GingerBread Girl Inspiration: craftytam


Have you checked out our team page? If you haven’t, you should! I’ve been known to go there tiem-to-time when my mojo has gone on vacation. You can find links to store, galleries, and more there. Today though, we are going to focus on one of the GingerBread Girls. That is what the creative team members here at GS are called.

Today’s GingerBread Girl that we are going to check out is craftytam.

Tammy (if you didn’t catch that by her forum name) is someone I want to scrap like when I grow up! I love well done cluster work and she takes the cake! You want to see what I am talking about, right? Let us take a look a just a few of Tammy’s great layouts!

Are they not lovely?! Of course one of the main things that stand out from her layouts is the great cluster work. Wonderful shadowing and knowing just where to tuck elements in to make it appealing to the eye, isn’t always easily done. Tammy makes them look just that, easy!

What else is noticeable about her layouts is that she doesn’t shy away from bold colors and fun patterns. Sometimes people are scared from a stand out and shout at you patterned paper. Tammy knows how to take those kinds of papers and make them work for her. And of course, great photos!!

That is all we have for you today. We hope you find some inspiration by taking a look at the Tammy’s layouts. It is always an honor to have someone scrap lift you! If you got inspiration from this and scrap-lifted a layout, make sure to link us up! Run over to the gallery, load that lovely layout up, and come back here. One thing we like to do around here is leave layout lovin’!


Creative Style | Journaling


Good morning everyone! Today we are going to talk about a creative style of scrapping. Well, it isn’t really a creative style. However, I’ve had conversations with scrappers about this. Some do it & some don’t. Some do a little & some do a lot. Today we are going to talk about journaling on your layouts.

Do you journal on yours?! I’ve been known to scrap with no photos & a lot of journaling. There are very few pages that do not have a bit of journaling (or more!) on them. For the most part, we are scrapping for the future. To look back on. I’ve been surprised, when looking back on pages that I’ve not put a date or journaling on, and really cannot remember at what time in my life that took place.

Journaling is important! It helps tell the story. It also can be cathartic. Just a jot down of what is going on, how you felt, what people said, or the date. These things can help you remember in the future, your family to recall those times, and evoke feelings you felt for the day/person/so on that you scrapped.

I’ve talked to scrappers in the past. A lot of us are on Creative Teams. We might not want our personal notes and feeling advertised with the products we are creating for. Even the layouts we are not making for creative teams, or if you are not on any, some people might not want those things broadcasted in the galleries.  Don’t let that hold you back from journaling! Pop those layouts up in the galleries and then go back and journal for your own eyes. Here are some great examples of journaling that I found in the gallery. (Images are linked to their gallery post. Go leave some love!)

There are SO many options to help you get to journaling in the store. Actually, you can journal with any kit, template, and so on. Since that is the case, I am going to show you what was used for the journal pages above. Look around the store yourself. What gets those words flowing for you?!

Be-you-tiful by Just Because Stuido


Wings Of Hope – Kit by Connie Prince


Going Places Bundle by Luv Ewe Designs, Blue Heart Scraps and Dear Friends Designs


This Is My Story by LJS Designs


One Little Word – 2014 by Cornelia Designs

If you need a place to get those creative juices flowing, there is a journal challenge in the forum. You can get started with journaling on your layout & take part in a fun challenge. Do you have some journal pages?! Make sure you upload them in the gallery & link us up! We love to see what you scrap with our products.

Happy Scrapping…and journaling!


GingerBread Girl Inspiration | emscraps


It is that time again scrappers. Time to take a bit of inspiration from one of our very own GingerBread Girls. GringerScraps has a very talented group of ladies scrapping for us. They take all those beautiful designs our designers give us and showcase them like a boss. Today we are going to take a look at one of those ladies. Emelyn. Otherwise known as emscraps.


You can see her gallery HERE & see what inspires you!

The first thing I noticed when I was looking around her gallery were her photos. Everyone looks like they are having so much fun. So much doing, sight seeing, & smiles. I picked a few of my favorite out to bring you today. If you are looking for inspiration, head on over to her gallery and see what talks to you. (images are linked)

Great, right?! My favorite is the one just above. The fun cut out and the photo. Everyone looks like they are having so much fun in Em’s layouts. She takes her great photos and scraps them beautifully! What are your favorite layouts brought to you by Em?

