Behind the Scrapbook

I had to share this wonderful LO by Scrappy Cocoa… If you haven’t heard we have a new Gingerbread baby in the house!

Steph and Tim had a baby girl last week and named her Delilah Jae!! What a cutie! Here’s a LO Steph did of the big day! I love the title… this was her first peek at her new baby girl… the picture says it all!!

Congrats Ulrich family!!

It’s August my favorite month of the year and my busiest!! I’m trying to get through my summer bucket list and not having much success as I keep adding activities to it! This may have to be a summer/fall bucket list! It’s a hard list to get through when my main funsticker (a person who sticks to your fun) is on vacation. My Julie has been in Haida Gwaii for the past week with my ma and I’ve been missing her so…. here she right after catching her first fish EVER!!! Thank goodness she can keep in touch texting photos. I hate to miss any of her firsts!

Have you seen the Telus commercial with the house hippos?? I have always said if there was such a thing as a house hippo I’d have one for sure!! So what does hubby bring home for me….

What a sweet heart…. I (heart) him!

We’ve also had quite a bit of this….

Does Mother Nature not know it’s no longer spring!! I love the rain but I can’t keep up with my yard:( So I should go I have grass to mow, dirt to dig and trees to plant… none of this is on my summer bucket list…. I’m just thinking of it as staying active… every little step is a calorie burned and a job well done:)

Have a great day



  1. I love your post Mandy! Those House Hippos are so cute. And congrats to the Ulrich family on the arrival of your sweet baby girl! 🙂

  2. Cute post! 🙂 Congrats to the Ulrich family on their newest addition!!!