~~April Bake Sale!!~~

Good morning GingerScrappers!! It’s time for the April Bake Sale. This month (and year) is flying along.

Remember each of these kits or template packs are available for $1 each from today until April 20.

Look at all those goodies. Time to head to the GingerScraps store and do some shopping.


  1. I guess that really meant through april 19, cause when I went to purchase today (april 20) the prices in my cart were all back to normal. Live and learn. I thought until april 20 included april 20!
    oh well

  2. ok, even weirder, I went to the shop and the sale prices were still good. So I just reloaded. Anyone else have that experience?

  3. Stephanie D Hutchison says

    Glee – just a little issue in the back side of the store. Thanks for your comment! Hope you get to grab everything you want.