Pinspiration | Big Titles


Happy Saturday scrappers! Are you over your iNSD hang over by now? Time to scrap all those goodies you got during the sale! I was perusing around Pinterest today looking for ideas. I stumbled upon a lovely layout (will show you below) with a big title. That got my scrappy gears moving in my brain. So, I thought I would share that inspiration with you.

So often we allow the photos or a great paper to be the focal point of our layout. We plop a title on at the very end of it all (if we do at all). Personally, I struggle with coming up with a great title. Really, as I scrap mostly my son, I feel like slapping “Isaiah” on every page. lol. I searched “scrapbook big title” on Pinterest & was inspired! Here are some great examples of making the title your focal point. Making a statement with a big title.


The Pin | The Original Source

I really like the idea of the large number that signifies something. It works at the title as well as a great backdrop. The choice of alpha allows for the large number to blend perfectly to the layout & not over power it. Who doesn’t have a number that is significant to them. A person’s age, an anniversary, or a reunion. The next time you are scrapping a memory that has a significant number marker, think about making that your focal point. Scrap it with a big title!



The Pin | The Original Source

This really is the focal point of the layout. I really like how the paper is cut around the title. I feel like when it is time for me to go to the beach, I want to yell it to everyone. Just go around yelling, “BEACH!” lol. This large titled layout really brings all the pretty and fun beach photos together. Your eyes are drawn to the large title to start with. At the same time, it is bringing your eyes to the photos around it. This would make a great title page to a vacation book too!



The Pin | The Original Source

Does this title not grab your attention?! It really gets the whole theme of the layout across. Cutting the photos to go under it and frame around it really makes it all work together. You cannot help but read the title and take in the amazing photos at the same time. A great statement layout. Not one element on this layout. It isn’t needed! The great photos and the big title is all this layout needs. Could you scrap a layout without ellies? I love to cluster. It would be a struggle for me. I think I am going to give it a try though. Take this years vacation photos and scrap nothing but a big, catch your attention title, and my photos.



The Pin | The Original Source

This only came last because I saw it last in looking around pinterest. It is Actually my favorite of the bunch & I am going to take this idea and scrap it. I’ve been known to tuck and hide little I’s around my layouts with my son in them. Just one letter. You could dress a layout up so much with just one letter. How would you do it?!

Are your creative juices flowing yet?!You know that GingerScraps has an entire section dedicated to just alphas, right? Here are just a few of what I came across in looking for the right alpha for my big titled layouts. (images linked)


I would love to see your take on the big title. Make sure you link me up!



Weekly Wrap-up: It’s a new month!

I do so love it when the new month starts on a Friday- it’s like super bonus with the buffet and new releases and new challenges and and and..!

Since our newsletter just delivered you the royal treatment, I want to quick go over some things coming up. The end of the month can be so drab and quiet with all the finishing of challenges and some of us still  recovering from iNSD, plus Summer is in full affect most places and I sure hope that means everyone is outside  making memories!

First up, GingerScraps Book Club!

Our read for the month of June is The Lucky One by Nicholas Sparks!  I personally have never read a Nicholas Sparks book, but I hear they are fantastic so I can’t wait to start this one as my first! JoyLynn is also looking for some input, she wants to know what you want to see every month in the book club, she’s open to any suggestions!

Next, make sure to check out the Bake Sale happening RIGHT NOW!

You only have until June 5th to grab as much as your can for just $1 and let me tell you, there are some real surprises in this months bake sale! Do NOT miss this!

Did you know there is a brand-spanking-new challenge this month hosted by Jenn of Joyful Heart Designs? It’s a brush challenge! For the first month, she chose a wicked cool bird brush set. Brushes can be used for anything!  I know Jenn can’t wait to see what you all come up with, and neither can I!

Guess what? Z Pink Boudoir Designs is having a CT call! Join the Zeee-speration!

Guess what else?! JenC Designs is having one too! JenC is looking for Guest CTs for the summer months – but there’s a twist! More than one way to enter and more than one way to grab some of her super cute goodies!

Good luck to BOTH designers on their calls!

