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Weekly Wrap-up: Cheese!

One week left!

Until what?, you ask, well, September! That’s right, another month coming very quickly to a close. I feel like I’m losing my mind with how time is just falling through my fingertips!

With a week left and 10 challenges down, 3 to go (I always strive for 13!) I know I’ve got just enough time to finish. One of the challenges I need to work on is the Inspiration challenge, hosted by Amy P (Unforgettable Moments) this month.

My challenge for you is this… take a look at the ad below, find some inspiration from some aspect of the design of the ad, and make a scrap book page. I chose this particular ad because 1) it looked really cool, and 2) I thought it offered a lot of versatility for a lot of different kinds of pages!

Some ideas are… the larger picture, the series of smaller photos, the “tags;” (it could be the diagonal one or the one on the left), the title work with a subtitle, the entire layout, the travel theme, or something else I haven’t mentioned at all. Just scrap a page using the ad as inspiration.

I’ve definitely got some ideas, now just to see which evolves into my page. 🙂

I’m also working on my page from the Speed Scrap hosted by our lovely guest designer, Meg of Ocean Wide Designs. She gave us a super template to work with, and a great prompt! What makes YOU happy? Even if you didn’t make it to the Scrap&Chat with Meg, her prompt is still fantastic if you’ve got scrapper’s block.  So… what does make you happy?


That’s what makes me happy, well, one of several things of course. You know else makes me happy? Cheesy FREEBIES! (nice transition there, eh?) GingerScraps has a new Fan Freebie on Facebook and it is AWESOME.

Seriously. Being a Wisconsin girl, I totally CHEESED out when I saw this alpha by Wyld Web Designs.   All you’ve got to do is “Like” our Facebook page and it’s all yours!

Now I’m running away to do more things that make me happy, like family time! I know it’s a super short post today but I’m sure you don’t mind. Gives you more time to scrap! 😉

Have a happy Sunday!

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