Fresh Baked: January 02, 2015

So, I think I just sent one of these? Right? Feels like yesterday!

Okay, all kidding aside, it’s January, the first official Fresh Baked and the designers are already knocking things out of the park. Templates and Project 52-related stuff. Even a chance to explore space! So much fun already in 2015!

Time to share some gorgeous layouts using the new Buffet and this month’s Monthly Mix, “Let’s Party”!

Created by Tinci. The clusters are amazing. I love the treatment to the photo as well!

Created by dodgeladee. Normally, a layout like this would look busy, but this is amazing. I love how descriptive it is without having a photo. It says so much without needing a picture!

Created by shawnbear. Choosing a word is a hard thing to do (I’m doing one, too). “Do” is such a strong one! I love all the clusters and layers!

Remember, when you spend $10 in the store, you get a great grab bag!

Mega Stash:
Border Clusters:
PreDeco Papers:
Journal Cards:
Stitched Pocket Templates:
Extra Papers:
12×12 Templates:×12-Temps-CU-Ok.html

Art Journal Bundle:
Mixed Media Elements:
Inked Bits:
Messy Paper Pack:
Doodled Elements:

WordArt Pack:
Flair Pack:
Embossed Papers:
Cluster Pack:
Facebook Timeline Covers:
Alpha Pack AddOn:

Complete any 10 challenges, and you will receive a brand new designer collab! Each month we will offer a brand new GingerBread Ladies collab as a reward for completing the GS challenges. Visit the GS Forum for all the details.

I know I’m going to make sure I do my 10 challenges for THIS, that’s for sure :D

Sneak Peeks January 1st 2015

Happy New Year Everyone! 2015 is off to a great start! I love the Buffet products and our designers have even more coming out tomorrow!

Aprilisa Designs has a template bundle:

Magical Scraps Galore has a new kit you will be over the moon about:

made with new template pack from Queen Wild Scraps

Queen Wild Scraps has a new template pack

Cornelia Designs has two template packs:

Tune in tomorrow to see the full products and much more!!!! Hope your year has started off on the right foot!

Fresh baked: January 01, 2015

Oh. My. Goodness. I just typed 2015 and … it was correct! It’s 2015! Happy new year!

2014 was a big year for Gingerscraps! New designers joined the team, and we said goodbye to designer friends. Here’s to 2015 bringing us even more amazing designs, and lots of community love and spirit!

It is the First of the month, and that means the revel of our new Buffet!! Don’t forget the new Buffet items will all be 50% off (from the 1-5th of the month)!

The designers all had their own take on what the colors and theme said to them! I love the variety!

The designers knocked it out of the park. The designs are just amazing and so well done!

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Challenge Spotlight December 30th

Happy Tuesday! Wow… only two days left until the END OF THE YEAR!!!! Where did 2014 go?? Have you created your 10 challenge layouts yet for the awesome collab? There’s still a couple days left to get those in! I am eagerly awaiting what is in store for the next year here at GS. Today’s challenge spotlight is the Brush Challenge hosted by Melissa of Lissykay Designs. She designed a few great brushes for you to use in a layout!

All you have to do for this challenge is use one of the brushes in your layout! It’s that simple! Take a look at what others have made!


December Brush Challenge

Manger 2014

last cards of the year

Please click on the photos to go and leave some love for these wonderful layouts! Once you have completed your layout, make sure to post it in the gallery and update your tracking thread!

I hope everyone has a happy New Year!!!

Fresh Baked: December 26, 2014

Should auld acquaintance be forgot
And never brought to mind?
Should auld acquaintance be forgot
And auld lang syne

Can you believe that this is the last newsletter for 2014? I actually almost typed 2015! We at Gingerscraps hope that your holiday, and the rest of 2014 treats you with joy and happiness! The designers are filled with happiness to share their new designs! Some templates to wrap up the past year, and some kits to remember the winter season!

Now to share some GORGEOUS layouts using the new Buffet and “Holiday Joy”, the December Monthly Mix!

Created by jencrook. The cookies look wonderful, and the icing matches the kit perfectly! So cute!

Created by MamaCake. I love the big picture in the middle and the smaller pictures on the side. The cluster work is amazing. I love the curved paper layers.

Created by missdamsel. I love the way the picture of the tree is broken up into three parts. So well done.

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December Featured Designer Part 2 – Ponytails Designs


Here is part two of our December Featured Designer Post.  Today we are talking to Natasha of Ponytails Designs.

What is your design process?

I usually start with an idea or a colour palette and go from there. I make some notes and browse Pinterest for photos that look like what I’m seeing in my head. Then I generally start with papers and make patterns from them that I can use in my elements.

What do you use to create your designs (program, addition tools, etc.)?

