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December Daily Download #1

Just in case we have any new folks – let me remind you all that the links for the daily download bits will be left up for at least 5 days.  So if you miss a day or two – you should still be all set.  🙂  We want everyone to get this kit and enjoy it!  🙂  This month’s gift is from the amazing Connie Prince – click right on her name and you can go to her shop and check out her other goodies!



**Link Has Expired**


Have a great day!!!!  Please remember to use those share buttons below to tell all your friends that they can collect this great free kit too!  We love new visitors!!!  🙂




Fresh Baked with News! 12/1

 It’s that time of the month again where I show you all the new stuff we have going on this month.  I’m not sure about you but this is one crazy time of the year.  Let’s just get right down to it!

 Let’s start with our new Free with $10 purchase grab bag!  This month it is made by Cari Creates! Designs.  You can get it for free just by purchasing $10 worth of goodies!!

You can get a lot of products for $10 in our World Famous $1 Bake Sale!  We did make a slight change in this.  Instead of having the products for $1 for 1 day, we have extended it for 5!  That’s right from now on, from the 1st through the 5th, you can take advantage for our $1 products!!

Included in the $1 Bake Sale is our new Buffet Kit!

The theme this month?  Who-Ville!!  Take a look to see what our designers did for you!

Packed full huh?  See what our wonderful creative team made with these goodies!

Each part is only $1 from now until the 5th so make sure you take advantage of this!!

Another set of products that are also included in the $1 Bake Sale is from MandyMade.  This is your *Last Chance* to get MandyMade’s goodies! Are you a designer looking for some wonderful quality CU items, Well now is the time to stock up on ribbons, flowers, textures, and shapes. All only $1.00!! And once they are gone – they are gone for good, so get them today! MandyMade also has some AMAZING full size kits- you will not be disappointed.

 Next up is our incredible guest.  Maybe you heard of her?  Down this Road Designs?  Oh that’s right!  Keep screaming!  I was too when I found out she would be joining us!  To say we are ecstatic to have her with us this month would be an understatement.

 I’ve talked with Angie and asked for her to tell us a little bit about herself.

I live in Utah with my husband and 2 kids (Boston 12, Brooke 9)

I work 17 hours a week as a resource aide at an elementary school down the street from me.

I love to do all kinds of crafts and be creative….but my kids keep me super busy so not much time for that.

I have been designing since 2009 and I love it!!

 She is such a doll we have been enjoying getting to know her and I know you will too.  Make sure you check out her store tomorrow as she has some great new products coming in (but don’t tell anyone I told you…shhh).

Last and certainly not least we have our new Daily Download.  This month is from our very own Connie Prince!  That’s right!  YOU can get a free Connie Prince kit just by checking our blog daily!

December 1 link –

 I think that is it!  I will see you back here tomorrow for our fresh baked goodies!!  Have a great day!