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Kit Spotlight- School Is Cool!

Well it’s about that time! Time to start the designer spotlight back up! ScrappyCocoa here, and I have really been missing out on some great Gingerscraps products! Well, I did have a baby- one month ago- so I have been busy, but I am ready to get back in the action! One thing I love about this time time of year is the back to school frenzy. I’m not in school, nor do I have school age children, but when I was a school girl I LOVED back to school season. The new supplies, new teachers, seeing friends again and best of all the new clothes! Kathy Winters Designs has this adorable school kit to scrap all those Back To School memories. Here is a look at the adorable papers in this kit -16 of them!

I like to ask the designers a few questions about the kit. Here is what Kathy had to say-

1) The School Is Cool kit came from a request from a fellow scrapper. She’s a teacher and she was looking for a kit to use with some school photos and class projects with the kids.

2) When I sit down to design a kit, I already have a color palette chosen and a general idea of what I want to include to match the theme of the kit. I generally make my papers first because they take the least amount of time. I then move on to the elements because I sometimes struggle with what I want to include and I don’t like to use the same kinds of elements over and over again. I try to keep each kit looking fresh.

3) My scrap zone always includes a little Smooth Jazz on my MP3 player and a Yorkie and Doxie sitting under my desk. I work until they can’t stand it anymore and then I take a break, clear my head, and take them outside for a little play time. Sometimes, it’s just what I need to inspire me to spend a few more hours at the computer.

Here is the kit entirely- Isn’t it fabulous? I love the owl, chalk board, school bus, and word tickets. This kit is adorable!

Here is some great inspiration I found at the GS Gallery- {images are linked for credits}

Aren’t those great? Now, I couldn’t leave you without a little something, something could I? I made adorable little back to school boxes for my nieces and filled them with candy. I promise they were way cute… unfortunately my husband gave the boxes away before I had the chance to take pictures! Sad! We are in the middle of moving, else I’d print another one! Too bad the printer is boxed away! ANYWAY~ I made a little hybrid printable for ya’ll! Hope you enjoy and make sure you check out this kit in the GS Shoppe!

Get your School is Cool box HERE

Please note that the outline is on a separate layer and there just for reference of where to fold! Then you tuck the top flaps around each other in a counter-clockwise direction. Tie a ribbon and viola! Cute little box!

Challenge Spotlight – Your Favorite!

Good day to you all. I got to work at our fair this morning so I’m rather late getting around to this, but here I am! Nothing can keep me away! Lets find out who won last weeks challenge spotlight. *drum roll* and the lucky number is 3! That’s ktkadoo with her Family ’01 LO! Yay! You win my Mommy/Daddy overlays.

Now for the Challenge Spotlight. . . well, see I have a bit of a problem, tomorrow is the end of the month! New challenges will be up this week but not yet SO instead of ME spotlighting a challenge, I want YOU to! If you leave a comment with your favorite challenge and why, I’ll give you 5 bonus brownie points in Sept. cookie jar! In case you’re not sure what I mean I’ll give you an example:
Currently my favorite challenge is the paper to digi Scraplift challenge. This is my current fave because I am having inspiration issues but these great  paper layouts are great for giving me layout ideas!

Now what’s your favorite Gingerscrap Challenge?