Focus On – Word Art

Hello Scrappers! Team member La’Shawn here with a new topic for the blog. I actually got this idea from you! The readers! We are going to take one thing, that isn’t a kit and focus on it. Our store has amazing designers that work so hard to bring us great digital scrapbooking supplies every week. Sometimes things get lost in the ever changing store. Some people don’t check the new releases every week. Some people are just starting and might not have seen some things from the past. That is where I come in. I am here to go back in the archives and bring you some great stuff.

This isn’t a from the archives post. We do have those! If you are looking for something that was in our store over a year ago, check HERE. This is where we just look at one thing. Today we are going to take a look at some great word art. Our designers are some of the best word art designers. I am going to bombard you with some great examples and tell you how to find more.


There is an entire section dedicated to word art in the store. You can find that HERE. For the sake of this post we are going to showcase just word art. We will showcase journal cards and flairs for another date. These will all be words made with alphas and elements and word strips.












This was only page 3 into the word art section. There are pages and page of amazing word art in the store. I don’t think I have a layout without some form of word art on it. I stink at titling my layouts. I use word art for a lot of my layouts. If you are a lover of word art like myself or new to them, there are some great word art to be found in the store. A great addition to any layout!

Thank you Heather C. for the great idea! We love to bring you guys things you can actually use in your digital scrapbooking. If you have any ideas, let us know! We will be happy to take a look at them and see what we can do.


Challenge Spotlight – Word Art Challenge

Good morning and happy Tuesday, all! Hope everyone had a great weekend and Mother’s Day. 🙂 I’m a little delayed with my post this morning, so I’m going to jump right in! This week I am spotlighting the word art challenge hosted by Amy Peck of Unforgettable Moments! Amy has a perfect WA for your family photos, new and old; check it out:

If you look closely, you can Amy has put a little distressing on this word art, giving it a little more depth than traditional WAs give–so pretty! If you need some inspiration, check out these wonderful layouts already in the gallery:

By Kelly Andreza

By scrappy_mom

By californiateri

These are all so fabulous! I love the mix of new and old, bright and subtle. This word art is pretty versatile and can work for any family photo you need to scrap, so don’t miss out on this challenge! 🙂

Do you have your tally started in the May Challenge Points Tracking thread? If not, click here and get to tallying! Wondering what fabulous prizes await you for completing challenges? You can find out all about that here! Have a question about this or any of our challenges? The cookie jar is where you want to be. 🙂

Alright ladies, I’m off! Love and wishes for everyone to have a great week and I’ll see you back here next Tuesday! 😀

Challenge Spotlight – Word Art Challenge

Hey y’all! How is everyone’s week going? I am simply EXHAUSTED. This weekend just flew by with all the green festivities–so glad this week is my spring break because I am in dire need of letting my brain get some rest! I do plan on getting some scrapping done this week, too and what better place to start than with a challenge?! 🙂

This week I am spotlighting a fun little challenge that comes with a freebie: the word art challenge hosted by Bekah of Bekah E Designs! I really like the cute freebie WA Bekah has created for us to work with this month; take a look!

I love mixing script and block fonts when I do my own title work, the contrast is always so pretty and lends itself to all kinds of layouts, so you can safely assume I like this WA. 😉 I guess I’m not the only who likes it, because we’ve already got several pages posted in the forum using it! In need of some inspiration? Here you go…

By pamr

By ScrapinMama

By emscraps

I picked these three so you could see the different techniques that have been used with this one WA: layering in papers, flooding in colors and keeping it as-is! Of course, they’re all beautiful and coordinate perfectly!  Do you love versatile word art as much as I do? 😉 These layouts are gorgeous, ladies! Make sure you take a second to leave them some love in the gallery. 🙂

The month is coming to a close soon–just under two weeks and we’ll be in April…EEK! Don’t forget to get your challenges tallied up in the March Challenge Points Tracking thread. You’ll want to make sure you get credit for all your completed challenges so you can snag a nifty reward at the end of the month. 🙂

That’s it for me–see y’all next week! 🙂

Challenge Spotlight – Word Art Challenge

Good morning, y’all! How’s your week starting off? Mine is SO BUSY. I’ve got a whole mess of school stuff due this week–it’s scarier than Halloween! I may be busy, but I’m never too busy to blog about our fabulous monthly challenges here at GingerScraps! 🙂 This week I am spotlighting another challenge with a freebie: the word art challenge hosted by Laetitia of Kawouette Designs! Let’s take a look at the wonderful WA she’s got for us this month…

LOVE. IT. What else can I say? I adore fonts, especially handwritten ones, and this WA pack is just loaded with pretty ones! I like the faded/grungy effects, too. So many word arts, so generous; thank you, Laetitia! 🙂

Of course, with a WA pack like this, the forum ladies have been churning out some awesome layouts. Here are a few for inspiration!

By Victoria32

By mamaape

By Ricki

If you’ll notice, I cleverly picked picked three layouts with different WA quotes to  show off the range of WAs Laetitia has for us to create with this month. Aren’t I just so smart? 😉 You all did excellent jobs of using the word arts; they all add some extra meaning to your already-lovely pages.  🙂

So, it’s the middle of the month and if you haven’t started your tally in the October Challenge Points Tracking thread…do it! 🙂  You’ve got a couple more weeks to get some challenges done, uploaded and tallied so you can snag a fabulous reward! If you have any questions, direct them to the Cookie Jar.

That’s it for me for this week: now back to my regularly schedule papers and quizzes and exams and blah… Have a wonderful week! 😉

Challenge Spotlight – Word Art Challenge

Happy Tuesday, y’all! Can you believe it’s already the third week of August?! It’s insanity! School is about to start (woohoo!), summer is fading away (hopefully sooner than later on that one), the new fall lines are out (sorry, I work in fashion)… August is about to be over and here we come, fall! But before I keep rambling and the month ends while you’re reading this, let’s get to the challenge spotlight for this week, shall we? 🙂

This week I am spotlighting the word art challenge hosted by the ever-lovely Kathy of Kathy Winters Designs! Speaking of August, her word art freebie focuses on just that–the month of August! It’s really pretty and great for any layout…enough talk, let’s see it!

I know, right? It’s flipping awesome! I love the mix of fonts here and the WA just lends itself to being the focal point of all kinds of fabulous layouts. Need some examples of it in action? Thought you’d never ask!

By missdamsel

By Ricki

By mary-lynne

WOW–absolutely love these, ladies! I love Missi’s fun yearbook feel, Ricki’s bright and fruity page and Mary Lynne’s use of the WA as a paragraph title. Seriously fabulous–y’all rock! 😀 If you want to see your layout here, make sure you’re challenge’ing it up and maybe you’ll be highlighted here next week!

If you haven’t snagged this freebie and started your layout yet…what are you waiting for?! 🙂 Make sure you’re keeping track of all your completed challenge layouts in the August Challenge Points Tracking thread. You can also read up on the rewards system if this is your first month joining in on the challenge fun. And as always, any questions about this or any of the monthly challenges should be directed to the Cookie Jar where a superawesome GS gal will get back to you faster than you can blink! Well…maybe not that fast, but pretty quickly. 😉

The month is more than halfway over, so make sure you get plenty of challenges done in time to get some awesome prizes! That’s it for today–y’all have a great week and I’ll see you back here next week for the last spotlight of the month!–EEP! 🙂 🙂 🙂

Challenge Spotlight – Word Art Challenge

Happy Tuesday, ladies! I hope everyone had a great weekend and y’all’s week is off to a good start! (Is it weird that I used a slang word like y’all, but still punctuated it properly??) The weekend was a long one for me and I’m already ready for the next one! I was busy the whole time, but I did get some scrapping done! Speaking of scrapping (and getting back on topic), this week I am spotlighting another wonderful challenge: the word art challenge hosted by the amazing Susie of Psychozoe Designs!

Let’s see the gorgeous WA Susie created for us to work with this month:

Unique, upbeat–so very Psychozoe! hehe

This WA is really cool and the fabulous ladies in the forum did not disappoint with their sweet creative skills this month! If you need some inspiration to complete this challenge, look no further!

By skcosti

By BriannasScrapper

By mom2triplets04

Beautiful, beautiful work! I love how all three of these LOs use the same word art in totally different ways through completely different techniques. Now that’s talent!

Now it’s YOUR turn! Of course, the June word art challenge is going on through the end of June. To get the WA freebie, just hop over to the forum for instructions and you can get to scrapping!

As always, I want to remind you to get credit for the challenges, you need to head over to the June Challenge Points Tracking thread and post with your LO links so we can get you that discount code or gift certificate! Also, any questions about this or any of our challenges should be directed to the Cookie Jar so a groovy GingerScraps lady can help you! Note: if you want to see your layout highlighted here on the blog, don’t forget to play along with the challenges and post your LOs in the threads! I pick three scraps a week to show off; yours could be up here next week! 🙂

That’s it for this post! Have a great rest of your week and see you in the forums! <3