I use PSCC for the most part. I’m attempting to learn AI, but that’s not going very well as of yet.

Describe your design workplace.

I have a four year old, so my workspace is anywhere she is… but I do have a small desk space in the kitchen/great room, which is where I usually sit. I can work a bit while she plays or watches TV. The bulk of my work is done after her bedtime though.

What is your favorite thing about designing?

I love the creative outlet I get with designing. I’ve always done some sort of craft… painting, cross-stitch, crochet, even quilting. But I just love the memory keeping aspect of scrapbooking, and the ease of doing it digitally.

What is your favorite or “go-to” color palette?

I gravitate toward earthier palettes… I love colour though, but I generally go with more muted shades of the colours. Some themes just work better with brights so I’ll use them when I feel the need. In my personal scrapping I usually pick kits that will suit girl pages nicely, so there tends to be a lot of pinks and aquas in the kits I choose to buy.

What is your favorite treat to have close while designing?

If I’m designing in the evening then I’ll have a glass of white wine beside me. Sometimes I’ll have cheese and crackers too. My favorite is marble cheddar on Triscuits.

Do you have job outside of designing? If so, what do you do (if you don’t mind sharing)?

I work as a 911 fire dispatcher in a large emergency communications centre. Since having Sarah I only work part time, and only the night shift. It’s an interesting job with a lot of down time, so I usually do any kind of online scrapping-related stuff while I’m at work. It’s the perfect time to set up new products or leave gallery comments, etc. In fact, I’m at work right now while I’m answering these questions!

Please share a photo of yourself, can be silly or serious but a photo that shows us who YOU are.



This picture was taken this past July. I threw my husband a big surprise 50th birthday party with an “Anchorman” theme. This sums us up so nicely… a big party in our backyard, surrounded by good friends. We are very social and entertain a lot, especially in summertime, since we have a pool and a big private backyard.

What is your *favorite* kit you’ve designed (that is currently in store) and why is it your favorite?

I think my favourite right now is Everyday Moments, which I designed for the November buffet. I love the colours and the cork elements. I just think it’s such a versatile kit that can be used to scrap all sorts of pages.

What is your favorite thing about

It’s such a friendly, fun place to hang out! I felt at home here right from the beginning. I really love that there’s so much participation in the various challenges and special events too.

What is the current ringtone on your phone?

It’s on vibrate about 99% of the time because I hate ringing phones. Probably because I’m on the phone or radio at work so much. When it is on ring, then it’s just set to the old-style phone ring. Either way, my friends would tell you that I’m impossible to reach, because I often forget to take the do-not-disturb off when I get up in the morning… also related to work, because we get a lot of call-outs to cover sick personnel and they all seem to come in the middle of the night!

If you were deserted on an island (with all water/food provided), what three things would you want to have with you?

My sunglasses, a good book, and a nice cold drink! I’d enjoy the peace and quiet for a change.

If you could spend the day with anyone (living or dead) who would it be and why?

This is a tough one.. there’s so many! But if I only had a day I’d want it to be a fun one, so maybe I’d like to hang out with Oprah. I think she’d be so fun and interesting to talk to.

What songs are included on the soundtrack to your life?

Anything by George Strait! Really… anything. The man could sing the phone book to me and I’d be in Heaven.

I agree – I love George Strait!!

What would you sing at Karaoke night?

I’d sing a duet with my hubby… “Jackson” by Johnny Cash and June Carter Cash is such a fun song.

Any special message to our members?

Just a big, heartfelt thanks for all the love and support they’ve given me since I joined GS!

Thanks Natasha!! Make sure to stop by and visit her GS store, her Facebook page, and her blog.

Craftytam shared with us that her favorite Ponytails Designs kit is Sandy Toes and Salty Kisses.

And she made this lovely layout using the kit. Make sure to stop by the gallery and leave her some love.


I hope that you all have a wonderful Christmas and a very Happy New Year!!


December Featured Designer Part 1 – Cornelia Designs


Merry Christmas!! Only a few days left. Are you ready? I finally started shopping on Saturday. Good news is, I also finished on Saturday. Nothing like a list and a plan.

This month we have two fabulous featured designers at GingerScraps and I have SO much to share that I’m going to have to split this into TWO posts. Isn’t that exciting. Thanks to Cornelia Designs and Ponytails Designs for being so sweet and answering my questions. Today’s post is with Cornelia Designs. We’ll follow up with Ponytails Designs in a couple of days.

Let’s see what Cornelia has to share.

What is your design process?

I totally love to make big collections. First I start with a theme or the colors, depends. Then always my papers are finished first and then I start with all the other parts. I finish them over time and dont work just on one till it’s finished. The last are always my elements that get done.

