Dec Daily Download – 19


  1. Thank you! I love the bright colors in this kit. Today’s car reminds me of the Christmas Vacation movie.

  2. Thank you – I did wonder yesterday but thought it would all sort itself out in the end 🙂 Love them whatever order they come in!

  3. Betty aka boop52245 says:

    Thanks for day 18 and 19

  4. Thanks very much!

  5. Thank you so much for the downloads..beautiful kit

  6. I am so sorry I haven’t thanked you before this is a lovely kit and I am so looking forward to gathering all the parts and having a play. Thank-you for sharing… and don’t worry about the downloads I updated wordpress and all my secduled posts all got wiped so at least you have yours even if a bit mixed up lol

  7. thank you 🙂

  8. Love the little car! Thank you!

  9. Awesome. Thanks so much.  My marginal OCD tendency feels relief now that all is in order, lol. 

  10. It all works out in the end. No biggy. THANK you!

  11. Thank you!

  12. Ha ha ha .. stops us from becoming complacent!!! Thank you for today’s DL 🙂

  13. thanks!

  14. crystalnva says:

    Thanks You :~}