Fresh Baked: JUNE 19, 2020

Welcome to another Friday! We’ve had some unseasonably cold and we weather this week, but it should push out for a beautiful weekend.

Have you shopped and gotten this beautiful Free with Purchase yet? Just spend $10 in the store and it’s yours.

Time to see our Fresh Baked goodies!!

Have you grabbed this month’s Monthly Mix? These colors are GORGEOUS!!

Remember, complete any 10 challenges and you get this beautiful kit!


  1. thanks, Jan, I have often wondered how that is done. Now if this quick and dirty scrapper will ever try it, I can’t say.
    I can commiserate on the DMV challenge. I’m hoping my youngest won’t have any trouble renewing his license when he comes home from Colorado in September. For ours, not only do you have to have ridiculous amounts of proof of who you are and where you live, but an on line appointment that is not easy to get.
    good luck w the unpacking process.

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