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Let’s Get Crafty, St Patty’s Style!

Hello friends in digiland! Steph AKA ScrappyCocoa here. I have taken over the blog for today!! Lucky Julie gets the day off! Today I am going to show you how to make a simple and quick St. Patrick’s day wreath. Here is what we are making-

Ok lets get started! You will need a wreath- I found mine at the Dollar Store- some fabric to wrap around the wreath- I love to shop the remnants at JoAnn’s for projects just like this, 3 sheets of green colored felt, scissors, hot glue and gems{also found in the Dollar section at JoAnn’s.

Next cut a long strip of fabric. Grab your hot glue, dab a piece on the wreath {be generous here, you don’t want your fabric coming unraveled} And begin twisting and wrapping your fabric around the wreath, like so-

Continue wrapping until you have covered the whole wreath. This will probably take several strips of fabric. Just remember to use plenty of glue when gluing the end of a strip down. Next grab your felt. Time for flowers! Cut several circles in 3 different sizes. It doesn’t matter if your circles aren’t perfect.

I used dark green for my large circles, kelly green for my medium circles and lime green for my small circles.

Now we are going to burn the edges of the felt. This step could be left out, but I personally like the look of burned edges. Hold your circle with the thumb in the middle. Gently burn the edge with a lighter. Careful, not to much, you don’t want to set your circle on fire!

When you are done your circle should look like this-

Now it’s time to assemble the flowers. Start with a large flower then a medium and end with a small. You could sew or glue these together. If gluing, just just a tiny dab of hot glue between circles because it soaks easily through the felt. Once put together add a gem or button of some sorts into the center of the flower.

And now for the hard part! Ok not really, but I always have trouble deciding how I want to arrange my flowers on my wreath. I think it is the easiest if you prop your wreath up on something to play around. Too bad I cant do it in PS with layers and all that!

I decided that my wreath needed more flowers, so I made a few more with just lime green that were just small in size. Glue them on with plenty of  hot glue. And we have a wreath!

And here is my whole little St Patrick’s day shelf-

I made the subway art, then vases from the dollar store filled with candy and a white plate from the dollar store and vinyl decal from HERE. Hope you enjoyed this tut! Go out and make your own St Patrick’s day wreath!

March Daily Download #10

Here’s todays piece to the kit: