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May Daily Download #31

May Daily Download #30

Hi there!  Happy Monday!!!  Here in the states today is Memorial Day.  I do hope that you will all take a moment to remember those that have fought for our freedoms.  And if you are going out and about – please be safe.  Do you have plans today?  Having a cookout?  Lounging by the pool?  Staying in out of the heat and scrapping?

Only one more day and the kit will be finished!  Glad you all have enjoyed it!  🙂

Have a great day!

Happy Memorial Day weekend to everyone! I hope you are having a fantastic weekend and enjoying the weather!

On to the news!! We have a LOTW winner and it’s Emma (Hobbes130). This layout features lovely colors, a wonderful list and fabulous overall composition!

Click on the image to leave her some love or click here to view her entire Gingerscraps Gallery.

You can pick outstanding gallery layouts which become the next LOTW nominee’s by posting in the “Baker’s Best” thread. Check out the rules here.

As always your vote counts so head over the the forum to vote for the next LOTW winner. You can be a LOTW winner too, all you have to do is scrap! Happy Scrapping.

May Daily Download #29

Hi there!  Hope y’all are having a great weekend!  Only 2 more pieces to this kit after today.  I can’t believe its almost June!  Just want to give you a quick reminder for things going on this month that you have a couple more days to take advantage of.

Our guest designer this month: Valarie Ostrom

Kathy Winters is celebrating Memorial Day with a 40% off sale until Monday!

Ellie Lash is taking a break from designing so her store is 60% off til the end of May.

Daphadilly Art is retiring and much of her store is on sale til the end of May.

Of course don’t forget that today is the last day to get this weeks Fresh Baked Goodies at least 25% off.

The May Daily Download kit was designed by HarmonyStar – visit her store to see more of her awesome work!

And one last thing – you still have a couple more days to get in on the forum challenges for this month.  Did you know we give away THREE $5 gift cards to the store each month – just for challenge participants?  Complete a challenge and post it and you are entered to win!  That simple!

Okay – I think that might be it.  Hopefully I didn’t forget anything!  🙂  Oh yeah – wanted to mention that I have seen the June daily download – its another great one!  The GingerScrap designers are really rocking these daily downloads!  They are spreading the love for sure!  So be sure to tell your friends so they can get in on the next one – it starts on Wednesday!  Alrighty- now here’s today’s piece:

Hope you are having a great weekend!!!  🙂

May Daily Download #28

Hello all!  Hope you have a great weekend planned. I just got a call from my mom and we are taking the boys to the petting zoo!  How fun!  I love impromptu trips like that!  Plus – they make for great pics to scrap with later!  🙂

So I have one quick sale to tell you about – it is Memorial Day weekend after all here in the states.  And Kathy Winters has decided to celebrate with a 40% off SALE!!!!

Hope you have a great day!  Here’s piece #28:

May Daily Download #27

Happy Friday!  I hope y’all have a fabulous weekend!  Don’t forget about the speed scrap today – hope to see ya there!

And now here’s day #27:

Have a great day!  🙂

Fresh Baked! 5/27

Long time no talk!  It’s been such a long time since you’ve heard from me huh?  I can’t believe it’s been two full days!  What have you been up to?  Yeah, nothing much here either.  I do want to take a mintue though to check in with our friends in the mid-west.  On behalf of Ginger, myself, and the entire staff at GingerScraps, you all have our thoughts and prayers.  The weather has definitely been crazy, we just hope it quiets down soon.

Since this is the last newsletter of the month we have some lose ends we need to tie up.  I’m not really sure where to start though.  I supposed I should start with the sad news of another designer leaving.  Daphadilly Art is retiring from designing.  We are all so sad to hear this, but are happy for her and her new journey.  Her store is all marked on sale with most items being 50% off.  Make sure you grab them while you can!

Plus you heard last week that Ellie Lash leaving.  This is your last opportunity to get her entire store for 60% off.

Your last chance to get Creations by Julie’s Grab bag for free is now!  All you have to do is spend $10 in the store (talk about easy to do!) and the grab bag will be automatically added.

This is also your last chance to get Valarie Ostrom’s amazing products with her as a guest.

Now not everything that is going on is sad.  We do have some very exciting news.  Some I can tell you about now, some other things are going to have to wait until Wednesday (the 1st).  We do have a new guest starting then, but I can’t tell you who yet (she is a great designer though!).  We are also going to have our $1 Bake Sale on Wednesday, along with our monthly Buffet Kits!  The other stuff you will have to wait and see…Stay Tuned!!

For today though we have our new releases!

You’ll say ooo! ahhh! at these fun 7 CU layered firework burst in PSD and PNG files. Celebrate with Pretty in Green!

Bright, cheerful and fun, this money saving bundle of Color Me Happy products from P’tit Studio Katia contains all you need to create beautiful layouts and projects that will shine. With almost 50 vibrant elements, 14 pretty patterned and plain papers, an alpha to showcase your titles and 4 12×12 ready done pages in PNG format, this is ideal for your summer scrapping. Comes with a Scrap For Others friendly license and on offer at $5.25 instead of $7.00.




Sometimes one page just doesnt give you enough room to show off your precious photos or to tell your story, these two page templates by Little Green Frog Designs give you all the space you need. And when you don’t need a two pager – each template comes available as two single page templates too !

Includes 6 templates (2 x 24 x 12 and 4 12 x 12), saved as layered PSD & TIF files as well as individual PNG files.

Another mish mash of theme and design by Little Green Frog Designs. Have fun with the variety in this pack.
Includes 4 templates, saved as layered PSD & TIF files as well as individual PNG files.


My Friend by Marshmella Designs. Everything will be 25% off too. Kit includes 15 papers and 49 elements.


4 stacked papers:

4 psd file templates:

and the bundle:

School is out! It’s time for Summer fun…but also time for the rest of your life!
This School Is Out Word Art by Creations by Julie is perfect for all your end of the year, graduation and summer LOs. Perfect for Graduation cards and announcements too!
11 pieces of fun and original word art in png form in black perfect for re-coloring to match any LO.


Make 2 page LOs that flow perfectly together with ease.
Get those memories ready to be printed. Make your pages with these 2 Pager Templates Set #2 by Creations by Julie templates for perfect 2 page LOs.
All Julie’s templates are in PSD and PNG format.
Use as 2 12×24 Templates or 4 12×12 templates. The choice is yours.


We all know someone who is absolutely made of awesome & all that we needed was a collection to show them off!  Perfect for your boy, teen, father/son, playtime layouts, and SO Much more – all made by Connie Prince!









That seems to be it for today!  We’ll see you back here on Wednesday!!!  Have a safe and happy weekend!  Happy Memorial Day!

May Daily Download #26

Hello all!

Just want to remind you about the speed scrap tomorrow!  I am so excited because my mom is taking the boys for the weekend so I will definitely be able to scrap with y’all tomorrow!  Yay!  🙂  I hope to see lots of you there!

And now here’s day #26:

Thanks for stopping by! Hope you have a great day!  🙂  Oh – and thank you so much for all the suggestions on my allergies.  I have an appointment with the doc next week and hopefully he’ll hook me up with something that works before I sneeze my head right off my shoulders.  🙂

May Daily Download #24 and #25

Oh boy!  It is allergy season and I do not have mine under control… yet.  It seems no matter what I take to help me stop sneezing just makes me want to sleep and when I’m not sleeping – its like I’m in a fog.  So that’s kind of what I did yesterday – sleep.  Oops!  Please don’t be too angry with me.  🙂  I’ve only been up half an hour and my eyes are already burning like fire – could be another sneeze filled morning followed by fogginess and then nap time.  Hopefully not though.  What’s your best trick for dealing with allergies?  Do share!

