the WHOLE kit. The papers, the ribbons, the frame and flowers are ALL just darling!

Since this is a speedy delivery to whet your appetites, I have but one more preview for you and it is quite literally delicious looking!

Connie Prince has served us up with what could possibly be my favorite carbohydrate on the planet.

Pasta. If I had a last meal, I’m fairly certain that would be it.

That’s all I’ve got for you this morning, get ready because tomorrow these will be in the store and I know what I do first thing Fridays!




Sneak Peeks!

Good Morning!

Before I start, let’s take a small moment and think of, say a little prayer for, those people and families in Colorado right now who are fighting the wild fires- the actual emergency crews and the people being displaced, losing their homes, businesses and so on. They are all certainly in my thoughts. 

I’ll admit, it’s been a wee bit crazy for me this morning including disassembling the vacuum because it sucked up part of my phone case, yes I’m serious. So what do I have for you today? A few little sneak peeks that’ll have to hold you over until Sunday when you get to see the AMAZING new July Buffet our designers have whipped up for you. For real, I’m ecstatic!

So without further rambling from me let’s see what I’ve got!

Here is a new one from Pixels by Jen. I am super serious about that number paper! And that lined paper! PAPER PAPER PAPER! Maybe that’ll be my new addiction?


Here’s one from Twin Mom Scraps. I am such a sucker for stars and though it’s tucked in behind those cute flowers, I am lovin’ that little firework rocket! Looks to me like this new kit will be perfect for our impending American holiday!

I am oogling all these pretty papers from Unforgettable Moment’s new release! I love the neutral, earthy tones of Unforgettable Moments’ kits and this is no exception. Love the color pallet.

Check out this super cute kit by Connie Prince! I love that little barn! And the chicken! And the ribbon!

Those are some seriously awesome peeks at what’s to come I think. Not as many as we might be used to but I PROMISE you there is more coming. You just wait and see!

I don’t want to leave you just yet! I’ve got a couple other things I want to share with you. TONIGHT is our Book Club Chat and I hear there is a participation prize! Even if you haven’t read our June Read (The Lucky One by Nicholas Sparks), you can still join us for a “spoilers chat” as one lovely forum member put it (love it!).

Chat is hosted by our lovely JoyLynn of Blue Heart Scraps. All information listed right ^ ^ up there. 😉  Hope to see you there!  If you just can’t wait for the chat tonight, then do jump into the June book discussion thread in the forum too!

I also hope to see you Friday night at the Night Owls Scrap & Chat!

Every Friday night Terra of Sugar Kissed Designs rustles up some kind of delicious goodie for us and this week she does not disappoint!  She’s got a super cute mini for everyone who joins the chat! Here is a bonus peek at that mini (which you can find in full in the Night Owls forum thread):

Okay okay, NOW I think I’m done. 😉 It’s going to be a hot one today here at home- and I’ve been hearing from quite a few members of our community that it’s been a scorcher for them as well throughout the week. In my opinion, perfect day to stay in the AC in scrap scrap scrap! :) Which is exactly what I intend to do!