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Creative Style | Scrapping with Hearts


Good morning scrappers. I know we are about a week past Valentine’s Day. That being said, we are going to talk about scrapping with hearts. (If hearts are not your thing, check out scrapping with triangles!) I am pretty much a square and rectangle scrapper. Every once in a while I will throw in a circle…exciting…I know!! lol. I love to see digital scrapbooking layouts that differ from how I scrap. It is a great way to get inspiration. Today we are going to look at some layout examples, template and digital scrapbooking supplies. All to help us get an idea how to scrap with hearts.

I LOVE YOU by chancelorfamily


We Go Together by shellbyj


h-cheeks by shellbyj


My Honey by Windswept


There are so many things you can do with hearts! Huge heart photos, heart patterned papers, papers cut into hearts, and heart elements. The list could go on-and-on. These are just a few examples that I found while looking through just one day’s of layouts on the gallery. If you would like further layout examples, go exploring! 🙂 Now, we are on to look at some template examples to scrap with hearts. There were so many examples. (All images linked!)











I told you there were so MANY great heart templates to be found in the store. I know that I have bombarded you with images and ideas. I am not going to stop there though! I showed you some great ideas to scrap your Valentine’s Day layouts the other day. I am going to add a few more items to that list. Mostly geared towards hearts. On top of what I am about to show you, the Free with $10 Purchase is great for scrapping with hearts. On to kits and others to scrap with hearts. (images linked)






DD: Feb 20

The link for this download is no longer available.

Remember, the download is kept up for 5 days, and then it is taken down. If you miss pieces, the kit will be available for purchase on the first day of the following month.