Fresh Baked! 3/9

It’s a beautiful day in the neighborhood.  A beautiful day for a neighbor.  Would you be mine….Could you be mine?  Sorry, I had a Mr. Roger’s flash back.  Anywho, it really is nice here.  Yesterday was so warm (60s) that I was able to actually open windows and air out the house.  I think the Spring Cleaning bug bit me where I actually want to put clean sheets on beds.  Yeah, crazy I know!  I hate doing the sheets, but man, I’m actually considering it.  Not sure how much farther past “consider” I’ll make it but we’ll see.

We have a lot we need to go over today so let’s get right down to business.

As you know last week we started a new contest called Mystery Designer.  I showed you a sneak peek of a brand new kit and you have to guess who made it!  We had so many people guessing it was fun reading your guesses.  The time has come to annouce the winner of last week.

Once again here was the preview:

Who did you guess?  I can tell you the majority of the people guess Connie Prince.  I can tell you all now that it wasn’t her.  Sorry!  Are you know just dying to know who it was?  Well let me just pause here and let the anticipation grow more and more…..




That’s enough anticipation…The Mystery Designer..was the one….and only….

Inspired Designs!

Were you surprised?  Are you stunned?  Do you have a new favorite designer?  Let me show you her full reveal!

Now for the winners!

Facebook’s Winner Is:   Chalane Wride

Blog’s Winner Is: LaShawn

Forum’s Winner Is: cush464

I will be sending all of you a coupon so you can get the kit for free!!

Now for those of you who didn’t win, you can get the kit too (See?  Everyone’s a winner here at GingerScraps!).  Inspired Design’s Brand New Kit is for sale for all of you!  You can get it here.  Trust me when I say you won’t want to miss it!!

What did you think?  Was it fun?  I’m so glad to hear it!  Here is this week’s sneak peek.


 Who do you think made this kit?  You can tell me your guesses in the threads here in the forum, on the blog, or at Facebook.  Please have your guesses made by noon EST on Thursday 3/16.  We’ll pick a winner from each place and they will all get this kit for free!

Now to get on with the new releases so I can go put clean sheets on the bed…ugh, I really don’t want to but the thought is still very nice.

Have you checked out the kit that our guest designer made?  Secret Stash has this amazing kit in the store that you can only find here at GingerScraps.

Here is the free grab bag by Craft-tastrophic  that you get when you spend $10 in our store.

Now before I show you what is new this week, I want to show you something from last week.  I accidentally missed an image by Snickerdoodle Designs.  It is such a great kit I wanted to make sure you saw it.


Here are our new releases for today!














Golly gee whiz, I just love our designers!!!  I will see you back here on Friday.  Hopefully clean sheets will be on the beds!  Until then, don’t forget to guess our Mystery Designer!!