Tutorial Tuesday (Potpourri)

Is Exhaustion a Thing?

Well, last week was a total whirlwind! It still feels a lot like a dream, but we now own a beautiful new house in a surreal setting, even though we’re not moving into it until early May. The trip itself was pretty exhausting, both mentally and physically. Somehow we got to the airport without our son’s photo ID, without which he couldn’t board the plane. (We live 30 miles away, on the other side of a major city…) The airline was amazing and got us on a later flight so I could run home and get it. We ended up getting there 5 hours later than originally planned, but in the end that was fine. All the things that needed to happen to get us into the house happened, and I’m planning and scheming every minute of the day. All of this is leading up to me apologizing for not having a tutorial for you today, but in its place I’m going to give you a sneak peak at some of the photos you’ll see in my layouts in the coming weeks. And then I have a couple of little challenges for y’all.

What do you think??

Okay. Your first challenge is to find one of your layouts where you’ve used something you learned from Tutorial Tuesday and send me a private message (JaninAlberta) with a link to it. Don’t tell me what you did, I’m going to see if I can figure it out! Next week I’ll compile all the layouts I get from you into a blog post and share your successes with everybody else.

Your second challenge is to help me come up with a new user name. When we move, I’ll no longer be Jan in Alberta… I’ll still be Jan, but living in Kelowna, British Columbia. Ginger has told me I can change my user name when the time comes and I’d like it to be a bit more creative! Help?

Have a great week!


  1. JanWithAView JanBC JanAnswers TeacherJan SpaceJan JanSessions

  2. Those are great, Steph!!

  3. A beautiful home, Jan — I love that kitchen!!
    I like Steph’s suggestion of “JanWithAView” — the views out your window are beautiful!!! or something like PSEProfJan — since you are such a great instructor.

  4. sherry pennington says

    Hi Jan,
    Well, it is nice to know a fellow Albertain in the scrapbooking community. I was born and raised there. I also lived in Kelowna for a number of years and then moved to Chilliwack BC and lived there most of my adult life. We no longer live in Beautiful BC but my heart will always reside there. Enjoy 🙂 There are a lot of names you can associate with the area.
    Big White…….is a local ski area.
    Okanogan……Kelowna is in the Okanogan Valley
    Ogopogo……..famus Okanogan lake monster aka Naitaka (Salish) “Spirit of the Lake”
    Orchard City
    4 Seasons Playground
    Having listed all this the only name I could come up with was ” NaitakaJ ”
    I hope this is at least a bit helpful to you.
    Enjoy your new home !!!
    PS: If you are a gardener you are really going to love it there.

  5. The kitchen definitely was a hook! I can’t bring myself to put drapes over the windows because the view is so spectacular – I’m leaning in the JanWithAView direction for sure.

  6. I was kicking Ogopogo around in some sort of combination, especially after I saw an almost-melted snowbank that looked a lot like a sea serpent when we were out for a stroll. Hmm. JaNaitaka?

    There are several orchards on either side of the road on the way to the subdivision so something along that path crossed my mind too.

    I am a gardener but now that I’m almost into the senior set, I think I’m going to confine myself to growing things in pots. BIG pots!

  7. Beautiful new home. Congratulations. That view is amazing!

  8. I’m so excited for you. And for me because I will be in Kelowna this summer and then we can meet in real life!! Summerland isn’t too far from Kelowna and they have a fanastic jammery there – Summerland Sweets. It’s near my favorite winery – Dirty Laundry. Not sure what’s better – their wine or their view of the steam train. Sorry I digress… ,my name suggestion – Jammin’Jan 😉

  9. Yes!! Summerland isn’t far, and they make the saskatoon jam I like. Dirty Laundry is one of my favourites too, but Intrigue in Lake Country is my top fave. Jammin’Jan is going on the short list!!

  10. Thank you, Lisa. I won’ lie… the view did have an influence on our building where we did.

  11. Karen Thompson says

    Wow!!! Congrats!

  12. maybe if you use JanKel as user name? Just so that we still know it’s you, but also as tribute to your new home

  13. Joyce Bednarz says

    Beautiful new home; kitchen is gorgeous! I agree, JanWithAView seems like a good moniker.

  14. Kathy Stern says

    Beautiful home! The view is breathtaking! Congratulations.

  15. I’m leaning toward something Glee calls me… ObiJanKenobi!

  16. I love your last thought – ObiJanKenobi – that is a Hoot!!

  17. sherry pennington says

    OMG !!!!! ” ObiJanKenobi “is perfect 🙂

  18. I know, right?!! She’s been calling me Obiwan for a long time. It fits!

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