Team Spotlight: Sugar Cookie Michelle

Good morning everyone!  Happy Hunger Games! (I couldn’t resist! It’s finally here! We went and saw it first thing yesterday, and I LOVED IT!)

Lot’s of exclamations today, despite not getting much sleep (little one is sick) and being so gloomy weather wise.

So lets get to the fun! 🙂

This weeks Team Spotlight is on Michelle, but you may know her as MSPeeler in the forum.  She is CT for so many of our great designers here at GingerScraps.

I’m Michelle (29). I’m married to Dave and we will be celebrating 10 years in April 2012, if you do the math, we got married when I was 19 & still going strong.  We have 2 beautiful children, Priscilla (5) and Luke (3). We also have 1 dog, Zoe, a Siberian Husky (1 yr), and 1 cat, Yoko, a grumpy ol cat (8 yr). Our other dog, my first furbaby, Chino passed away in March 2011 of this year at the age of 8, he would have turned 9 last May  I am a stay at home mom now, but before I decided to stay home, I worked at a Veterinary Hospital for nearly 8 years.

Aww, my pup’s birthday is in May. He’ll be 5. We’ll have to have a doggy toast to Chino. 🙂

She shared some lovely pictures of her beautiful family.


How long have you been scrapping?

I have been playing with Photoshop since 2002, but not digital scrapbooking till 2010. I started out making “siggies” for my mommy board, and decided to branch out for some challenges on this forum and got engulfed in fun!

What is your favorite element to scrap with?

Oh gosh! I don’t normally reuse elements, as I dont normally mix/match kits for layouts with the exception of the awesome Buffet items! I’d have to say Marie H’s shadow styles.

I’d ask you your favorite designer, but you’re on so many CT teams, that I’m sure it’d be hard for you to choose! So how about your favorite NON CT designer? Or even what other designer would you LOVE to work with?

LOL! Well, I would absolutely love to work with Jen Yurko. 

Which do you think is your very best (favorite) LO (can be old or new)?

I think my very favorite layout would be this one. I just love it’s simplicity in colors and the small framed/unframed clustered photos.

I absolutely love it! The muted colors, and the clusters too. Of course baby pictures make everything perfect. 🙂

How about the one you wish you could makeover?

I’m just REALLY not happy with this one. It’s not the kit or pictures… it’s just over clustered I think! I will probably re-do it soon!

What’s your favorite challenge during each month, the one you always tend to finish first?
I always finish the Template challenges first. I love having a template to go with, releives the “stress” factor 

You’re not alone there! I love doing the templates too (now that I had some help figuring out just HOW to do a template! 🙂 ).

What’s your favorite subject to scrap?

MY KIDS! Hands down.

If you could create a slogan for DigiScrapping, what would it be?

Oh gosh! Way to put me on the spot, haha! Probably “Visual Memories to Share”

Tell us something we don’t know, either about yourself or any one thing in particular that is a fun random factoid you know.

I met my husband on AOL back in 1997, when I was only 14 ½. He was 19, and we were just friends… for the next 5 years. When I turned 19, I came to visit him 500 miles away, and instantly felt the connection… it really was love at first sight. We married 4 months later and the rest is history!!

I love little stories like that!

What are you obsessed with?(besides digiscrap 😛 ) Can be a book, author, movie, TV show, hobby, anything. Something you just LOVE and totally geek out over all the time any time!
The Beatles! I just really, really love them. Grew up listening to them with my Daddy, and I just have fabulous memories  Their music is an instant calm for me.

So there you have it, Michelle in a nutshell! (I’m such a poet, LOL!)  Here is a link to her gallery. Go check out her BEAUTIFUL layouts and leave some love.

Before I leave you all today, I’ve got to share with you this AMAZING sale going on in the GS shop

I checked out the goods last night, and am definitely filling up my cart. It’s crazy awesomeness! Stock up on great kits before they are gone forever!

Hope everyone has a great weekend! May your coffee cups be bottomless and your children’s naps last all afternoon. 😉




  1. Thank you so much for spotlighting me! 🙂