Challenge Spotlight – Desktop Challenge

Hey howdy hey and happy turkey day! How is it already Thanksgiving? Where did the year go?! The weather is FINALLY cooling off here in Texas and the winter holidays are quickly approaching! As I like to say, it’s the super bowl of crafting and scrapping! :D This week I am spotlighting a challenge with a freebie, the desktop challenge hosted by Ivonne of Craft-tastrophic Designs! I really, really like her template for this month’s desktop challenge!

 Isn’t it just the cutest template?! It’s reminiscent of ornaments and I love the overlapped circles. With a fun freebie template like this, you know the creations are just rolling in! Here a few I like from the forum:

By mamaape

By dodgeladee

By Lisa

Lovely, all of them! I love Suzanne’s patterned wall that reminds me of a chimney, Lisa’s pine needles and I especially love the crafty realism April accomplished with the buttons and ornament stickers. Awesome job, ladies–you rock! :)

Now that you’ve got some inspiration going, it’s your turn to join in the fun! All of our monthly challenges are worth points towards a superfun prize! Check out the rewards system and see what you can win just for playing along! Keep track of what you’ve completed in the November Challenge Points Tracking thread so we can get you a reward once the month is over. As always, any questions about this or any of the other monthly challenges can be sent over to the Cookie Jar. :)

Alright, I’ve got to get back to school work and holiday crafting. And I guess I should do my desktop for next month, as well! ;) Y’all have a great week and a happy Thanksgiving to my US friends! See everyone next week for the last November challenge spotlight! Adios! :)


Challenge Spotlight – Template Challenge #2

To start, I want to take a moment to send well wishes and good thoughts to those being affected and those with family/friends being affected by Hurricane Sandy. To our GS family in the path of the storm, please be safe and keep us updated on your status when you can. We’re thinking of you and we love you!


This is the last week of October–can’t believe it–so we’re down to the wire and this is my last spotlight of the month! This week I am highlighting a challenge with a freebie: the second template challenge hosted by Rebecca of Twin Mom Scraps! Rebecca has come up with such a cute little template for us to work with; check it out!

I love the circular photo spots and the scalloped edge. Awesome; thank you Rebecca! :) I’m looking through the layouts done with this template and there are just so many beautiful ones! Seriously, you gals have outdone yourselves this time–you’re making it hard for me to pick just three to highlight! Lol! To make it a little easier on myself, I picked some spooky-themed layouts since tomorrow is Halloween! Take a look at these for some inspiration with this template:

By zanthia

By sladd79054

By mamaape

By missdamsel

Ok ok, I know I still highlighted more than my usual three, but these were all awesome layouts, I couldn’t help myself! You all did amazing things with this template, this entire post could just be cool layouts I love! Great LOs, ladies! :)

So TOMORROW IS THE LAST DAY to get your challenges completed and tallied up! You must have all your completed challenges tracked in the October Challenge Points Tracking thread! (Yes, I even made that bold for you so you don’t forget to click through and get you points tallied up.)  The challenge rules and rewards are also posted in the points tracking thread, (yep, bold again!) so read up and get your count in for a fabulous reward! If you have any questions about the challenges, leave them in the Cookie Jar and we’ll get it answered just as soon as possible! :)

Alright, that’s it for this week…and this month! I can’t believe it’s about to be November. I guess time flies when life is good! :) Y’all be safe out there, have a great rest of your week, a spooky fun Halloween (can’t wait to see new Halloween layouts in the gallery!), a restful but candy-fueled weekend and I’ll see everyone back here next month! ;)

Challenge Spotlight – Word Art Challenge

Good morning, y’all! How’s your week starting off? Mine is SO BUSY. I’ve got a whole mess of school stuff due this week–it’s scarier than Halloween! I may be busy, but I’m never too busy to blog about our fabulous monthly challenges here at GingerScraps! :) This week I am spotlighting another challenge with a freebie: the word art challenge hosted by Laetitia of Kawouette Designs! Let’s take a look at the wonderful WA she’s got for us this month…

LOVE. IT. What else can I say? I adore fonts, especially handwritten ones, and this WA pack is just loaded with pretty ones! I like the faded/grungy effects, too. So many word arts, so generous; thank you, Laetitia! :)

Of course, with a WA pack like this, the forum ladies have been churning out some awesome layouts. Here are a few for inspiration!