Okay – so now to the fun stuff – did you see that we have a new Gingerbread Lady?  If not – scroll down a little and learn a little about her.  She’s got some awesome templates in her store!

Also – we are coming to the end of the month – so don’t forget to check out this month’s guest designer – Valarie Ostrom’s store!  And there’s still a little more time to get in on the challenges in the forum.  Did you know that we give away THREE $5 gift cards just for participating in the challenges.  Each challenge you do earns you points into the cookie jar and then at the end of the month 3 winners are drawn from the cookie jar!

So – here’s the link for yesterday’s part – Day #24 and click on the image for Day #25.

Hope you have a great day!!!

New GingerBread Lady! 5/25

You probably have been on the edge of your seat all weekend wanting to know what was going to happen today.  This news is so excited I couldn’t wait to tell you.  You probably want me to just come out with it and tell you, but I can’t.  I mean I can, but where is the fun in that?  Ok, fine you all win!  We have a new designer joining us!  I know!  Great huh?!?!?

This new designer is Andrea of Little Green Frog Designs!!!!

Here are some ways for you to stalk her!

**Facebook**   **Newsletter**   **Blog**   **Store**

Would you like to learn more about her?  I asked her to tell me a little bit about herself and this is what she had to say:

I am currently 35, married to my childhood sweetheart and we have two children, Jayden 10 and Ellie 7. Both tend to feature heavily in my layouts (Ellie more so as Jayden has now developed a photo allergy it seems). We live on the NW coast of England in a small town called Morecambe (if you’re familiar with Morecambe and Wise, this is where Eric Morecambe was born and where he took his name from). At the moment I’m not working – not through choice but the job market isn’t great at the moment – however, it does leave me plenty of time to scrap and design my templates.

I’ve only been selling my templates since May of this year after some pushing by friends to give it a go and I’ve really enjoyed it so far and am looking forward to joining the community at Gingerscraps.

When I’m not scrapping, I love reading anything crime fiction, going to the theatre and all things Disney (which incidentally is the reason I ended up discovering digi scrapping to begin with !)

I’ve been talking with Andrea a lot these past couple of weeks getting ready for today and I can honestly tell you she is such a sweetheart!  You guys are going to just love her!!

Time to show you her amazing templates.  You won’t believe it but Andrea doesn’t have just 1 or 2 items in her store to open with.  No sir!  She has 10!  Make sure you check out her store to see them all!  Here are just a few of them.

All In a Week Template Pack
These templates are perfect for those 365 pages or just for those of you who like scrapping with multiple photos.Includes 4 templates, saved as layered PSD & TIF files as well as individual PNG files. TIF and PSD files are pre-shadowed but are easily adjustable

Spaced Out Template Pack
This quirky set of templates help you create the perfect white space but still allow for plenty of clustering.

Includes 4 templates, saved as layered PSD & TIF files as well as individual PNG files. TIF and PSD files are pre-shadowed but are easily adjustable

Build It Yourself : Everyday Template Bundle
This bundle includes 4 different template packs all designed to help you build your own page.

*Stacked papers to help you create your overall look.

*Cluster templates to help with photos and clustering.

*Paper bits for those who want added layers.

*Title stencils of everyday words to give you a big bold cut out title.

Includes 4 templates, saved as layered PSD & TIF files as well as individual PNG files. TIF and PSD files are pre-shadowed but are easily adjustable

All Layered Up Template Pack
These templates are great for helping you create that layered look.

Includes 4 templates, saved as layered PSD & TIF files as well as individual PNG files. TIF & PSD files are pre-shadowed but are easily adjustable

Incredible right?  Wait until you see the other ones in her store!  Plus if that isn’t enough her entire store is 25% off!  The only catch is it is only on sale for today and Hurrry!!

So that’s it!  Enjoy shopping at Andrea’s store and have a great rest of your week and I will see you back here on Friday!!