Now, to wrap-up the wrap-up (HA!), with the sunny days and the weather heating up, who’s ready for their summer do’s? Renee (MnMommy2) got everyone talking about hair (cuts, styles, color)! Which of course, got me thinking-  I need a hair cut myself! Except, I’m one of those that loves the cut for a few days then immediately misses my long hair so any drastic cuts are out of my future- but what about all of you? Who is getting a new do for summer, and more importantly will you scrap the before and after? 😉



Team Member Spotlight – ME!

For those of you who don’t know who me is, my name is April, known as [mamaape] in forum(s). For the past couple months I have been bringing you your weekly “get-to-know-you” interviews of our designers and team members. This month I thought I’d act out on all my selfish desires and interview myself! It is the month of April after-all.

In order to make this fun and not me just droning on about all the exciting boring tidbits of my life, I asked YOU to ask me anything you wanted to know. Silliness was encouraged, and I absolutely got what I asked for. 😉


The first question asked, by Julie (Juliemomof4) was “What is the color of your kitchen?”  Cream and blue, except it’s totally yucky and cheap- we live in an older apartment and though the appliances are newer YAY!, the counter tops are this hideous blue and cheap. It’s a tiny little (currently messy) kitchen “closet” I like to say, but the cabinet space is ridiculously plentiful!

Julie also asked, “If you had a free day all to your self, where would you go and what would you do?”  Oh man, I would of course get a mani/pedi, then I think I would go to the poshest hotel, rent a room on the top floor and just sleep. 🙂

Barbara (nutsaboutgabe) asks “What’s your favorite color and what’s your biggest pet peeve?” My favorite color varies depending on mood, but I have a few always-favorite colors I gravitate towards more than others. The majority of the shirts hanging in my closet are purple, and I’m pretty sure that’s my favorite color 99% of time. I also love greays, greens, and a dash of hot pink.

Biggest pet peeve? Oh man, I have so many it’s hard to pick the biggest! HA! Not picking up after oneself (I’m talking adults here), and maybe people who chew loudly, and not using your vs. you’re properly (or their and there and they’re) Ohemgee, that really gets me… and I better stop there or this is going to totally turn into a rant against humanity’s faults.  Hahaha!

Barbara then asked how I met my husband which has a fun twist to the story. We met at work (where neither one of us still works at). I saw him from across the warehouse and just wondered who he was, he was talking to another older coworker. That was the first I saw him, we didn’t actually introduce ourselves until a good month or two later being on two different shifts. The funny bit is that the older guy he was talking to is a giant goofball (and a little crazy) and what they were talking about was ME! The older guy was joking with my husband saying that he was going to marry me some day (even though neither of them knew who I was). SAY WHAT!

Christina (Ambelleina) asks, “What’s your favorite meal?” My answer is simple: the one I don’t have to clean up after.  She then asked if I was a cat or dog person to which I will reply dog dog dog. That’s not to say I’m not a cat person, because I have a cat (and she’s so awesome, stinky, but awesome), but I’ve grown up been dogs, have always had a dog and will always have a dog.

Alfie, who's full name is Alfred Charles. His birthday is next week, he'll be 5. My furry baby boy.


Terra wants to know what my favorite sandwich is, which is a tricky question because I’m not a huge sandwich person. It must have avocado on it though to be my favorite.  There’s this “California Club” or something like that (pretty sure that’s totally not the name of it, but generally sandwiches with “California” in the name have avocado), at Chili’s restaurant that I totally love.

Lisa makes me chose, “Howard, Leonard, Raj or Sheldon?” Without hesitation I say Sheldon.

“If you could be one person in history, who would you be?” (from dodgelade) This is a really good make me think question, which is not something I like to do on a Saturday morning. 😉 There are so many great people in history that I’d much rather meet them than be just one. Pretty sure most of them are writers or singer/songwriters. Some dead, some still alive. J.K. Rowling, Adele, Etta James and Ella Fitzgerald, Sylvia Plath, Anne Boleyn and Queen Elizabeth I.. the list could go on and on.

Colleen wants to know “How many states and other countries have you visited?”  I have visited California, Missouri, Illinois, Kentucky, Georgia, Florida. I have driven through nearly every state west of the Mississippi, and a few east of the Great Lakes on my way to Toronto – which is my only other country I’ve visited.

