Tutorial Tuesday… postponed

Hi ladies! I’m so sorry to tell you there isn’t a Tutorial Tuesday post for this week. My real job intruded and left me with no free time and totally exhausted. But there will be a new Tutorial next week, with some tips on shadowing stacked elements. So stay tuned!


  1. i hear ya on that!!! just finished a stint that left me so exhausted, it took me nearly a month to recuperate! try and get some rest! kind regards, lisa

  2. Connie A. says

    No worries!! Your most important job is to ake care of yourself. I look forward to the tutorials; they are all so much fun and I have learned so much from them.

    Thank you always, Connie A.

  3. Liz in Tx says

    Ugh! I know how that goes! I look forward to your tutorial. Take care!