By Victoria32

By mamaape

By Ricki

If you’ll notice, I cleverly picked picked three layouts with different WA quotes to  show off the range of WAs Laetitia has for us to create with this month. Aren’t I just so smart? ;) You all did excellent jobs of using the word arts; they all add some extra meaning to your already-lovely pages.  :)

So, it’s the middle of the month and if you haven’t started your tally in the October Challenge Points Tracking thread…do it! :)  You’ve got a couple more weeks to get some challenges done, uploaded and tallied so you can snag a fabulous reward! If you have any questions, direct them to the Cookie Jar.

That’s it for me for this week: now back to my regularly schedule papers and quizzes and exams and blah… Have a wonderful week! ;)

Challenge Spotlight – Mini Kit Challenge

Hey, y’all! Hope October is off to a great start for everyone. Let’s jump right into today’s blog! Everyone loves a freebie, right? Well, today I’m spotlighting October’s mini kit challenge hosted by Jennifer of Luv Ewe Designs! This is a FREEBIE challenge, so let all your scrappin’ friends know they can come join us on the challenge fun and snag an awesome mini in the process! The mini Jennifer’s got for us this month is seriously adorable; take a look!

These colors are FABULOUS! The brown, beige and red all go so well together and very fell autumn…y. (Hehe.) I’ve simply got to scrap a cute picture of my niece with this mini! Here’s some inspiration for the forum:

By sladd79054

By hivart

By brenian4ever

Really beautiful pages, ladies. You all showed off the fun patterned papers so well! Love the flower clusters on all three layouts, as well. This is simply a wonderful little mini; thank you for your generosity, Jennifer! Remember, if you have any questions on this or any other challenge, you can drop it off at the Cookie Jar and we’ll get back to you. :)

Now, yes the mini is cuteness defined, but that little freebie isn’t all we’ve got for you! If you complete the mini challenge, post your creation (layout, hybrid–whatever you can dream up!) in the gallery and keep track, you can earn a really great reward depending on how many challenges you complete: one buffet item of your choosing, two buffet items of your choosing or the grand prize (cue the drum roll)…a $5 store gift certificate you can spend on any kit you want! PRETTY sweet deal, if you ask me! Just start your tally in the October Challenge Points Tracking thread and at the end of the month, we’ll tally your challenges up and send you a prize: woot! ^_^ If you haven’t joined us for our monthly challenges before…well, there’s no time like the present! :)

That’s it for this week, all. Make sure you’re getting your challenges done and posted in the gallery so we can ooh and ahh and leave your some love! Have a fantastic week; see y’all next Tuesday! :D

Challenge Spotlight – Template Challenge #2

Hey ladies and happy Tuesday! Is everyone having a good week? As we get more into the school year, I am getting
busier and busier! I’ve got so much to do this week for my classes; I sure wish I could take a day off work to
catch up! SO, this will be a short and sweet blog so I can get back to my new best friend: my sociology textbook! (Hehe!)

DON’T FORGET this is the last week to complete your challenges and get your total in to count towards a buffet item or store gift certificate for September! This week I am spotlight the second template challenge hosted by Ryan of Roseytoes Designs and she’s got a cute little template for us to create with:

Thanks for hosting and supplying a great template for us, Ryan! The layouts are pouring in from the forum ladies! Check some out here for some inspiration:

By nikkiecole71

By jbdolfin

By ofpinksandfairytales

Great job, gals, I love what you all did with this template! Everything is so pretty, it was hard to choose just 3 to highlight! :)

As promished, short and sweet! I’ll remind you all again this is *the last week* to get your challenges completed and tallied up in the September Challenge Points Tracking thread.  You’ll want to get as many challenges in as you can to snag some awesome prizes! As usual, any questions about this or any of our other monthly challenges can be directed to the Cookie Jar where some smart cookie will get you an answer asap. :)