Let’s talk some scrap shall we?

I was asked,

What is your one “can’t live without it” element in a kit? Right now I am obsessed with templates. I know it’s not an element, but I can’t not use a template lately. There are just SO many awesome ones out there!

Who is your MOST FAVORITEST designer? This is totally a loaded question 😛 I like designers for different reasons- SOME of my favorite designers are obviously those that I am lucky enough to be a part of their creative teams (Blue Heart Scraps, LauraMarie Scraps, Kathy Winters Designs and Sugar Kissed Designs) but I also love Jen Yurko and Inspired Designs (Crystal).

What kind of elements are your favorite? Which ones do you absolutely detest? I love frames – I don’t always use them, but I feel like I need them. I also NEED wordart, since journaling is not my forte, even though… I’m writing an awful lot right now. 😉

How many hours a day to you spend doing the following: Designing layouts, “surfing” Gingerscraps, Facebook? I’m not exaggerating when I say, all day long.

I wish I could keep answering your questions but I’m already late and I can only hold everyone’s attention for so long! 😉 If you (for some awesome reason) want to see ALL the questions and remaining answers, go here). Thank you EVERYONE for submitting your questions, silly and serious. This was so much fun for me!

I’ll leave you with my favorite recent layout I created as a homage to my three year anniversary (celebrated last week).

Template by Jen Yurko, Kit Kathy Winters Designs

Have a happy Saturday!




Please Vote for Team Ginger Scraps!

Our GingerBread Girls are entered into the Battle of the Creative Teams.  We can use all the support we can to win!  You can see their layouts here and you can vote for them here.

Thanks for voting for team GingerScraps!!

Fresh Baked!! 4-7

Hello scrappers 🙂

We have some delicious goodies out today!!

First up from PhotoCowGirl…. a deal you will NOT want to pass up!! Limited Edition Template Bundle

I’m moving (don’t worry- I am not leaving GingerScraps- I am moving into a new house) Im spending the next 2 weeks packing – so to celebrate I have a limited edition template bundle! It’s such an awesome deal – you get 6 template packs for only $6.00, but you have to hurry because it’s only available bundled in this awesome deal for 2 weeks!

Includes template packs: Room to Journal, Down the Line, Like Em Big, Clip It Spring, Messy Text, and Extreme Clusters. (All packs PSD format, except Clip It Spring is png format).
Next we have a beautiful kit by ModernJune – American Honey

American Honey is a really sweet spring kit that has everything for your spring LO’s. Textured papers, vibrant colors, flowers, butterflies, swirls and adorable doodle alphas!
Inculdes: *20papers *57 elements *3 alphas

*additonal folder containing shadowed elements as well!
ModernJune also has some  amazing templates! – All Curled Up Template Pack

4 templates for your PU/CU/S4H and S4Ouse!! only $2.50!

Daybreak Scraps, Misty O’Brien Designs and Teri’s Thing-O-My-Jigs all teamed up and created this striking kit. I love the color combination! This will surly produce some gallery standouts! Elegant Azure

Elegant Azure brings to mind the cool crisp colors of a blue sky mixed with the emerald green waters off some romantic coast. And speaking of romantic, this kit was designed for those special occasions when you get all dressed up and hit the town. As our treat to you, you can pick up the Elegant Azure add-on free with your purchase of the full kit. Elegant Azure was designed by Daybreak Scraps, Misty O’Brien Designs and Teri’s Thing-O-My-Jigs. We hope you dance! There are 25 papers and 47 elements plus a fantastic add-on with purchase.   $5.00




by Lisa
Template from All Curled Up by Modern June
Word art by Feli Designs

And now we have some VERY EXCITING news!!!!

Wyld Web Designs is BACK!!!!!!

This week she has a AWESOME design tool that will help any designer create quality designs with the click of a button! This action will remove any strays or jagged edges without loss of quality of your original product, even after running it several times. This action has been tested in PSE, PS CS2, 3 and 4.

On sale this week only for 25% off! Design Tools Smoothing: Action by Wyld Web Designs


Char -Wyld Web Designs- also has some fun little doodles for you- Doodle-rama: Animal Doodles by Wyld Web Designs

This designer resource contains 7 animal doodles in PNG and PSD format. These doodles are permitted for commercial, personal or scrap-for-hire use and are easily colored and customized to fit your needs. Each doodle is provided in both PNG and layered PSD format.
On sale this week only for 25% off!





