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Behind the Scrapbook

So far we’ve had a fabulous summer… lots of fun, adventure, trips and visitors!! Jodi has recently had some special visitors as well….

Jodi’s sister in law came for a visit! It was very special because although she used to live close to her (her in PA and Jodi in NJ) she moved to Israel when Jodi was pregnant with her oldest. Then they moved from there to Colorado. She had a baby and Jodi had another baby so she had never met either of Jodi’s kids and Jodi had never met her youngest. They had a great time catching up and Rebekah (Jodi’s daughter) got along great with her cousins! She especially took a shining to Elizabeth, the oldest. John and Jodi haddn’t seen her in about 4 years and boy did she get big!

Jodi gave me some photos to share with you…

Jodi’s SIL Patty, holding her nephew for the first time.

The cousins playing in Bekah’s room the first day they visited.

It’s amazing how they have never met but warmed right up to each other right away, oh to be like a child.

The next day they went to the zoo. This is Elizabeth, Rebekah, Elijah and Patty.

Rebekah and Elizabeth were inseparable! (I remember being like this with my cousins when we were young)

Then yesterday they just hung out here at Jodi’s house and ordered pizza.  YUM!

Isaiah, Elizabeth, Rebekah and Elijah

Jodi’s Hubby and his sister and their kids…

This last photo Jodi edited. She really wanted a picture of all of them but John’s dad was here and since he was itching to get into a picture she just couldn’t tell him she wanted just her family so she let him get into the next shot. By the time she was done, everyone was ready to be done with the photo shoot so she didn’t have a chance to get into any photos. Oh well, the life of the photographer lol (I’ve been there). Jodi took several pictures but John’s dad was always making a goofy face or looking at Elijah so I just got rid of him. Jodi didn’t get to be in the picture but at least she was able to manufacture a picture of the two families

(minus Jodi  ).

Can you spot the differences?

Here’s the before….

And the after….

I think she did a fantastic job!! I have a few photos I should do this with. Especially having kids… you know how hard it is to get all your kids looking and smiling at the same time and place in one photo… like never!

It’s always a challenge when you have family that lives far away. It just means we all have to be a bit better at keeping in touch and sending those photos!! We have family in five countries!! I spent the morning on facebook chatting with family in Scotland:)

How about you?? Do you have any family that live far away?? How do you keep in touch??

LOTW for week ending 7/23

We have two LOTW winners for this week. Yes…a tie! How exciting is that? Two winners means two prizes and more scrapping. Congratulations to photom and AB_Digiscrape.  Each of these ladies earn a cookie and brownie for the Challenge Cookie Jar and they both get to go shopping at the Gingerscraps store.

Click on the images to leave  love in the Gingerscraps Gallery.



Help us determine the next LOTW winner by voting in the forum. Maybe your LO has been nomimated! Happy Scrapping.

Fresh Baked! 7-30

Hello GingerScraps fans 🙂 We have some YUMMY Fresh Baked goodies out this week!

Did you notice it is a different day than usual? Well we have decided to move our new releases to Fridays! And listen to this…. Every New Release will be 25% off Every weekend! Friday, Saturday, and Sunday you can stop by and check out the Fresh Baked goodies and snag them up for 25% off!

Also be sure to read all the way to the end on this newsletter….. we have a bunch of fun announcements to tell you about.

Did you here the great news? Stephanie- Scrappy Cocoa- had her baby! Check out this yummy kit she made… while Wishing and Waiting.

The name of the kit says it all, Wishing Waiting. I created this kit in the due date of my second child to keep me from going insane waiting for it all to happen. Of course it didn’t happen on time and instead I got this cute little kit perfect for scrapping all those moments where we are waiting for something we love. Kit includes 10 papers and 38 Elements including-
*2 bead spills *2 birds *1 butterfly *3 buttons *1 clasp *1 clock *4 flowers *2 frames *2 hearts *3 paperclips
*4 ribbons *2 sparkles *1 staples *3 stitches *2 tags *5 word arts
One sale this weekend for only $2.25!
Next up From Julie- set 11-20 of her Awesome 365 templates!
365 Twenty-Four Seven. Is that how your life goes too?