That’s it for this blog! Hope everyone has a great rest of your week and end of September. See y’all next month! :)

Challenge Spotlight – Mini Kit Challenge

I can’t believe it’s already September–that is just plain insanity! It was just spring…now it’s fall?! Well, it’s sort of fall. It was over 100 here in Texas yesterday so, let’s call it “fall.” :) I spent the long hot holiday weekend inside gets all kinds of scrapping done! I’m gunning for the big prize at the end of this month and I’m already halfway there! Let’s catch you up to speed with this week’s challenge spotlight; I’m talking about Crystal of Inspired Designs’ mini kit challenge! I just love the colors of this min, rich and pretty for fall and so many ellies, can hardly believe this is a freebie! Enough chattering, let’s take a look at what she’s got for us this month!

Absolutely beautiful, Crystal!  What’s even more beautiful are the amazing layouts the ladies of the forum have already been busy at work creating! Seriously, it’s just the 3rd of September and these are already flooding in! I guess everyone’s excited about working with such a cute kit. :) Let’s peek at their pages for some inspiration!

By mamaape

By chigirl

By poki04

Amazing work, as usual! Do I ever expect anything less from all the talent we’ve got pouring out at GingerScraps? Of course not! ;) I adore April’s journaling and title work, Judy’s use of “patterned white space,” and Poki’s ribbon-y paper strips! All fabulous, gals, I love them!

Now it’s your turn to join in on the fun! The mini kit challenge runs from now until the end of the month, so jump in, grab your freebie mini and scrap us up something pretty to see in the gallery! You’ve got a shot at some awesome prizes–you even get a prize just for doing one challenge! (Just because GingerScraps loves you like that. ;) )All you have to do is post them to the gallery and keep track of your completed challenges in the September Challenge Points Tracking thread.

That’s it for me this week, I’ve got some schoolwork to do (and some regular work, too!) so I’m off! Hope y’all have a wonderful week and get some scrapping in where you can. See everyone next week! :)

Challenge Spotlight – Template Challenge #2

Happy Tuesday! I can’t believe this is the last full week of July–WHAT?! Seriously, the year is already past half over…where does the time go?? Well, I know where all my time goes: SCRAPPING! This week we’re making it even easier for you to scrap as I spotlight a challenge with a FREEBIE: the month’s second Template Challenge hosted by Amy of Unforgettable Moments! I’m a big fan of Amy’s templates, so let’s see what she’s got in store for us!

Cute stuff! I like the layered papers and funky frames on the picture spots. Thanks for the cute template, Amy! This is yours absolutely free just for playing along with us on this challenge! Now, I’m sure you want to see this baby in action, so let’s peek at what the ladies of the forum have cooked up for us so far…

By mamaape

By sladd79054

By MamaCake

This is one awesomely versatile template; all the ladies really made it their own–awesome work, gals! Now let’s see what you’ve got! All you have to do is stop by this challenge thread, pick up the free template, make something amazing with it and post for credit! *NOTE* There is also a little gift you for in addition to the template! See the thread for more info! And as always, if you want to see your layout highlighted here, play along with us! :)

Don’t forget, there is a new rewards system starting this month! You can read about it in the forum before you visit the July Challenge Points Tracking thread  and start your tally of challenges completed! I’ve got mine done for the month, so hop on the good foot and get going! Remember, if you have any questions, you can send them to the Cookie Jar and a lovely GS lady will be sure to help you out!