A BIG happy birthday to our very own Jen, of Graham Like The Cracker!

And she has a few fun goodies for you – to celebrate her birthday!

I will let Jen tell you all about it……..

“Hello! I have a fantastic new kit out on Saturday that I can’t wait to share with you!

It’s time to add another candle to my birthday cake and you know what that means….a new birthday kit! This kit is extra special because it’s a collaboration with the talented Michelle Batton, who is also celebrated her birthday this month!

This kit is full of bright, retro-mod elements, cute cupcakes and groovy papers – perfect for scrapping your own little cupcake’s party photos. And it also includes a extra-large alpha which would be perfect for making a hybrid party banner!

It includes 16 papers, over 35 elements, and a full alpha!

The kit is $6, but is on sale, 29% off for my birthday the 6th!

Fresh Baked! 2-03-10

Hi Scrappers!!! Wow! what a week we have had over at GingerScraps 🙂 I hope you have stopped by for all the wonderful freebies my new GingerBread Ladies have been sharing this week.

If you have been over at GingerScraps you might have noticed the error problem we were having. I do apologize for that. My IT team is hard at work to make everything run smoothly. I love to hear that there is so much traffic!! But I do know how annoying it is for all of you. And let me assure you, we are hard at work to keep things running smoothly 🙂

We have two wonderful collabs to show you- first the Sweet Celebrations Mega kit-

Sweet Celebration preview

Sweet Celebrations Paper

What’s more fun than celebrating a birthday? How about celebrating with this enormous collab created by the Gingerbread ladies? It’s jam-packed full of bright and cheerful elements that are perfect for scrapping your little ones birthday memories. Sweet Celebrations is created at 300 dpi for professional printing quality.

This kit includes: *5 Alphas! *129 Elements *59 Papers

*Matching Glitter- in photoshop style and png sheets for the non- photoshop user *6 brag book templates in .psd format

*Presents, balloons, streamers, cakes, cupcakes, candles, confetti, party hats, flag banners, flowers and much much more!*

** This kit is yours for FREE with any $10.00 purchase**Or $7.00 to purchase.

I will e-mail you a coupon to get this wonderful kit for free after your purchase is completed. Please allow 24 hours as I have to manually e-mail all coupons 🙂 thanks so much!!


A Gingerbread Ladies Mega Grab Bag! This is our February Mystery Grab Bag Mega! This month’s offering is brought to you by Graham Like the Cracker, Misty O’Brien Designs, Statements by Jodi, Teri’s Thing-O-My-Jigs, Mandy Made, Simply Shan Marie Designs, Daybreaks Scraps, HarmonyStar, GeekChic Scraps, and PhotoCowGirl.

“What’s in the kit?” you might be wondering. Well that is part of the fun. You can see a little sneak peek in the preview, what’s inside this huge collab…..

Your heart will sing when you see what the Gingerbread Ladies have cooked up this month… with 43 papers and 60 elements, Alphas, Styles, Glitter…… and more …….. this kit will keep you scrapping layouts you love.

For a short time only you can get this kit at an unbelievable price of only $4.00!! OR even more amazing….. you can get it for only $1.00 with any purchase over $4.00.

After your purchase is complete I will e-mail you a coupon to get this mega kit for only $1.00! Please allow 24 hours as I have to manually e-mail all coupons 🙂 thanks so much!!

grab bag preview


Next from Dawn of DayBreak Scraps- It sure is a cutie!!! A Denim Cutie-

Denim Cutie Preview


This adorable kit contains twelve 12×12 papers created at 300dpi.

A lowercase denim alpha.

And a wonderful assortment of 30 embellishments including:

*2 cute little dolls *4 wordart tags *2 frames *1 purse *2 ricracs *2 journal mats *2 glitter smears *2 denim pockets *3 flowers *1 leaf *2 ribbons *1 snap *1 stitching *1 plastic swirly *1 worn tag *1 heart *1 doodle border *1 paper-pieced mat

Here are a few cute LO’s






Misty O’ Brien has a SWEET deal for you this week….. You will not want to miss this!!!

