Sneak Peeks INSD!!!

Holy cow it’s iNSD tomorrow! Where has the time gone??? There are a TON of awesome products and amazing events happening this weekend so lets get to it!

There’s a new collab from Dagi and Guest Designer Keley Designs:

Clever Monkey Graphics has a new kit:

Neverland Scraps has a ton of new goodies:


Cornelia Designs and Keley Designs has a collab:

Keley Designs has some new kits too!

Tinci has a new grab bag


Amy Stoffel has a new collab

Wimpychompers has some new kits:

Dagi has several goodies for us:

Little Rad Trio has a grab bag

And JB studio has a collab grab bag!

Everyone have a wonderful INSD!

Fresh Baked: May 01, 2016

It’s May! It’s time for flowers, and spring, and school finishing, graduations, and all of that fun stuff. The celebrations of Moms and family, and the return of the warm sunshine!

It is the First of the month, and that means the revel of our new Buffet!! Don’t forget the new Buffet items will all be 50% off (from the 1-5th of the month)!

*NEW Buffet Bundles* Take a look at our all new Buffet Bundles! Each buffet for 2016 will have a sub category for our Buffet Bundles. One easy click to add bunches of Buffet goodies to your cart, and an amazing value too!


The designers all had their own take on what the colors and theme said to them! I love the variety!

The designers definitely each made the palette their own and came up with some gorgeous designs, each unique but working so well with the other designers’ creations

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Creative Style | Pocket Scrapping


Hello scrappers! Are you having a good weekend? It is super busy over at my house. No time for scrapping for me. Sigh. That isn’t what we are here to talk about though. I am here to talk about scrapbooking styles. You know: fantasy, pocket, traditional, and everything in between. Some people scrap only one style. Some people (like myself) can scrap one style one day and another a next. I like to mix things up.

One thing I’ve really not scrapped is those great pocket pages. I love to cluster a bit too much. Those pages are lovely though! So neat, clean, and brought together. The perfect touch of ellies and patterned paper. Some of these layouts have photos and such tucked in actual pockets. Those are great! Others are just wonderfully blocked layouts. These layouts jump out of the galleries! So, that is what I did. I stalked the gallery and am here to show of some of those great pocket scrapbook pages that are filling the GingerScraps gallery. I will follow up all that great inspiration with some items from the store to help get your pocket layout started.
















There you go. Just a little peek at some of the pocket pages that are filling up GingerScraps layout and some great items to get them scrapped! They are super popular right now. Take a look around the galleries, grab some inspiration, and get to scrapping!


Fresh Baked: April 29, 2016

Good morning! Welcome to Friday! The last newsletter for April! I can’t believe that we’re already almost halfway through 2016! That doesn’t mean that the designers are slowing down, though! Nope! They’re gearing up for lots of good things, and this week is no exception! Gorgeous templates to help you get started on the perfect layout and wonderful kits to make those pictures and memories just pop!

Remember when you spend $10 in the store, you get a great collab!

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Designer Sneak Peeks – April 29, 2016

Goodness it’s the end of April. It’s time for gardens, graduations, end of  school and vacations. Take a look at some of the wonderful stuff our designers have coming this week.

Make sure to check back tomorrow and see some sneak peek layouts.

There’s an App For That – Beautiful Mess

I don’t know about you, but I wish I could scrap more often. I scrap at home, while the guys are watching something I have no desire to or while everyone is sleeping. I’ve thought more than once how I wish that I could scrap on the go. While I have not been able to find an app that lets me scrap from start to finish. I have found a few that cuts out some steps and I can do on the go. Not to mention they add special touches to my layouts. I am stopping by today to talk about one of those apps!

A Beautiful Mess

What is this app you ask? A Beautiful Mess is a photo editing app. It comes with 6 photo filters, quite a few fonts, great borders, word art, and doodles. You can make in-app purchases for more of everything (except the filters). The in-app purchases are $0.99 a piece.

When using A Beautiful Mess, it crops the photo to a square. Once you are done, it saves it to your photo library. It is available in iTunes and Google play. A lot of you will have known about and used this app. However, for those who do not, let me tell and show you how this can help your digital scrapping!

I took 4 photos that I had taken while my son and I were out having our, “Me & You Day”. I edited these in about 10 minutes or less.

shawnbearscrap_a beautiful mess

shawnbearscraps_abeautiful mess

So, as you can see I took photo photos and added to them. Little word art here, a tad of color there, and fun borders. Now, how does this help with scrapping? It might have only taken me 10 minutes or less to do this in Photoshop. I think with the searching and creating though, it would have taken a bit longer. Not to mention, I can do this while waiting for an appointment, or laying in bed being lazy! I didn’t have to lug out my laptop or go sit at my desktop. How easy would these be to put in a layout?

