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Fresh Baked: November 02, 2012

I have so much to be grateful for right now that I can’t even begin to explain it! So much good stuff is going on. iDSD has officially begun, and the sales are amazing. Today, I get to show you the grab bags the designers have put together for it! We also have a new designer joining our team! Sandy Pie Creations!

Before I do, though, I have to show off a few of the layouts that have been created using the newest buffet, Attitude of Gratitude. It was so hard to limit myself to just three this week! There are so many great ones to choose from!

Created by brenian4ever. I love the use of just two colors. The treatment of the photos makes it even better!

Created by beckyroy. I love the big use of the stamped title. And the adding of the same title in the tab really makes the layout work so beautifully.

Created by beckyroy. I swear, I didn’t know I chose the same person twice. I was only looking at the layouts. I just loved the “Brudder” part. It really made the layout speak to me, in a fashion.

Don’t forget about iDSD!! There’s a LOT going on!

The sale has been extended to the 9th, so that those affected by Sandy are able to get their power back. Our thoughts and prayers are with the NE of the United States at this time, hoping for a fast recovery to a normalcy.

The bake sale is still going on, as well. Oh goodness.

Now I get to share with your our newest designer!!

Hi, my name is Sandy. I grew up an Air Force brat mostly in the midwest, but went to 7 different elementary schools. I married an Air Force guy and a few years ago we finally left military life and beautiful Las Vegas to settle down as close to family as we could get, and ended up in Northern Minnesota, only a 8 hour drive from “home”. When I’m not scrapbooking (!) I am a SAHM to two boys, 13 & 9, and blushing bride to my dear Hubs of 7 years. And a Pinterest and addict. We’re a house full of animal lovers with 3 cats and 1 really large dog, who oddly enough thinks he’s a cat, a 128 pound cat!
I have been scrapbooking for what seems like forever, most collecting memorabilia and paper scrap supplies, but I have paper commitment issues so I didn’t get many pages done. (I have the same problem with fabric and planning the quilts I will “make” with them.) I found digi scrap a few years ago and found I could use the graphics manipulation skills I’d learned working as an engraver in an awards, trophy and framing shop to create fun 3-d projects and cards with digital designs I could reuse again and again. (My favorite part!) After some encouragement from a couple of designers I CT for, I started selling my hybrid designs a few months ago. And now I’m at Ginger Scraps, and in fantastic company.

If you couldn’t tell, she’s a hybrid designer. With Julie on a leave of absence, we’ve been short a hybrid designer! I cannot wait to see what she has in store for us! For now, she has one new item for us to play with.

There’s more to be grateful about! There’s a new FWP grab bag. This month, it was created by Terra, of Sugar Kissed Designs. It’s just beautiful!

Grab Bag (good through November 7):
Pixie Plate 255 & 256:
Pixie Plate 257 & 258:


By the Light of the Moon:
So Cheesy Alpha:
You’ve Been Framed:

Vol. 1:
Vol. 2:

Journal Cards:
Quick Pages:

Grab Bag:
Word Art:
Alpha Add On:
QP Album:
Shimmer Sheets:

Grab Bag:
Word Art:

Vertical Pages:×7-BragBook-Vertical-Pages.html
Horizontal Pages:×7-BragBook-Horizontal-Pages.html
QP Album:

Go forth and play in the forum! There’s something for everyone, and the time is now to have some fun!

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