That’s it for this week; see y’all next week for the LAST spotlight of July! EEP! Have a fabulous week! :D

Challenge Spotlight – Mini Kit Challenge

Good morning, ladies! Hope everyone’s week is off to a fabulous start! I’m already ready for the weekend LOL. Let’s get straight to my challenge spotlight for this week. Today I’m spotlight a FREEBIE challenge…and isn’t free everyone’s favorite price? ;) This week we’re taking a look at the July Mini Kit Challenge hosted by Kathy of Kathy Winters Designs! I just love Kathy’s designs and this cute mini is no exception. Here’s what she’s got for us this month:

Perfect for July! I love the vintage tones here with the cream and muted blue/red. So pretty! I know you’re got some cute Fourth of July pics you’re dying to scrap–why not start with this adorable little kit?  :)  We’ve already got pages of completed layouts and they’re all fabulous, as usual. Here’s some inspiration from the forum!

By jrmminga

By gwtwred

By Neverland Scraps

Such gorgeous works of art! It was superhard picking which LOs to highlight from all the beautiful pages that has been posted so far! Now let’s see some MORE great scraps! Your turn! :)

There’s a NEW rewards system that started this month,  so read up on the fabulous new goodies we’ve got in store for everyone who participates! You’ll need to keep track of your completed LOs for credit in the July Challenge points tracking thread so the mighty powers that be can get you your reward at the end of the month! There’s a multitude of challenges going on right now,  so check them all out  and jump right in! We love new people and joining in on the challenges is a great way to meet new people and pick up some skills from all the talented ladies we’ve got here at GS! :)

If you have any questions about this or any other challenge, direct them to the Cookie Jar;  someone amazing will answer your question with speed and superknowledge.  :)  Hope y’all have a great rest of the week; see everyone back here next week for another challenge spotlight…now get to scrapping!

August Daily Download #3

Hi there!!  Happy Wednesday!

There is some big news coming today in the form of a MEGA-KIT from the GingerScrap Designers.  I hope you’ll check back later today to find out more about it.  :)  You won’t be disappointed!

Not sure how many of you that collect the daily download actually visit the GS forum (hopefully you do) so I wanted to share this:

You can hop on over to this thread and find the links to 2 more freebies that Kathy Winters is offering to coordinate with this month’s yummy daily download. While you are there – leave her some love! :)  And don’t forget that there are more goodies (and a great way to sample our designers works) in the Welcome Wagon for registered members of the forum.

Okay – now here’s the 3rd piece for you:

**Link has Expired**

August Daily Download FreebieRemember to tell your friends about the daily download before this weekend so they can still get in on the whole kit.  Feel free to use one of those share buttons – right below this and next to my name tag.  We love making new friends.  :)

Have a great day!

Fresh Baked, New Guest Designer, Buffet, Bake Sale.. and More!!! 7-1

It is July First, Shannon is still out on vacation, so you get to hear from me (Ginger) again. I love July!! I’m busy getting ready to go over to my sisters house, The annual July 4th celebration is being held on the 2nd this year. Julie always hosts a big party, potluck, BBQ, followed by the Fireworks show down at the lake. A tradition I absolutely LOVE! Here is a photo of my kiddos and I at last years 4th celebration.

Now enough about me… lol…. I have a TON to tell you today! Where should I begin!!? How about let me start by reminding you that TODAY, July 1st, for the next 24 hours you can visit the *Bake Sale* and snag up lots of yummy goodies for only $1.00!

We also have a new Grab Bag! Brought to you this month from Pixels By Jen! This Grab Bag is packed full of goodies!! And your FREE with any purchase over $10.00 during the month of July!

Now while your checking out our GingerBread Ladies Goodness- Go take a look at Pretty In Greens New Look! And- To celebrate her 1 year anniversary she have a 30% off sale for the WHOLE month of July!

And make sure you stop by Pretty in Green’s blog too! She is having a CELEBRATION!


Statements by Jodi and Unforgettable Moments are also having a great sale-

And Colie’s Corner is also having a 30% off sale! Wow, the GingerBread Ladies are hooking you up!

Oh and We have new Welcome Wagon goodies for you! Head over to the GingerScraps forum and enjoy a Welcome Wagon treat from Kathy Winters!

We have a new Buffet for you too!  *Remember for the that for 24 hours you can get all this months Buffet goodies for $1.00 each! This month we have a delicious Fruit Basket! Each designer created Fruit to go in your basket, so head on over and start to fill up your basket!