What do you use to create your designs (program, addition tools, etc.)?

Adobe Photoshop CC 2014, Bamboo Tablet, Computer

Describe your design workplace.

completely messy, with a ton of lists laying around, about designing and other stuff

What is your favorite thing about designing?

it totally calms me to sit in front of photoshop and see my designs pictured inside my head come to life.

What is your favorite or “go-to” color palette?

bright and cheerful colors

What is your favorite treat to have close while designing?

I think I have no favorite treat, there is just me and my glass of water, sometimes a chai tea, but not occasionally

Do you have job outside of designing? If so, what do you do (if you don’t mind sharing)?

Im a stay at home mom right now, coz my little one turned just 1 years old. So for the next 1.5 years Im home with her till she can go to kindergarten.

Please share a photo of yourself, can be silly or serious but a photo that shows us who YOU are.


What is your *favorite* kit you’ve designed (that is currently in store) and why is it your favorite?

Me, My Selfie & I – I love taking pictures the whole time, okay its not so that I do a lot of selfies, but it doesnt matter for this kit. The colors itself just make happy, bright and cheerful.

What is your favorite thing about

I completely love it there. My first thought we will see how it goes there, but everyone is so friendly, and helpful. And damn all is so well organized at Gingerscraps, that helps a lot with designing my stuff.

What is the current ringtone on your phone?

Over the Horizon – and I have no idea, it was a standard in my phone so I used it, coz it sounded best from all the others

If you were deserted on an island (with all water/food provided), what three things would you want to have with you?

a book (or 3 haha), writing stuff, and my computer

If you could spend the day with anyone (living or dead) who would it be and why?

Thats a hard question, gladly I havent lost anyone yet. But my dad went away when I was age 7 and I havent seen him since this, no contact either. So a day with him would be cool maybe. Not sure, I mean it could end horrible too.

What songs are included on the soundtrack to your life?

loud and cheerful songs, nothing slow

What would you sing at Karaoke night?

I would never sing at Karaoke night. Its horrible when I sing, everyone would run away *g*

Any special message to our members?

Yes of course. I want to thank you all for enjoying my stuff so much. Coz without you all I wouldnt be here. Also I love the friendships I found coz of this community.

Thanks Cornelia!!  Make sure you visit Cornelia’s Store, Facebook page and blog.

I asked in the GS Facebook group for you to share your favorite kit and a layout using that kit and lorigaud posted that her favorite kit is Mustache You.

She shared this fabulous layout. Make sure to stop by and leave her some comments.

Make sure to look for Part 2 coming soon.


Fresh Baked: December 19, 2014

Up on the housetop, reindeer pause
Out jumps good ol’ Santa Claus
Down through the chimney with lots of toys
All for the little ones, Christmas joys

The holidays, they’re getting closer and closer. The designers are really in the holiday spirit. Templates, and kits, and deals galore. The designers always do such a great job throughout the year, and I’m thankful that I get to share them with you all each week!

Now to share some GORGEOUS layouts using the new Buffet and “Holiday Joy”, the December Monthly Mix!

Created by Colleen. I love the layers with the creation of the tree, and the cluster in the corner. I also love the hanging ornaments on the opposite side. So well done!

Created by msbrad. I love how the journaling follows the reverse of the tree in the shape. So creative. I also love all the circles!

Created by emscraps. I love that the focus is all on the picture, and that it seems to be slightly off the page.

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Sneak Peeks December 18th 2014

Happy Thursday! Only one week left until Christmas! Hanukkah is in full swing and the houses in my mother’s neighborhood  are decked out with lights and Santas. It’s definitely feeling a lot like Christmas… even in Florida! Our Designers have some great offerings coming to the store tomorrow!

Craft-tastrophic has two new kits:

using new template from Dagi’s Temp-tations

using new template from Little Rad Trio

Lissykay Designs has the perfect templates to get us in the Christmas Spirit!

Queen Wild Scraps has a great template pack too!

Leaving a Legacy Designs has a new kit:

using new template from Queen Wild Scraps


Look at the new templates by Dagi’s Temp-tations:

And look at Little Rad Trio’s Template pack:

I hope everyone has a great weekend before Christmas!


Challenge Spotlight December 16th

Happy Tuesday! Only 9 days until Christmas! And to get everyone in the Christmas spirit you should check out the Mini Kit Challenge hosted by Scraps By Missy. Don’t you love the challenge where you get a great freebie to make a layout with???

This is the awesome mini you have to work with. All you have to do is to make a layout with it and you will have one more layout towards your 10 layouts for the monthly collab! Take a look at some of the layouts submitted:


Red & Green Kisses



There’s still lots of time left to complete your 10 challenges for this month’s collab! Scrap some of your past December Memories today!