Fresh Baked with News! 3/1

Welcome to a brand new month here at GingerScraps!  Do you have anything exciting this month?  Aren’t you sweet to ask about me.  I really don’t have anything planned.   I can say here at GingerScraps we have TONS going on.  We start with a brand new contest…oh shoot, I shouldn’t have told you.  Let’s pretend I didn’t say anything…and while we are pretending you didn’t hear that (or read that), pretend that you don’t know it starts on Friday.  Remind me to keep Ginger busy so she doesn’t know I spilled the beans.  Shhh….it will be our secret.

Let’s see, what can I tell you about March?  OH!  I know!  How do you feel about books?  How do you feel about reading them?  How do you feeling like winning $5?  I knew that would get your attention.  Come join us in the forum with our hosts Jen Yurko, and JoyLynn (Blue Heart Scraps)!!

Hm…what else…OH!  How about a HUGE sale!  That’s right!  It’s time once again for our $1 Bake Sale!

This sale will last from today until the 5th so make sure you grab it when you can!

While we are talking about the $1 Bake Sale, would you like to see the new Buffet goodies?  They will all be $1 until the 5th as well.  The theme?  Reading room!

 See?  Book club?  Reading Buffet Kit?  Yeah we are awesome.  Here are the kits!

Here is what our CT did with these:

(Thank you Lisa for the amazing images!)

Now remember, if you spend $10 in our store you get the free grab bag kit!  This month the grab bag was made by Craft-tastrophic!

Let’s see what else is going on..I GOT IT!  Our March Guest!  Before I tell you all about how awesome she is, let me tell this…we asked Lina (LDrag Designs) to stay for another month and guess what she said?  SHE SAID YES!  WOO!  Make sure you check by her store and grab her goodies!!

So our March Guest.  Her name is Erin and designs under the name of Secret Stash…and well she is AMAZING!!!

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I asked Erin to tell us about herself and this is what she had to say:

My name is Erin. I am 27 years old and the proud mom to two awesome kids. I love designing and scrapping of course and I also love reading and photography in my downtime. I really can’t do anything without making some sort of joke and you’ll usually find me with a smirk on my face about something or another. I really value family and friendship and laughter. 
One of the first stores I ever started selling my designs in was Gingerscraps. Thank you for having me back this month, it’s fun getting back to my roots!

Here is just one of her many goodies (keep checking her store as she adds more and more stuff!!):

Please check out her store, trust me when I say you won’t be disappointed.

Last but not least…our Daily Download.  Last month Marie H Designs made the kit.  For a limited time you can get it for just $1…seriously…$1!!!  Here it is, fully revealed:

This month Ginger made it!  That’s right!  Our very own GingerScraps!!  Make sure you check the blog daily for each piece!

There you have it.  I’ll see you tomorrow for our new releases!!