The GingerScraps Fruit Basket

And take a look at these LO’s – Can I just say… Our GingerBread Girls are sooo amazing!!

Don’t forget that today is also the first day of our July Daily Download! *This month’s daily download has been make by Cari Cruse! As always you can get each daily piece on the right here on the GingerScraps Blog. The link for Day One is right below the sneak peek :)

**Link has Expired**

*Day 1 – Daily Download*

Did you get all the pieces for June’s Daily Download? *Well don’t worry!! *You can get the entire kit now!

Perfect in Every Way

Now I know your all waiting to see who this months Guest GingerBread Lady is for July… and she is AWESOME!!! I’m sooo excited to have her with us for the month… but before I show you who she is, Let me share with you a bit of just as awesome news!!! Kat is STAYING!! Kat’s Creations will now be one of our permanent GingerBread Ladies! woohooo!

Are you ready to see this Fresh Baked Goodies – Hot from the oven and so delicious!







Birthdays are a time for celebration — especially when you are a kid! This kit is perfect for scrapping some birthday pages about your little boy or girl.







Dare Devil by Pretty in Green.
Previously Sold in the July 2011 Grab Bag Free with $10 purchase.

Dare Devil Embossed Papers that coordinate with the kit Dare Devil.


Dare Devil Alphas. A pack of 3 different alphas, sheets and individual pngs included. A-z 0-9 and Punctuations


Dare Devil Template set of 3 templates, PSD and PNG formats.


Dare Devil Word Art paper strips


Dare Devil the Bundle Pack. Templates, Alphas, Embossed papers and the Dare Devil Kit.


Bubbles, Fizz and summertime fun! That is what you get when you purchase SODA POP by LauraMarie Scraps


These super cute shaped Good Old USA Card Templates by, Creations by Julie are so much fun!
The star card unfolds and your sentiment is hiding inside!
The firework card is super fun with your added “Trails”
Just add your digi papers and elements to the layers.
All templates come in PSD and PNG forms.
Step by Step instructions are included.

Not only do they make a fabulous and original card but what a cute invite these would be!


The Antique Copper Alpha will add the perfect touch to your title work. The full alpha (with upper case, lower case, numbers, and some symbols) works great in so many different layout situations. The engraved letters on pieces of round copper will complement and enhance all your unforgettable moments!


Pretty in Green started designing at Ginger Scraps on July 1st 2010. This Mini celebrates her first year in designing and is free for the entire month of July 2011. Design-a-versery Mini Kit with 3 Papers and 8 Elements. Reg. $1.50


You’ve seen pages like this in the galleries with a large photo providing a backdrop for more detailed photos and elements, and now you can make them too. Use The Bigger Picture template pack by Little Green Frog Designs to show off beautiful portraits or scenery photos and use the smaller photo spaces and paper/element layers to accent the large photo. You could even try making the large photo a blend. These will bring out the best in your creativity!

Includes four 12×12 templates in psd,tif and png files all at 300 dpi. Drop shadows are included for the psd and tif files. Unshadowed PNGs are included for each template as well. Now also provided in PAGE file format to work with Creative Memories Storybook Creator Plus software.

* CT friendly ~ you may create creative team layouts using these templates *


Here are the templates you have been waiting for, a set of double pagers with plenty of photos! Perfect for scrapping trips, special occasions and photos that mark the passage of time, these templates make scrapping multi-photo layouts a breeze. These Doubled Over templates by Little Green Frog have background layers that anchor and visually connect both sides of the pages, and then multiple photo and element layers to help you build the perfect two-pager.

Includes two 24×12 templates in psd,tif and png files all at 300 dpi. Drop shadows are included for the psd and tif files. Unshadowed PNGs are included for each template as well. Now also provided in PAGE file format to work with Creative Memories Storybook Creator Plus software.

