Sneak Peeks December 22, 2016

Happy Holidays! I can’t believe its going to be Christmas in a few short days! Does Santa know all the Digi Scrap kits you want? Did you make your list? Maybe you should wait until tomorrow to give it to him! There’s some fantastic kits coming out tomorrow to celebrate the season as well as the end of the year!

From Mags Graphics

From Laurie’s Scraps


From JoCee Designs

From Miss Fish Templates

From Neia Scraps

From Tinci Designs

From Amy Stoffel


From Ponytails

From Keley Designs

Have a wonderful weekend, Happy Hanukah, Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

GingerBread Ladies Sneak Peeks – 12/23/16

Merry Christmas week. Have you got your shopping done? I don’t. No matter how well I plan, it seems I’m perpetually out shopping  a few days before Christmas to finish everything. At least this year I have part of it done.

Enjoy the peeks that our lovely designers are sharing this week.

From all of us here at GingerScraps – Merry Christmas!!


Tutorial Tuesday (Photoshop Elements)

Season’s greetings all you GingerScrappers! The countdown is on… This year Hanukkah and Christmas collide, making this week probably the busiest of the year for so many of us as we prepare for the celebration of miracles and love. So I’m bringing you another quick and easy technique for jazzing up your layouts, one that won’t take more than a few minutes to try. Let’s get going.

This technique is another digital version of a paper-scrapping and crafting one similar to the inked edges technique I showed you a couple of Tuesdays ago… without the mess. Reverse stenciling is super-simple digitally – the hard part is choosing your tools! For this tutorial I’ve used a gorgeous bundle called In the Frosty Air from the brilliant Katie of Ooh La La Scraps. I’m also using a fabulous template in the Christmas Steps 1 collection from the lovely Krisztina, aka Tinci Designs. The layout is for the Scraplift Challenge, hosted this month by Ginger of Dandelion Dust Designs.

You might notice that I’ve flipped the template horizontally, because that worked better for my photo. We’re going to be working on the background layer, so I’ve turned off the visibility for all the layers BUT the background. That way I can see exactly what I’m doing. If you’re a faithful reader, you’ll remember how to do this quickly, but to review… Roll your cursor over the little eyeball icons while holding down the Left Click button and all the eyes will close.

My background paper is a very neutral grungy gray and I’m using acrylic snowflakes from In the Frost Air, which means they’re VERY hard to see in this step. So I’ve circled them for you below. Squint really hard… there they are! As you might also notice, I have all the snowflake layers selected in the Layers panel. That’s because I’m going to merge the snowflakes into a single layer.

I wanted the paint layer to be this beautiful, cool minty green, so I used the Color Picker to select a spot from the chevron paper.

The next step is to create an NEW layer just above the snowflake layer. DON’T FORGET this step!

I selected a dirty spray paint brush from my collection of free brushes. (Don’t have a spray paint brush? I got mine from Brusheezy.) If you look closely, you’ll see that pretty mint green color I selected in the Foreground Color box, that I have the brush at its maximum Size of 2500 pixels and the Opacity is 100%. By doing this part of the technique on its own layer, I can later adjust both the size of the brush and the opacity later. I can also move it around!

To keep the patches of spray paint from all looking exactly alike, I used the Brush Settings menu to change the angle of the brush. It’s also possible to adjust the roundness of the brush in this menu, but I kept it round.

Once I’d applied some paint over top of each of my 6 snowflakes, I needed to Select the snowflake shapes ON the paint layer. To do that, I made sure the paint layer was the active one in the Layers panel, then I clicked on the snowflake layer thumbnail.

That gave me those delightful little marching ants, as shown in the screenshot below.

The final step to get that amazing reverse stencil look is to delete the areas inside the marching-ant boundaries. CTRL/CMD>X and it’s done. When I played with this using a more solid snowflake png, the difference was much more obvious, but I really liked the way this looked so I kept going. That’s the whole technique, in just a few easy steps.

Now, if you have a few more minutes, I want to give you some tips on making sure the effect is as close to perfect as you can make it. I turned the visibility of my template layers back on so I could see where the spray paint actually goes – where it will be in the finished layout. It wasn’t quite where I wanted it to be – behind the cluster – so I moved the whole layer down a bit using the Move tool.

