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*Lost At Sea* Week Five

And just like that, we’re down to the last week. Did you take a look at the Week 4 “Day in the Life” layouts. If not, jump over to the Week 4 Gallery and check them out.

On to the challenge for Week 5.

The weeks tracking and following the pirate captains every movement has proven to be very informative! You have an extensive log of what he does every day, all day. He is actually a very predictable man, he likes to stick to his strict schedule.

As you have been tracking the pirate captain, you noticed one of the other pirates doing the same thing. One day you make eye contact with each other, and exchange a knowing look. This exotic looking woman has long dreadlocks flowing down her back, big hoop earrings, and a beautiful vibrant parrot on her shoulder. You ask her what her name is, she is Madge ‘Temptress’ Reks and her bird is Alberta.

After a long conversation with Madge, you find out that she is heading a plan to overthrow the pirate captain. She (and more then half of the pirate crew) are not happy with the way the captain is treating them. They have been planning on taking him down, and have been waiting for the perfect time. You decide to invite her back to your room, to meet some of your GS friends, and you work through the night with a fail proof plan to take the captain down!

Bright and early the next day, you gather in the designated meeting spot. You all know exactly what your part in this plan will be.

Step 1- Madge will seduce the nasty old captain, and lead him out to the sun deck.

Step 2- The trusty parrot Alberta will fly right at the captain, and distract him.

Step 3- The feisty group of GingerScraps ladies will rush him, all at once! They will tie his feet with yards of ricrac, bind his hands with rolls and rolls of extra strong washi tape, blow glitter in his eyes, and if he fights back…. he will receive hundreds of paper cuts!! There is no hope for this swashbuckling, peg legged, man!

The plan goes off without a hitch! The rein of the mean pirate captain is over. Madge forces the captain and his crew to walk the plank!

To pay you for your help, she retrieves the captains treasure from his ship, and she divides it up between you and your GingerScraps crew.

You all helped save the day! And you get to finally head home, with a lifetime of stories, and a pocket full of treasure!

Week 5 – {The Battle} *The Challenge*
This last and final layout is all about your greatest battle. What has been the biggest fight in your life? What accomplishment are you most proud of? There will not be many rules for this challenge, please feel free to let your creativity lead your way!
This is for all the marbles! The prize package and the title SOLE SURVIVOR!!

The Layout Rules-

This layout is all about a battle in your life, something you had to fight for, one of your greatest accomplishments.

  • There is no minimum or maximum numbers of photos allowed.
  • In the Tribal Council forum post, type out your journaling, so all players can read your journaling.
  • Templates ARE ALLOWED in this challenge.
  • You must use ALL 100% GingerScraps products when creating your Layout.
  • *Remember* Always credit the products you are using, when posting in the gallery. List the credits in the description box when uploading. When checking layouts, I need to be sure all products are from GS designers- so credits are¬†crucial!!

Make sure to check out the Week 5 Gallery to see what our pirate-y ladies come up with.


DD: Aug 19

The link for this download is no longer available.

Remember, the download is kept up for 5 days, and then it is taken down. If you miss pieces, the kit will be available for purchase on the first day of the following month.