Daily Download Oct. 20


  1. Hi – am I the only one seeing code for the Daily Download – Oct. 20th.

  2. no!
    That’s all I see too. I am sure they will fix it soon. I will check back later today.

  3. I only see code, but thanks for all your beautiful freebies.

  4. I see it too.

  5. This is the URL for the download: the address between the quote marks after hr ef, in case it doesn’t show up in my comment. I knew there was a good reason I took that HTML class! 😉

    Nut I also agree that they’ll probably fix it by the next download.

  6. That’s all i see, as well. Dontcha hate it when the beastie gets it wrong? (the ‘puter program, i mean) lol! i’ll check back later.

  7. Here’s a quick work-around…
    copy this part of the code in your browser and it will go to where the download is located and will download. It worked for me.

  8. Thanks very much!

  9. Thanks so much!

  10. Thanks!

  11. thank you 🙂

  12. Thank you!

  13. Wow! i’m glad i remembered to come back and get today’s pieces! The first time i tried, the code was up and i almost forgot to come back! Thank you.

  14. Betty aka boop52245 says

    Thanks for another lovely gift to this kit

  15. Thank you.

  16. Thanks again!

  17. awe crap I waited too long for this one 🙁 sadness ensues

  18. Downloads are up for five days. You can get the kit on the 1st when it becomes available for purchase.