MOB add

MOB- V-Preview

Pick up this sweet little love mini and scrap all the Valentines in your life. This kit includes 9 papers and 21 elements:

*1 acrylic circle frame  *1 epoxy heart  *1 arrow *1 vellum arrow button  *1 arrow with scattered hearts  *1 faux shadowed foliage  *1 foil diamond strip  *1 glittered layered circle button  *1 glitter swirl  *1 felt leaf  *1 embroidered “Love” button  *1 love notes journaling tag  *1 word art  *1 paper clip  *1 layered paper heart  *2 ribbons  *1 rub on flower frame  *1 stamp frame  *1 steel multi frame

There’s also a coordinating glitter set available






If you missed this yesterday…. you will want to get this amazing HUGE kit! So cute .. form one of the new GingerBread Ladies- MandyMade- We Like To Play

MM- we like to play_preview

MM- we like to play_preview

MM- we like to play_preview

MM- we like to play_previewMM- we like to play_preview

MM- we like to play_previewMM- we like to play_preview

This is a super fun kit just waiting for all those sports/Wii photos I know you have! This is a huge kit that will allow for a variety of different LO’s and come with many extras! I made the bingo cards and my Party flyer using this kit… so it can be used for a variety of LO’s!

*6 Glitter styles + sheets *9 plastic styles *3 shadow styles (just a bonus) *29 papers *47 ellies *3 upper/lower paper alphas *4 upper/number button alphas

Here are a few LO’s

We Like To Play LO

We Like To Play LO

We Like To Play LO


Another one of the new GingerBread Ladies- GeekChicScraps – has the fun and funky kit to last you all year long… A Geek For Every Season!-


A Geek for Every Season

This fun and whimsical 365 kit is perfect for documenting life’s little everyday moments.

Includes: *12 Hand Doodled Month Frames *7 Hand Doodled Day Frames *5 Year Flair pieces (2009-2013) *1 Word Art  *1 Flower *1 Sparkle Leaf *1 Ribbon with doodled pattern *1 piece of RicRac *3 Wire heart dangles *1 heart button


A CU Friendly set of solid Acrylics to match A Geek for Every Season.
In .asl format, tested in Photoshop CS2 and up, as well as Photoshop Elements.

My Terms-
Credit not required but appreciated. Cannot be used to make other CU items. Cannot be resold or distributed


And The wonderful Teri of Teri’s Thing Oh-My-Jigs is just Giddy this week! 🙂 Giddy in love……


This is the first in the “Giddy” series I am doing with each kit mixing and matching for each season or theme. Hope you will be Giddy too!

Giddy (in love) is a fun filled kit that was created to make you smile. From the bright cheery colors to the whimsical papers and elements, complete with the days of the week, each month and date markers for all your Project 365/52 digi-scrappers! This kit has it all. Perfect for Valentines Day or any day of the week! The first in a year long “Giddy” series of kits that will all mix and match, so start your collection now! Create, Inspire and Share!

Includes: *16 papers *40 elements *365/52 Months *365/52 Days  *365/52 Dates *1 complete alpha *Uppercase *Lowercase *Numbers *Symbols

Here is a darling layout by my CT Heather


And one by March_76


And one for all you gals who may or may not have time to start from scratch on your layout! This one is a real Kick!


Looking for that perfect combination of Shabby Chic with a touch of the Wild West? But you don’t have time to create your own layouts? Buckaroo Blues QP Album will fill those boots perfectly! Buckaroo Blues QP Album is kickin’ it! So watch’ca waiting for? Go on and git’er done! Buckaroo Blues QP Album includes 12 qp’s rearin’ to get scrapped! Create, Inspire and Share!



And last but definitely not least.. Jodi of Statements By Jodi- has this super cute GingerBread House kit! mmmm so yummy!!! 🙂


This Gingerbread kit was made for “The Real Gingerbread House – Wives” challenge.

This kit includes: *8 Papers  *49 Elements  *and A Full Alpha

*A blank gingerbread house and gingerbread man for you to decorate yourself

along with *28 elements to decorate them with.

Enjoy decorating your own gingerbread house and gingerbread man/woman


Happy Scrapping!