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November Daily Download #16

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New GingerBread Lady!! 11/16

Boy do I have a surprise for you.  Let me tell you a story though to explain it.  Once upon a time there was a guest designer at an amazing digi scrapping store named GingerScraps.  GingerScraps had a site manager that was just the nicest person.  Oh…sorry, I just had to throw that out there…lol.  Ok, back to the story.  One month, GingerScraps had a guest designer.  That guest designer was loved so much she was asked to stay.  This designer had to say no at the time because life was just crazy (gosh, I’m there right now…we all get that huh?).  Anyway, life calmed down and this guest designer has asked to come back.  Ginger, the wonderful owner of GingerScraps, started screaming “SERIOUSLY?  Are you serious?  YES!!!”  With that Ginger emailed the very pretty site manager (oops, sorry again) with the very exciting news.  Everyone is just so happy…so very, very happy.  This new designer stayed forever and ever and we all lived happily ever after.  The End.

 Yeah, I know, I’m not the best writer at all and my story was pretty bad.  The good news about it though is that it is true.  One of our past guests is back!!!  She is staying too!!  Are you curious about who?  Ok, I’ll tell you.  She is…the one….the only…

Jen Yurko!


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 I asked her to tell us more about herself and this is what she said:

 i am a 39yo (EEEK!) mother of 5, stepmom of 2, and married to  THE most awesome man on the planet.  (that’s right – my husband is  better than your husband!  nannee nannee boo boo!). 

i design digital scrapbooking kits and doodles, create  blinkies, banners, signature tags, and blogs, as well as dabble in web  design.  my computer time has dwindled immensely since since  my kids started attending a public cyber school instead of traditional  brick & mortar school, but we’ve finally hit a point where we can share the 3 computers between the 5 of us without any hair-pulling, biting or kicking & screaming, LOL!most of my design work and doodles start out in  illustrator and then are finished off in photoshop.  i absolutely  l-o-v-e my bamboo tablets!  the newest tablet is a pen & touch,  which is totally cool.  i’m totally excited to be at gingerscraps — again! — and as part of the permanent team!  

Jen, on behalf of the entire team, we are so totally excited to have you back!!

 Here is just a sample of some of her work!  Make sure you check out her store (did I mention it is on sale this week?!?!?!).