Challenge Spotlight – Mini Kit Challenge

It’s time again to put the GS spotlight on one of our Challenges. This week we will be looking at the Mini Kit Challenge. Each month, one of our wonderful designers offers a mini-kit to use. This month Colie of Colie’s Corner has offered this:


Let’s see what our members have come up with this month:

Wow….such gorgeous layouts to choose from.

You still have a few days to get your 10 layouts done and be rewarded with this awesome collaboration:


Let’s Get Crafty!

Wow…Thursday…I’m totally unprepared forLet’s get Crafty today! Even after Steph posted last week! I’m still not prepared. Since I am such a flake 🙂 For this weeks Let’s Get Crafty I am going to just feature a challenge from Gingerscraps! It’s is a crafty challenge though 🙂 The “Candy Wrapper Challenge” is our “Hybrid” challenge! Now that is crafty right! Hybrid crafts are great! Cute name too huh. Shannon came up with that one, she is so clever!

For the month of March the hybrid challenge is so easy! I made it nice and simple so everyone could play along!

So, for march we are actually doing something pretty easy…although, some of you have probably never used your digi scrapping supplies to make “Home Decor” I do it all the time! Hey, these kits are so cute. Why not show them off in your home!
You can get very elaborate with these home decor projects, or they can be as simple as making a “LO” and printing, framing and putting on your wall.
So, let’s start with EASY! Printing, Framing and Hanging on the wall! Any one can do it!
Here is a real simple idea. Take a frame, maybe one that you go buy, or one that is sitting around your house. I have one in my dining room that I put some Valentines day “Digi Artwork” in for the month of Feb. I liked it so much I decided to replace the Artwork monthly for holidays or seasons.
Here is the Feb artwork…

Here it is with the March “Artwork”…

So, your challenge for the month is to get some kind of digi design up in your house somewhere! Anyway you like. you can go the easy way like I did or make something else! Just get some Hybrid juice flowing!

Visit us in the Hybrid Challenge Forum and get your Craft on!

Oh, hey I just thought of something cute to share with you for St. Pattys Day! I guess this post will have a little how I just though of this! Last night my daughter had to make “Something Sweet” and take photos of it for her 12th grade photography class.  With is being St. Patty’s Day she decided to make these…

The ingerdients…Marshmellows, White Choc Chips, yellow Food coloring and Green Sprinkles!

Melt the chocolate chips, add some yellow food coloring, dip the marshmallow in the melted chocolate and sprinkle on the green! Done! Sweet and cute!! Display them in a cute container with some little decorations. (I used my St. Pattys Day Felties.) It looks like a party! 🙂

Wouldn’t your kids love to have this for a special St. Pattys Day treat!

Happy St. Patty’s Day! Here is a pinch from me if your not wearing GREEN!

Challenge Spotlight – New Batch

March is here and I am sooooo ready for spring! My husband even put up our new trampoline that we got for Christmas. And then of course it snowed. *sigh*  Oh well  March comes in like a lion they say. . .

So crinkletoast was our only entry for last weeks super easy challenge. So she is our not so random winner with her My Little Sweetheart LO. Oh so sweet it is too. Beautiful clustering with that fabulous formerly free kit (That’s quality alliteration right there folks. 🙂 ) Here’s what she won, just in case you were wondering. 🙂

Super so onto this weeks Challenge Spotlight! It’s getting close to spring cleaning time! Why not go through some of your old layouts and clean them up too? This month prettyingreen is running the New Batch challenge this is a LO makeover challenge. You know when you first started digital scrapping, you had no ideas how to manipulate those shadows, or that you don’t really need the pictures THAT BIG on a 12×12. Maybe your clustering skills have improved a great deal, or perhaps the kits you have now are just SO much better than when you first started. Whatever the reason, find you an old LO and rework that baby.

Here’s some from prettyingreen:





What an improvement! You can see that she’s gotten better with experience, how about you? Give the March Make Over a try.

Then post the link to your LO in the gallery and post it in a comment here. Next week I’ll randomly select one and that person will win a prize from ME! (Harmonystar).

CT & those who have already done a LO with this kit are elligable. Let me see those comments!

Challenge Spotlight – Siggy Challenge

September is here and so are new challenges! Today I’m spotlighting Joelle’s Siggy Challenge! What’s a siggy you ask? Why it is simply your signature! In forums you have the option of having your signature show at the bottom of every post you do, so why not use it as a personal expression? And now there’s even a challenge to motivaste you to! Here’s some examples from the siggy challenge”

These are great huh? Go make your own siggy! Put it in the Siggy Challenge gallery and put the link here in a comment for the chance to win a prize from me!  CT & those who have already done the challenge are elligable. Let me see those comments!