If you are looking for some templates that are specifically created for those 365 layouts, then this mega pack of 10 templates will do the trick.
If your looking for the perfect template to help you scrap those days where you take lots of pics and want to get many photos on one layout- these templates work like a charm.

It will give you a much needed break from having to decide how to show your week in review. Each layout come with 7 photos and room to journal your thoughts.

Julie is now offering her 365 templates to you in Big templates packs. This is her second set – Weeks 11- 20. She makes a new template EVERY week – but they all go together perfectly…. making the most amazing 365 album ever!!  So just sit back, relax and scrap those memories
3 New Pups to Love!
Woof! Arrf! Bark! Pretty in Green has three new puppies to add to the mix, as always these puppies need some love! This week there’s a Rat Terrier that needs a home, along with a German Shepherd and a Miniature Pincher. These Puppies are so cute their giving me puppy fever!
Miniature Pincher:
German Shepherd:
Rat Terrier:
Pretty in Green also has some delicious new templates!
Ana’s Room CU element Templates
Pretty in Green has a new CU item in the shop, she calls it Ana’s Room. This pack contains 7 really cute layered element templates. Rachel has told me that these elements came as an idea to decorate her little girls nursery, so these elements were derived from paper scrapping she had made to decorate Ana’s room. Now she’s sharing them with us! Layer these templates with any color or designed paper to create a one of a kind unique element to add to one of your kits!
Now on to the announcements!

GingerScraps is having a few calls!

Do you want to be part of the GingerScraps site Creative Team?! Apply now.

If you have advertising skills… Apply to be a GingerScraps SnickerDoodle!

And now some sales…

The GingerScraps Bake Sale was a HUGE hit on NSD so we decided to make it a monthly event!

Every month on the 1st of the the month- Come on over to the GingerScraps Bake Sale. Every designer will have at least 1 item in the Special Bake Sale category. Everything in the Bake Sale is only $1.00!!! And This Sunday is August 1st!! Mark your callender’s and come treat yourself to some delicious goodies for only $1.00.

And last but not least…..

Modern June is closing up shop- Hurry and snag up her goodies while you can!! Her WHOLE store is 60% off!!

New Releases 25% Off All Weekend!!

Let’s Get Crafty: CD Envelopes

It’s time to get crafty! Are you ready?

Today I’m going to show you a simple but useful project. As digital scrapbookers we all have millions of photos. I know I do. I’m also an amateur photographer and take pictures of friends and families in my community. I of course have to put  all these photos on Cd’s.  But then I will have these Cd’s full of pictures laying around. So, I make CD envelopes.  The great thing about doing these Hybrid CD Envelopes is, you can take your digi kits and decorate the envelopes in themes to match whatever photos are on the CD.

You want to give the Grandparents a CD with family pictures on it for Christmas. Decorate the CD Envelope with a Christmas kit, have birthday pictures on the CD, decorate it with a birthday kit! What  a great gift.

The envelope I did today is done with a little bit of a Western Theme. The photos I took were a a family and their horses. They were all wearing jeans and boots.

Let me show you how I did it!

The easiest way to make one of these envelope is to use a template. I used the CD/DVD Envelope Template by, Kelleigh Ratzlaff. She has some great Templates! Just clip your digi papers right to the layers on the template.

Of course you will need some digi paper, I used the Project 365 Scrap Your Life The Neutrals by, Scrappy Cocoa. The My Favorite Jeans Alpha by, HarmonyStar, and a cute little spur from the kit Buckaroo Blues by, Teri Mayo.

