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Fresh Baked! 3/2

Long time no see!  It’s been what?  A few hours?  Were you excited about all the new stuff that is going on this month?  Don’t forget our $1 bake sale is going on for a few more days…we have some great deals in there!!

Do you remember yesterday when I metioned we have a new contest starting?  Well the contest starts TODAY!  YAY!  Here’s the deal I’m going to post a sneak peek for a brand new kit.  You will need to look at it, and guess who made it.  To make everything fair – no one but the designer and me knows the answer.  No one knows who is participating, or whose week is when (well except for  The designers aren’t allowed to show it to their CT or the store CT.  When I tell you this is fair, it is completely fair (plus no GS staff members are allowed to participate just to keep everything even more fair).

What I’m going to do is post the sneak peek in the forum, on the blog and on facebook.  It will have it’s own thread so if you are reading this on the blog or on facebook, please don’t post here.  Look for the individual posts in the forum, on the blog (leave a comment with your guess), and on facebook.  Next Friday I will announce the kit, the designer and the 3 winners…along with showing you the next sneak peek…so get your guesses in within the week!

What you need to do is go to those places (you can guess once at each place if you want) to tell me who the designer is.  I will be picking 1 winner from each place and they will win that kit for free!!  Sounds like fun right?  We are calling this “Mystery Designer”.  Ready to start?

Leave your guesses in the FORUM, on the BLOG, and on FACEBOOK.  Maybe you will be our winner!!!

Now it’s time to talk about our newest Welcome Wagon kit.  As you know this is a free sample of our designers’ work.  All you have to do is be registered in our forum and you can have them.  This week our new Welcome Wagon kit is made by the one and only Connie Prince.  Exciting huh?  To have a free kit made by THE Connie Prince?  CRAZY but true!  Check out our Welcome Wagon forum to get it!

 Now it’s time to show you our New Releases.  Can I just remind you of our free grab bag you get when you spend $10?  Craft-tastrophic Designs did a great job with it!!

Here are the new releases!!




















There you go my friends!  Have a great week and get those guesses in for our mystery designer!!!

Mystery Designer!! 3/2

Hello and Welcome to our very first Mystery Designer Contest!!!! Starting today I will be showing you a sneak peek of a brand new kit. Your job is to guess which of our designers designed it!!! Take a look at the sneak peek, take a look around the store and see if you can guess whose style it fits with!!

You have until Thursday 3/8 at 12:00 EST to leave a comment with your vote. On Friday 3/9 I will show you the full kit in our newsletter (make sure you are subscribed!!), I will announce who the designer is, and I will announce the winners!! There will be a winner from here on the blog, a winner on Facebook, and a winner in our forum. You can definitely make a guess at each place!! I just ask that you only guess once at each place.  The winner from each place will receive this kit for free next Friday!

Leave a comment on this post as this is the only blog post we will be picking from.

Ready to start! Awesome!

Here is our very first Sneak Peek!!

(Just a hint, the font used here will be used on every mystery designer sneak peek.  All the sneak peeks will look the same so don’t let that distract you.)

****If you are reading this on Facebook please don’t comment here – go to our blog and leave a comment there.  Facebook with have another thread.****

March Daily Download #2

Hope you had a great 1st day of March.  What are your thoughts on this great new kit?  I love it!  It’s so different and I can’t wait to use it in some layouts for my boys!  🙂


Here’s day #2:

**Link is Expired**



Have a fabulous day!!!