That created a little problem. Because my sprays went over the edge of the background paper at the top, I now had a pretty sharp line where the paint stopped. And that defeated the purpose! So I used the same spray brush at a much smaller size, and the Eraser tool to soften that edge.

Then I went ahead and finished my layout. You can see the subtle stenciled snowflakes quite easily now, and if you look really closely at the gallery image I’ve linked, you might be able to see that I’ve also used every one of those acrylic snowflakes again in their unaltered form.

Some of you might remember that I told you I always save a PSD form of my layouts until I’m SURE I’m not going to change anything. Look at the screenshot below and you’ll see why! I substituted a piece of ric rac for two paper strips. But in my excitement at how awesome I thought my layout was, I forgot to delete one of the dark brown paper place markers. You can see it, about halfway down on the left side. I didn’t notice it, or the fact that I’d forgotten to shadow the ric rac layers, until I’d posted to the Gallery, the Challenge thread, my Cookie Jar and to the GS Facebook page. Urk!! All was not lost… I fixed it and edited my posts so everyone would think I’m perfect. 😀

I hope you liked this lesson; I’ll be looking for your reverse stencil layouts in the gallery. One more tutorial before the year ends. What shall it be??

Merry Christmas, חג חנוכה שמח (Chag urim sameach), Happy Kwanzaa, Meán Geimhridh Sona Duit… Happiest Holidays!

Let’s Celebrate – Christmas!

CHRISTMAS!! It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year!! For those of us who celebrate, we are in the full swing of the holiday! Is your tree up? Are your stocking hung with care? How about that shopping? Is it done; and what about…scrapping those memories?!  For me…yes, yes, done, and working on it. 🙂 I am also stopping by to absolutely overwhelm your senses with all things Christmas and digital scrapbooking. By the time I am done, you will either not want to see anything Christmas related; or be ready to scrap-scrap-scrap!

Since this will be a image heavy post, I am going to make the chatter short and sweet. All images are linked; and don’t forget we have a section just for Christmas in the store. You know…in case one of these 100 (joking) I am about to show you doesn’t strike your fancy.






















Whew. That isn’t even a quarter of the wonderful Christmas goodies in the store. Just some of the most resent. If what I showed you is not what you are looking for, make sure to check out the store. Merry Christmas everyone!

Fresh Baked: December 16, 2016

The Christmas Carols are playing, and children are getting antsy for a visit from that dude all decked in red and white. It’s almost that time, but that doesn’t mean that you don’t still have time to shop and make some beautiful layouts as a gift! The designers have some amazing kits available, and don’t forget about the bake sale!

Remember when you spend $10 in the store, you get a great new collab!


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Hello my friends! It’s December Bake Sale time. The Bake Sale runs from the 15th-20th of each month. You will get a full kit for only $1.00. It’s a perfect time to grab a kit or template set to add to your collection.

Happy shopping and scrapping!!

GingerBread Ladies Sneak Peeks 12/16/16

Wow… Christmas is almost here. How in the heck did that happen? And the end of the year is right after that. Who is ready for 2017? Let’s see what our designers have coming out this week.

Have a great rest of the week!!

Tutorial Tuesday (Photoshop Elements)

Getting More Mileage from Your Templates… Easily!

I know this is a ridiculously hectic time of year for everybody. And I also know that in a few short weeks all of us will have a plethora of new photos to scrap. So this quick little tut will show you how to make a template do double duty. Templates already help to streamline the process, and any time they can be modified to accomplish more than one purpose, it’s a bonus.

I had some very sweet photos of my daughter and youngest grandson that I was dying to make into a 2-page spread for the December Buffet challenge; I wanted the layouts to look similar but not identical, and I didn’t have a lot of time. So I found a template that would work really nicely for my photos in the lovely A Year in Review – December set from Krizstina of Tinci Designs, shown below. I’d already decided that Winter Whimsies from the amazing Katie   Just So Scrappy – would be perfect with my photos.

I knew I wanted to have the backgrounds identical to each other, in terms of papers used. So I turned off all the layers but the main paper blocks. A quick way to do that is to run your cursor over the eyeballs and up the column in the Layers panel while holding down the left mouse button. That’ll turn off every layer you run the mouse over.