You will need a printer and some matte photo paper or cardstock, a glue stick and a bone folder (or whatever you have to crease the fold lines)

So, first step is to design your CD Envelope in your photo editing program. Easy Peasy. Just clip the papers to the layers and add a title or some elements to the front flap. Just remember to design the front flap upside-down. Then print..

Now cut it out and score on the fold lines.

Now fold where you scored…

Now glue and put it together. I like to use clothespins to hold it nice and tight until it dries. I also like to put little Velcro stickers to keep it closed too 🙂

Now put your CD in your envelope and you are done!

Here is another one I made for some photos of 3 girls.

I hope you make some too! See you next Thursday!

Paper to Digi Scraplift

Thanks to all you that tried out reflection tutorial! We ended up with some fantastic edits and layouts. I threw the number into a random generater and it spit out 2! That’s missdamsel! Missi I don’t have you marked down with this one. Let me know if you already have it.

Now onto this weeks challenge spotlight! This month Amy introduced a brand new challenge called paper to digi scraplift. She finds a paper Layout and you get to scraplift it! I thought it sounded fun so I tried it out myself! Here’s the paper layout:

by Staceymichu

This challenge was a hit and there are several layouts made! Here’s a few:

by nutsaboutgabe

by tina513

by missdamsel

by Harmonystar

There’s so many more! You should go check them out and try the Paper to digi scraplift challenge yourself! Then come back here and post the link to your LO in the gallery and post it in a comment here. Next week I’ll randomly select one and that person will win a prize from ME! (Harmonystar). CT & those who have already done the challenge are elligable. Let me see those comments! 

Baskets of Blessings!  Well I just got out of church and can I say.. This is the day that the Lord has made, I WILL rejoice and be glad in it!  This has been a great week for me, I was blessed to spend a few days at our house in the Texas Hill Country with a girlfriend and we just talked and talked till our ears hurt!  Chilled on the Frio River and just caught up on girl talk.   Aren’t those kind of friends great.  Oh but I was in constant communication with my digi BFF Tabby!  Can I also put in a plug for our Book Club here at GS?  Its just a fun way to chat about what we are reading and I am so loving my ereader that I can’t stand it.  So nothing better for me than relaxing and reading in bed.  Oh and for any of you who know that I started jogging about 3 months ago, I am still a “joggernut” and am up to running for 3 sets of 18 min with a 1 min walk in between.  And I hit the big -30 lbs!  Whoot!  I am going to try to find a zumba class close and check that out and even a yoga class.  I guess when you are my age, you got some time to do those things and now I want to experience some other modes of exercise.  So this week I didn’t see any new questions so I just thought I would share a favorite reciepe with you chikaroos!  Hope you enjoy it and it makes quite a bit so great for covered dishes at church or family reunions.

Oriental Salad

Amount  Measure       Ingredient — Preparation Method
——–  ————  ——————————–
1               head  cabbage — chopped

1              bunch  green onion — chopped

2             packages  Raman Noodles — chicken flavor (*** for my low carb I do 1 pkg.)
1            small pkg  almonds — sliced
1/4        cup  sunflower seeds

1                cup  oil
1/4           cup  sugar
1/4           cup  red wine vinegar
2               tablespoons  soy sauce

First, take a mallet and break up the noodles before you open the packages.  If they are not broken up, they will not break up after you have sauted them.  Saute the two packages of noodles with the almonds in a small amount of oil.  When brown, remove from stove.  Add this to the sliced cabbage.  Pour the seasoning from one package of noodles over the salad.  Add 1 bunch of green onions to the salad.  Make dressing and pour over cabbage.  Enjoy!

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

Per Serving (excluding unknown items): 268 Calories; 26g Fat (83.5% calories from fat); 3g Protein; 8g Carbohydrate; 2g Dietary Fiber; 0mg Cholesterol; 174mg Sodium.  Exchanges: 0 Grain(Starch); 1/2 Lean Meat; 0 Vegetable; 5 Fat; 1/2 Other Carbohydrates.

