GingerScraps: NEW Buffet, New FREE with Purchase Collab, NEW Designer & MUCH MORE!

Can you believe it’s September already? It’s my favorite month of the year. Fall is starting to show up everywhere (pumpkin spice anyone?) and my wedding anniversary is this month. 

Let’s start off with our Buffet Bundles. One easy click to add bundles of Buffet goodies to your cart.

I’m loving the fall vibe here, with just a little teal for summer that is hanging on still.

Remember any $10 spent in the store gets you this great collab. Did you know {you are lovely}? You are! 

This Free With Purchase was created by: Craft-tastrophic, Cutie Pie Scraps, Lindsay Jane, Memory Mosaic, and Polka Dot Chicks. It includes Alpha {Uppercase Only}, 83 Papers, and 127 Elements.

{pizza is life}. It sure feels like it some days. This Monthly Mix collab was created by: Connie Prince, Magical Scraps Galore, PrelestnayaP Design, Trixie Scraps, and Tinci Designs.

It includes: 3 Alphas {Uppercase, Lowercase, Numbers & Punctuation}, 54 Papers,  75 Elements, and 4 12×12 Template {page, png, psd, tif file formats}.

Now to the September Sneak Peek. This month’s Daily Download is from JB Studio and Neia Scraps ! Make sure you are checking the blog every day to get all the pieces of this kit!

We have a new designer at the store starting in September. Although the name is new, the designers are a couple of your favorites. 

Fun Factory

Bio: We are Dagi and Lisa. Dagi is a 41 year old designer living in Czech Republic with her husband, two boys and lots of pets, and you already know her for her amazing work as Dagilicious. Lisa is a 44 year old designer living in Brazil with her cat, and has already been around designing adorable stuff as Lisa Rosa Designs. We live so far from each other, yet we became really close and after several collabs we thought we really click and that our designs go very well together. We decided to go on a new journey together and we are both very excited about it. Fun Factory is our whole new adventure and we can’t wait to see where it takes us…

Take a look at the new challenge reward kit. If you complete any 10 challenges this month, you get this gorgeous collab as a reward! 

This collab was created by: ADB Designs, Alexis Design Studio, Karen Schulz, and Tami Miller Designs. It includes: 1 Alpha {Uppercase & Lowercase}, 51 Papers, and 81 Elements.


Sneak Peeks: August 21, 2020

So, schools are starting back up. So, we’re just going to celebrate that, not focus on the other issues.

Scrappin’ Serenity is definitely celebrating back to school!

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Sneak Peeks: July 24, 2020

There is just one more Sneak Peak before August! Where is the month going?

Aimee Harrison has a “punny” kit coming out!

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Sneak Peeks: July 17, 2020

Oh, this week’s kits are definitely varied. We’re going from tv show-based to bright and sunny. It’s amazing seeing what the designers are coming up with each week!

Angelle Designs has an amazing kit based on the "Little Liars", and it makes me want to rewatch the episodes!

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Sneak Peeks: July 09, 2020

Hopefuly no one caught this post before I type this out.

It’s been a bit since I’ve posted one of these. I apologize. 2020 is taking us all for a loop, and woo, it hit me hard last month.

But I’m back and back into the swing of things!


Aimme Harrison

has an adorable collection coming out, celebrating “Bees”!

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Sneak Peeks: May 29, 2020

So, summer has “officially” begun in half the world. The air smells sweeter. The weather is warming up.

And the bugs went “HEY! You miss us?”

So, while you hunker down and wait out the attack of the creepy crawlies waking up, enjoy some sneak peeks into the amazing new kits and templates releasing tomorrow!

Luv Ewe is releasing her next installment in her Document Life series:


MissFish has a series of templates that will have you focusing on the middle


Carol W has TWO template series coming out, and they’re both so fun!


Tinci has a set of templates that might feel like they’re boxing you in, but the possibilities are actually endless!


Angelle Designs new kit has a very bohemian vibe to it!


Aimee Harrison’s new kit will have you wanting to hit the lake and try your luck with the fishies!


Enjoy the rest of your Thursday. And check out the store for even more goodies tomorrow! It’s gonna be a great day.


Sneak Peeks: May 22, 2020

Wow. It looks like things might be calming down, and we can venture from our homes.

Just in time for summer break.

And the designers are so ready for this, I think!

Miss Fish has some adorable templates coming out:

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Sneak Peeks :: April 17, 2020

So, for parts of the States, the weather is very confused. One area is getting tornadoes. Another area is now prepping for snow after near 80F temps. At least the ever changing weather is giving us some chances for unique pictures. Something to take our mind off the other things going on.

Now, for some adorable layouts to showcase some awesome new stuff coming out!

Snickerdoodle Designs wants you to capture life!



Tinci is making it easy to scrap!



JB Studio has two kits. One is a re-release and one is about blooming in adversity!



CarolW Designs is adding a little here and a little there.



Aimee Harrison is ready to welcome Spring … if it ever arrives!



Dagilicious wants you to keep holding on. Now am I the only one with Avril stuck in their head now?



Lindsay Jane thinks it might be birthday time!



Enjoy the rest of your Thursday. And check out the store for even more goodies tomorrow! It’s gonna be a great day.


Sneak Peeks–April 10, 2020

Time is dragging on, and nerves are getting a little frazzled.

Don’t be afraid to reach out and ask for help, however you need it. We all need a listening ear.

It’s getting harder to stay inside as the weather warms up, but the designers seem to be finding a use for all the time on their hands, and are creating beautiful kits that you’re just going to want!

Now, for some adorable layouts to showcase some awesome new stuff coming out!

Tinci Designs wants you to share lots of memories with her new template series!



Carol W is wanting you to create happy memories in her newest template set!



Aimee Harrison has a couple of kits, including an Easter kit and a monotone series!



Alexis Designs wants you to feel beautiful inside and make some framed layouts!



Whimpychompers wants you to find that hunny bunny and snuggle!



Mags Graphics is all about taking care of you!



JB Studio is reminding us that we are one.



Dagilicious is all about that spring swing!



Miss Fish is on the hunt for a flower patch!



So, get outside for a little bit, while practicing that social distancing. Get yourself some fresh air, take the camera with you, and remind yourself that it will be okay.



Sneak Peeks … April 03, 2020

So. Hi. Hmm. Really not sure what to put. I mean it’s exciting there are new kits coming out. Plenty of time to create those layouts and all that. But the face of the world is changing, and it’s scary. I promise, this isn’t to bring you down, but check out the forums. There are plenty of people, of all different backgrounds, stuck in the same circumstances.

And, also, a big huge shout out to all the healthcare workers, from the doctors and nurses, to the ones keeping those patients fed and those rooms clean, we appreciate you.

To the mail carriers, thank you for helping us maintain that quarantine, and delivering our goods. And all the other folks doing deliveries as well!

To the cashiers and stockers, truck drivers, and all the other essentials, the world is still moving because of you. Thank you!

Now, for some adorable layouts to showcase some awesome new stuff coming out!

Scrappin’ Serenity has an amazing kit coming out, and it’s all about those April Showers!


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