P52: Using Evernote

First off, I apologize for the long period of time between blog posts. I’m honestly so behind and it’s not even funny. Things have gotten so hectic around here, courtesy of just life, 😆 I’m sure everyone knows what I’m talking about.

Since I am so behind (I just finished Week 08, so I have 8 weeks worth of layouts to make up! To do that, I’m using Evernote!

That’s the screenshot of my desktop with the app. I just love it! I can create a whole page dedicated to just each week’s highlights. So much fun!

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Pinspiration | The Movies


Happy Scrappy Saturday everyone!! Do you ever need a bit of inspiration to get those creative scrappy juices flowing? Let me tell you, I sure do! A lot of the times looking around the gallery helps. So does Pinterest. I was looking for a bit of inspiration and searched for “scrapbooking ideas“.

Scrolling down I found this really cool traditional layout with movie ticket stubs! How cool is that? I got to thinking how that could be taken and turned into a digital scrapbooking layout. Here is the pin that got those ideas flowing.

original source


I looked around a bit more and found some more ticket stub layouts:

original source


original source 


original source


original source


How would you turn these into digital layouts? Easy! You can get everything you need to scrap any of these examples. Digital pockets, digital washi, or even go hybrid! Scrap everything you need and leave a place for an tangible pocket. Stick it in your layout book and add the ticket stubs. You can also scan those ticket stubs in and use them digitally. You know, cameras are so good now days that you can just snap a photo of the ticket stub if you do not have access to a scanner. Here are some products I found around the store to get those movie and ticket stub layouts going.
Magical Hollywood by Magical Scraps Galore!


Movie Night by Wimpychompers


Let’s Get Reel by Blue Heart Scraps


Now Showing by LuvEwe Designs


Plastic Pockets by Magical Scraps Galore!

His and Hers Frames by Kathryn Estry


Those are just a few of the items to get those layouts started. You can also scrap by the theme of the movie! Don’t forget concert tickets either. I cannot wait to scrap my movie tickets. I am going to save them up this summer and scrap the movies of our 2015 summer.

We would love to see your movie and ticket stub layouts! Make sure to load them up to the GingerScrap’s gallery and then come back here and link us up!


Fresh Baked: April 10, 2015

April is here. That means changes in the weather from one extreme to the other. Rain in one area. Snow in another. Basically, Mother Nature is saying stay home, cuddle up inside, and scrapbook. The designers are here to help you with that! They have released some wonderful kits this week, as well as some gorgeous templates! You’ll find something, for sure, that you just can’t do without!

Before I show you the goodies, I have to share some layouts using our new Buffet and this month’s Monthly Mix is called “Dream Big

Created by CindyB. I love the angle of the picture, and the use of the mask on it!

Created by Colleen. I love how PERFECTLY the kit matches the pictures. Also, I love that she scraps older pictures!

Created by MamaCake. I love the layers and the cluster work is just wonderful!

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Fresh Baked: April 03, 2015

April is here. Beautiful spring time. Or Fall, if you happen to be from the other hemisphere. The designers are all getting ready for the beautiful weather and colors that are going to popping up!

Before I show you the goodies, I have to share some layouts using our new Buffet and this month’s Monthly Mix is called “Dream Big

Created by scrapjrlgcp. I love the wood pattern paper and the splattered ink/paint. Draws the attention right to the beautiful clusters.

Created by dodgeladee. I love the pictures. Looks like they’re having so much fun!

Created by meagan43. I love the blend!

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Fresh Baked: April 01, 2015

This is not a joke. I promise. This is not a joke. This is truly a newsletter full of wonderful goodies!

It is the First of the month, and that means the revel of our new Buffet!! Don’t forget the new Buffet items will all be 50% off (from the 1-5th of the month)!

The designers all had their own take on what the colors and theme said to them! I love the variety!

The designers knocked it out of the park. The designs are just amazing and so well done!

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Fresh Baked: March 20, 2015

This week, the designers are all about new starts. New starts for the month, new starts for the family, all of that good stuff! They’re gearing up, I think, for an amazing April, which starts so super soon! But don’t worry, they’re not forgetting the rest of March! Make sure you check out what they’ve got for you this week!