* CT friendly ~ you may create creative team layouts using these templates *


*New* Psychostash 2! 13 elements, and 1 paper


CU Stock Photos – Forest

All photographed by Psychozoe.. 20 stock photos, including trees, bark, sap, sky, branches, stone, ground, flowers, burned wood, evergreen



One last thing before I introduce you to out Guest…. A new issue of the GingerScraps Street Magazine came out today! It is Wonder as always!! Packed full of eye candy and inspiration.

And now the moment you have all been waiting for…… The GingerScraps Guest Designer for July is…….

Jen Yurko!!!!

Here is a little more about Jen:

I’m a 38yo stay at home mom, married to the most awesome man on the planet ;) We are an army family… DH has been career all the way. Which really doesn’t bother me, having grown up a Navy brat. Between the two of us, we have 7 children… ages 19, 17, 16, 13, 12, 11 & 8… plus a cat and a dog. I’ve been digi-scrapping for about 3 1/2 years now, designing for a little over 2 of those years. I love the creative process and have recently switched gears in my designing to include more doodlage and less purchased CU. There are CU designers out there that are just too good to pass up though ;) Aside from digital scrapbooking & designing, I love making blinkies & banners, I dabble in web design, and I am hooked on Mario games for our Wii. I’ve also gotten myself a Kindle and have been reading a lot lately! I’m so excited to be here at GingerScraps and hope you enjoy my designs as much as I did creating them!

And now here is a taste of the goodies Jen has in store for you this month at GingerScraps-


a sketched & skribbled alpha that includes upper & lower case letters, numbers, & select special characters. for personal use, s4o/s4h friendly


Sketchybet 2

A sketched alpha on notepaper. includes 1 set of letters, numbers 0-9, and select special characters. personal use, s4o/s4h friendly.


Sundae Best

a fun & yummy kit inspired by banana splits & popsicles!


Sundae Best Add On

a fun set of yummy doodles that coordinate with Sundae Best!


Sundae Best Alpha

a fun doodled set of letters, numbers & special characters that coordinate with Sundae Best. includes 1 multi-colored set. for personal use, s4o/s4h friendly


Playground Fun

with fun elements and papers, this is the perfect kit for scrapping any moment on the neighborhood playground :)


Playground Alphas

4 sets of doodly alphas in pink, blue, yellow and green. each alpha set contains 1 set of letters, numbers and select special characters. for personal use, s4o/s4h friendly


The Zoo Bundle

a fabulous bundle of zoo goodness! this bundle includes jungle jane & jungle jim as well as a set of animal prints and a large set of animal doodles…. almost 400MB of fun papers and elements to play with!


Jungle Jane (Again) & Jungle Jim (Again)

this not-so-little ditty includes both Jungle Jane & Jungle Jim together in one fabulous bundle! you get both sets of alphas, papers, and elements in these kits for one low price!


Jungle Jane (Again)

a great kit for scrapping those girlish zoo pages!


Jungle Jim (Again)

a great kit for scrapping those boyish zoo pages!


Zoo Animals

a fabulous set of zoo animals! these hand-drawn cuties are perfect for any kind of zoo page you can imagine from petting zoo to aquatic zoo to good ole fashioned jungle safari zoo!


Zoo Prints

8 animal print papers – includes cheetah, giraffe, tiger, white tiger, panther, leopard and 2 zebras ;)


Summer Sigh Papers

a set of 6 gorgeously brushed & blended papers in soft summer colors. JPG format


Belly Flops & Flip Flops

a cool kit for showing off your pool fun photos


Belly Flops & Flip Flops Alphas

4 doodled alpha sets in pink, green, blue, and yellow. each alpha contains 1 set of letters, numbers and select special characters.


Belly Flops & Flip Flops Papers

a set of 16 patterned papers and 8 solid papers from the Belly Flops & Flip Flops collection.



The Dunklets

6 boys and 6 girls in various pool fun poses & apparel.


you do not have to add it separately if you’re purchasing the kit!


Self Indulgence

a super whimsically doodled collab by me and Girl Boy Girl Designs


Wow! Did you make it all the way to the end!! Now that is a LOT of goodness in one newsletter!

Have fun Shopping! And have a Happy and Safe 4th of July Celebration.