NOTES : This makes quite alot of salad and would be great for large gatherings.  It also last for at least one week.

Behind the Scrapbook July 24th

I can’t believe summer is nearly half over. We really need to enjoy what’s left! Here is what some of our ladies are up to…

Here’s a super cute photo from Julie!!!

This is Julie’s little guy Tyler and he went to his first Football practice this week…well it’s really like his 1000th practice…haha. Julie’s 14 year old son has been playing football since she was pregnant with Tyler. Her 2 little ones are called “Bleacher Babies” They have both been on the Football field since birth!

(funny story..Julie’s water broke with Travis her 3 YO during Football camp 3 years ago)

Tyler..he is so ready to actually “Play” football, but, he is 5 and has one more year to wait to “officially” be on the team. But he is on the practice field this year! Julie’s hubby is coaching and they got the OK for him to practice with the team! He was so excited.
OMGosh he is so darn cute out there!

What a fantastic photo Julie!!! He definitely looks very excited to be part of the team!!

Mandy’s family have come up with a great idea for a fun family activity. They decided to make a summer bucket list. It’s a list of things they want to do before summers over and the kids are back to school. This is what they have planned.

* We live next to two large national parks with 100’s of km’s of hiking trails… we plan on hiking one a week at least!

* Camping!! I haven’t been camping for 2 years. We used to camp quite a bit but now with one daughter working and the other making her own summer plans it’s hard to get everyone on the same page!!

* Trip to visit G’ma and G’pa. I would love to travel the 900 km’s to visit with my two favorite people:) I usually make it up two times a year… I hope to go during blueberry picking season so mid August!!

* Working on the house!! We are building our own house and it keeps us pretty busy!! The Hubster is now on holidays so we should be able to get some work done! Can’t wait till it’s all complete and we will love it forever:) I have to keep reminding myself that there is a light at the end of the tunnel!

* Finish the 4 kits and collab that I have started… I have too many ideas rolling around up there!!

*Must jump on the trampoline everyday and must go swimming at least 3 times a week!!! Self explanatory I think;)

* Geo-caching!!! My daughter and I have started a new hobby!! It all started when I got my new iPhone… I found an app for Geo Cashing!! For those who don’t know, Geo Caching is an online hobby/game. It’s a world wide scavenger hunt using your GPS.  All you have to do is look around for a few websites you can join and look up the coordinates for a Geo Cashe take your supplies ….. GPS, iPhone, pencil, paper, water, prize to trade and some good walking shoes!! Follow your GPS or iPhone and search for the cache!! When you find it sign the book included and trade the prize for something of equal value, for the most part they are trinkets but still very cool!! Here are a few photos of caches we found in our area…

This one was hidden under a metal sign….

This one was at the river edge… the hint to find it was “My first fishing pole was a willow stick”. Yup we found it under a willow tree! <—- after a good 45 minutes of searching the wrong side of the river!!

So as you can see they are all different shapes and sizes… some filled with awesome treasure and some you just sign your name…. it’s a really fun activity that allows you enjoy time with your loved ones and going on an adventure!!

So what’s on your summer bucket list?

LOTW Winner!

It was a close vote this week, but our fabulous layout of the week winner is Helen (hslater). She used Marshmella Designs adorable Loving Hugs kit.  Congratulations Helen! Click the image to leave her some love in the Gingerscraps gallery.


Leave a comment on this post and I’ll pick a random winner next week to get little prize from me.

Go vote for the next LOTW winner in the forum and get your LO’s posted in the gallery so you have a chance to win.  You can be a LOTW winner too. All you have to do is scrap! Happy Scrapping.

GingerScraps Site CT Call!!

Yes, this is a big announcement! GingerScraps is having a  Site CT Call! Yes we are!!

Get those applications in!  This is your chance to work with the designs of ALL the GingerScraps designers! The call is open until all spots are filled so get your info sent in right away!

I can’t wait to see who applies!