Before I show off the new creations, here are some wonderful layouts using our new Buffet and this month’s Monthly Mix is called “The Beauty of Spring”!

Created by MarcelaRelvas. I love the cluster work!

Created by msbrad. I love the framing of the picture meshed with a blending.

Created by meagan43. As a lover of Thin Mints and cupcakes, I’m seriously going to have to try this.

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Creative Style | Pocket Scrapbooking



Hello scrappers! Are you having a good weekend? It is super busy over at my house. No time for scrapping for me. Sigh. That isn’t what we are here to talk about though. I am here to talk about scrapbooking styles. You know: fantasy, pocket, traditional, and everything in between. Some people scrap only one style. Some people (like myself) can scrap one style one day and another a next. I like to mix things up.

One thing I’ve really not scrapped is those great pocket pages. I love to cluster a bit too much. Those pages are lovely though! So neat, clean, and brought together. The perfect touch of ellies and patterned paper. Some of these layouts have photos and such tucked in actual pockets. Those are great! Others are just wonderfully blocked layouts. These layouts jump out of the galleries! So, that is what I did. I stalked the gallery and am here to show of some of those great pocket scrapbook pages that are filling the GingerScraps gallery.


03_17_14-Green by FarrahJobling might not be what you think of when you think, “pocket scrapbooking”. Except….she has that ADORABLE photo and journal card tucked in actual little pockets. Like I mentioned earlier. The use of patterned paper and that little hat element really grabbed my attention. Perfect kit and photo match!

Every Morning by Mandy King

Mojo by hclappy is what I think of when I think pocket scrapbooking. Those different size blocks but all put together beautifully. Great journaling blocks and just the touch of right elements. Of course…DONUTS! How can that not grab your attention?! Yum!


sisters by weaselwatchr is a magnificent example of use of paper. Some people shy away from patterned paper. There is not one solid paper on here! It is done so beautifully.


Rainy Day by MommyScrapper proves that those pocket layouts don’t have to be straight lines! I LOVE the angle of this layout. Takes the everyday pocket layout and tilts it just a bit.


There you go. Just a little peek at some of the pocket pages that are filling up GingerScraps layout. They are super popular right now. Take a look around the galleries, grab some inspiration, and get to scrapping!


Fresh Baked: March 13, 2015

Good morning! The designers seem to be bitten by the Spring Bug because they have so many new designs that are just so bright and colorful! So many amazing designs this week, for sure!

Before I show off the new creations, here are some wonderful layouts using our new Buffet and this month’s Monthly Mix is called “The Beauty of Spring”!

Created by msbrad. I love the picture and the perfect placement of the compass.

Created by Tinci. Beautiful layers and clusters!

Created by meagan43. I love the photo strips! And the pictures are beautiful!

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P52: Building Your Stash: St. Patrick’s Day

With certain holidays, you need a good assortment of things! You never know what’s going to happen, or how it can play into your day.

For my family, St. Patrick’s Day is a big one. My son’s birthday is on that day, so we always buy him a new shirt for it, and a lot of the decorations and themes involve it. It’s our little tradition, and thus far, he loves it! He gets so excited to see how we’ll incorporate it each year.

Here are just a few wonderful St. Patrick’s Day kits picked from the GS store:


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GingerBread Girls Inspiration


Good Monday morning scrappers!! Let us not dwell on the fact that it is Moday….sigh. Let us get scrap happy!! This Monday morning we are going to highlight a GingerBread girl. For those who are not familiar with the titles around GingerScraps, a GingerBread Girl is a creative team member. Those ladies who work hard to bring all those kits you love to action. Today, we are going to pull a bit of inspiration from


Check out her full gallery HERE.

I was stalking the galleries and Jennifer’s jumped out to me. Such great use of patterned papers, banners, and lovely photos. Don’t take my word for it though.

Tubing2012 BoysCaution LetItGoWeb LoveYouWeb MomentIntheCornWeb


I told you that her gallery has some amazing inspiration! These are just a drop in the water. Go check out her GALLERY and look around. If you find yourself scraplifting and finding something that speaks to you in inspiration, let us know! Come back and link up your layout. We would love to see it. Happy Scrapping!