Fun, right?! Don’t limit yourself to your computer and remember, you don’t just have to pocket scrap with these kinds of photos. Explore your phone’s apps and see what you can come up with. If you find a really cool new app, let me know! I would love to check it out and might even use it in a future post.

Made a layout using a photo from A Beautiful Mess?! Remember to upload it in the gallery and come back and link us up! We love to see what you are scrapping!



Fresh Baked: April 22, 2016

Good morning! Welcome to Friday! We’re getting close to the end of April. The designers are hinting at pretty things for the May Buffet but enough on that! They’ve created some gorgeous things for you this week, as well!! Some great template series, some masks, and so many great new kits!

Remember when you spend $10 in the store, you get a great collab!
Bundle: Kit: Word Bits: Templates: Word Art and Flair Pack: Embossed Papers Pack:
Word Bits:
Word Art and Flair Pack:
Embossed Papers Pack:
Bundle: Kit: Border Clusters: PreDeco Papers: Extra Papers: Templates: Inked Bits: Messy Papers: Word Art: Flair: Quick Pages: Cluster Pack: Embossed Papers:
Border Clusters:
PreDeco Papers:
Extra Papers:
Inked Bits:
Messy Papers:
Word Art:
Quick Pages:
Cluster Pack:
Embossed Papers:
Bundle: Candle Numbers: Journal Cards: Kit:
Candle Numbers:
Journal Cards:
Bundle : Kit : Element : Paper : Artsy Paper : Kraft Paper : Journal Card : Paintsplatters : Template :
Bundle :
Kit :
Element :
Paper :
Artsy Paper :
Kraft Paper :
Journal Card :
Paintsplatters :
Template :

Now to reveal the 3 GingerBread Ladies collabs from March, on sale for $5.25 each.

Here are a few layouts I picked out of the gallery using our new Buffet and this month’s Monthly Mix, called “Birds Are Singing”!

Created by robinsismai. The use of the white space is perfect!
Created by robinsismai. The use of the white space is perfect!
Created by jbdolfin. I Love the textured background.
Created by jbdolfin. I Love the textured background.
Created by Caylynn. I love the side cluster of presents!
Created by Caylynn. I love the side cluster of presents!

Remember, if you complete a total of 10 challenges, you also get this GORGEOUS free kit, as well!


I know I’m going to make sure I do my 10 challenges for THIS, that’s for sure 😀


Sneak Peeks April 21, 2016

iNSD is just around the corner! Can you believe it’s almost May???

From Key Lime Digi Designs:

From Tinci

From JoCee

From Dear Friends Designs

Have a great weekend of making memories and scrapping them!

Designer Sneak Peeks – April 22, 2016

Happy Wednesday. Are you ready for some sneak peeks?

Come back tomorrow to see some layouts! And then back to see the full kits on Friday (and then go shopping).

Focus On – Word Art

Hello Scrappers! Team member La’Shawn here with a new topic for the blog. I actually got this idea from you! The readers! We are going to take one thing, that isn’t a kit and focus on it. Our store has amazing designers that work so hard to bring us great digital scrapbooking supplies every week. Sometimes things get lost in the ever changing store. Some people don’t check the new releases every week. Some people are just starting and might not have seen some things from the past. That is where I come in. I am here to go back in the archives and bring you some great stuff.

This isn’t a from the archives post. We do have those! If you are looking for something that was in our store over a year ago, check HERE. This is where we just look at one thing. Today we are going to take a look at some great word art. Our designers are some of the best word art designers. I am going to bombard you with some great examples and tell you how to find more.


There is an entire section dedicated to word art in the store. You can find that HERE. For the sake of this post we are going to showcase just word art. We will showcase journal cards and flairs for another date. These will all be words made with alphas and elements and word strips.












This was only page 3 into the word art section. There are pages and page of amazing word art in the store. I don’t think I have a layout without some form of word art on it. I stink at titling my layouts. I use word art for a lot of my layouts. If you are a lover of word art like myself or new to them, there are some great word art to be found in the store. A great addition to any layout!

Thank you Heather C. for the great idea! We love to bring you guys things you can actually use in your digital scrapbooking. If you have any ideas, let us know! We will be happy to take a look at them and see what we can do.