If you look where the arrows are pointing you can see the eyeballs have been closed. I clipped my papers to each of the template’s main paper layers and this is what it looked like. Kinda blah, I know, but it gets better!

I’ve mentioned before that the symbols used by designers of templates aren’t RULES. They’re suggestions. You can substitute any manner of things for the flowers (for example), you can move them around if you find they’re covering up your photos in the wrong places, you can duplicate them or delete them and play with the any way you want. In a lesson down the road I’ll show you how to combine two templates into one smashingly unique layout. But back to the lesson at hand. I’ve turned on all the layers that were invisible before. This is an important step, because I want to know where all the place holders are later, when I use the copy of this layout I’m going to make in a second.

I took the steps shown below (oh, you know that’s a lie, I used keyboard shortcuts), and I saved the PSD file with the papers added in. I renamed the file so it wouldn’t overwrite the original template. I might want to use it again some day. For those of you dying to learn keyboard shortcuts, they’re actually right there in plain sight. CTRL/CMD>Shift>S is the quick way of getting to the Save As menu.

I’m going to share a little workflow tip with you now. I always make a folder for each of my layouts. Then I COPY the items I want to use into the folder so they’re all together and I can see how they’re going to look. When I’m ready to work on the layout, I open the folder and select all the items in it into PSE. Then when I’m all finished, I save the final layout in that folder both as a PSD file and a JPEG. When I’m positive I won’t need to make any changes (spelling, layers I forgot to shadow, weird little not-quite-right things I notice when I post to the gallery, you know what I mean) I can delete the rest of the things in the folder (BECAUSE THEY’RE COPIES) to save memory. That’s what I’ve shown you below.

In this step, I selected the folder I was saving to (1.) then renamed the file so I’d know which one was which (2.) and made sure it was still in PSD format so it could be changed later (3.)

Here’s my first finished layout. (The gray border is the background of my workspace in PSE, not part of the layout.)

After I saved that layout as I explained above – with the layout name instead of the working file name! – I opened up the working template again. As I said, I wanted it to match the first one, but look different. I followed the steps shown below to flip the whole template horizontally so the paper strips would line up perfectly.

Then I went ahead and moved some things around a bit, eliminated one of the photos, used a tag instead of another of the photos, enlarged the one that was left, changed some of the elements I used and ended up with this!

Here are the two layouts side-by-side, just the way they’ll be in Aaron’s birthday album of his first year in pictures.

There you go… short, sweet and to the point. Have a great week… I’ll be thinking up something new to share with you next week.

Focus On : Masks

Welcome to December! Of course it has been December for nearly two weeks. I missed last week’s blog post; and was unable to say welcome. 🙂 We are going to stray away from all things December today. No holiday talk! Today we are going to focus on one aspect of digital scrapbooking. More like focus on one of the great items you can use to scrap your digital scrapbooking pages.

Today we are going to Focus On….Masks. While looking around the gallery, I find that not many people use them. When they are used though, they really make a layout pop! So, what are masks?

In hands-on artistic works, a mask is a protective shield that keeps an area from being affected by an appplied medium.

For digital creations, that “shield” can end up being the very shape to which a medium is applied. What’s more that medium can be your photo. – via


I am no good at tutorials. That is why you always find me bring you great creative ideas and motivation. You should check out our Tutorial Tuesday posts for great how-to’s!….not written by me. lol. There are some great tuts in there on how to “clip”; which is what you do when using a mask.

Today though, we are going to take a look at what the store has to offer on masks! I love shopping. I even love digital window shopping. 🙂 I get to have the fun of looking around the store and bringing you some great GingerScraps digital scrapbooking supplies. Here are a few of those (all images linked to the store).










Fresh Baked: December 09, 2016

Good morning Gingerscrappers! We’re getting closer and closer to the holidays everyone is excited for! Trees are going up. The streets are lit up at night with multi-colored lights. We’re seeing white stuff fall from the sky! It’s time to bundle up, grab a nice cup of hot chocolate, and scrap our little hearts out!

Remember when you spend $10 in the store, you get a great new collab!


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