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Happy Saturday scrappers! Are you over your iNSD hang over by now? Time to scrap all those goodies you got during the sale! I was perusing around Pinterest today looking for ideas. I stumbled upon a lovely layout (will show you below) with a big title. That got my scrappy gears moving in my brain. So, I thought I would share that inspiration with you.

So often we allow the photos or a great paper to be the focal point of our layout. We plop a title on at the very end of it all (if we do at all). Personally, I struggle with coming up with a great title. Really, as I scrap mostly my son, I feel like slapping “Isaiah” on every page. lol. I searched “scrapbook big title” on Pinterest & was inspired! Here are some great examples of making the title your focal point. Making a statement with a big title.


The Pin | The Original Source

I really like the idea of the large number that signifies something. It works at the title as well as a great backdrop. The choice of alpha allows for the large number to blend perfectly to the layout & not over power it. Who doesn’t have a number that is significant to them. A person’s age, an anniversary, or a reunion. The next time you are scrapping a memory that has a significant number marker, think about making that your focal point. Scrap it with a big title!



The Pin | The Original Source

This really is the focal point of the layout. I really like how the paper is cut around the title. I feel like when it is time for me to go to the beach, I want to yell it to everyone. Just go around yelling, “BEACH!” lol. This large titled layout really brings all the pretty and fun beach photos together. Your eyes are drawn to the large title to start with. At the same time, it is bringing your eyes to the photos around it. This would make a great title page to a vacation book too!



The Pin | The Original Source

Does this title not grab your attention?! It really gets the whole theme of the layout across. Cutting the photos to go under it and frame around it really makes it all work together. You cannot help but read the title and take in the amazing photos at the same time. A great statement layout. Not one element on this layout. It isn’t needed! The great photos and the big title is all this layout needs. Could you scrap a layout without ellies? I love to cluster. It would be a struggle for me. I think I am going to give it a try though. Take this years vacation photos and scrap nothing but a big, catch your attention title, and my photos.



The Pin | The Original Source

This only came last because I saw it last in looking around pinterest. It is Actually my favorite of the bunch & I am going to take this idea and scrap it. I’ve been known to tuck and hide little I’s around my layouts with my son in them. Just one letter. You could dress a layout up so much with just one letter. How would you do it?!

Are your creative juices flowing yet?!You know that GingerScraps has an entire section dedicated to just alphas, right? Here are just a few of what I came across in looking for the right alpha for my big titled layouts. (images linked)


I would love to see your take on the big title. Make sure you link me up!



Fresh Baked: May 08, 2015

While this newsletter isn’t going to be as jam-packed as last week’s, I’m still suggesting a cup of coffee or something to give you some energy! I’m exhausted from a busy week celebrating iNSD! Did you enjoy it? I think the designers did, though they didn’t let them stop them from working on some new amazing things!

Before I show you the new goodies, I have to share these gorgeous layouts using the new Buffet and this month’s monthly mix, “May Flowers”!

Created by msbrad. I love the corner clusters. So wonderfully done!

Created by emscraps. I love the paper layers and the font choice for the title.

Created by Lisa. I love the two papers splitting the layout in half with the ribbon seeming to hold them down.

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Sneak Peeks May 7th, 2015

Happy Thursday! Did you have a fun INSD week? Our designers outdid themselves! And there’s more products releasing tomorrow!

Dagi’s Temp-tations has a new template pack:


Craft-tastrophic has a new kit:

using new template from Dagi’s Temp-tations

Dear Friends Designs has two new template sets:

Little Rad Trio has fun photo splits:


LJS Designs has two new kits:

with new template from Dagi’s Temp-tations

Check out the new release from Connie Prince:

Seatrout Scraps has a new kit:

Pixelily Designs has a new kit:

Have a great weekend filled with scrapping!

Challenge Summary May 5, 2015

It’s a brand new month and there’s brand new challenges! Let’s check some out!

Look at these cool brushes LJS Designs has provided to make a page for the Brush Challenge:

Seatrout Scraps has chosen a color palette for the Color challenge! Her challenge is to use blue, yellow, white and gray like these kits:

Look at the great template provided by Dear Friends Designs made for the Desktop Challenge:

Craft-tastrophic is hosting the Font Challenge and found this font for us to use in a layout:


Jb Studios has challenged us in the Journaling Challenge to write about motherhood:

Our theme this month is motherhood and you can choose what to scrap about. If you don’t have children, you may scrap your reasons for not having or your expectations and opinions about it. Maybe you want to scrap about your mother or even grandmother and how they were important in your life. Did you lose your mother? What about a tribute. All of this is part of your story, leave your legacy.

Little Rad Trio has provided this great mini kit to use for a layout in the Mini Kit Challenge:

Dandelion Dust Designs has tasked us to scraplift this amazing layout in the Scraplift Challenge:

And Clever Monkey Graphics has this great set of Word Arts to pick from for the Word Art Challenge:

Make sure you choose 10 and complete them to grab this awesome new collab for the month of May:

The picture is linked to the tracking thread. Make sure you track your 10 layouts!




That’s right folks! There is a day set aside just for those Star War fans….ready for it?!
Get it?! So, for you Star War fans (my son!), I went searching around the store and gallery for some inspiration to scrap those fanatical photos. I’ve said it before. There is pretty much a kit out there for whatever you are wanting to scrap. GingScraps is one of the best place to find those kits. I took the search work out for you. Come join the dark side and check these out!

Use The Force Collab by Blue Heart Scraps and Pretty in Green


To The Moon And Beyond by Magical Scraps Galore!


Galactic Geek by Clever Monkey Graphics

Rocket Man Sparkle Stamps by Kathryn Estry

Some are geared specifically for Star Wars and others for space in general. You can scrap all those fun Star Wars and space layouts though! Want some inspiration? Here are some fun layouts I found in our gallery.
stars wars night by jbdolfin


Star Wars Training by marinapj


Star Wars Nerd by zombienerd

Star Wars Weekends by shellbyj

So, May the 4th be with you and happy scrapping! Remember, upload your layouts to our gallery. If you have a Star War or Space layout you would like some loving on, link us up! We always love to see what you all are creating with GingerScraps’ items!


Fresh Baked: May 01, 2015

If you don’t have a cup of coffee or a glass of water, I suggest you grab yourself one before you start this newsletter. It’s a long one but it’s so chocked full of amazing goodies that it will be so worth it!

It is the First of the month, and that means the revel of our new Buffet!! Don’t forget the new Buffet items will all be 50% off (from the 1-5th of the month)!

The designers all had their own take on what the colors and theme said to them! I love the variety!

The designers knocked it out of the park. The designs are just amazing and so well done!

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Sneak Peeks April 30th, 2015

It’s the day before iNSD and the new Buffet! Are you ready for the weekend? There’s going to be great sales and lots of awesome products! Let’s get to it!

Blue Heart Scraps has 2 new kits and 2 new collabs!

using new template from Aprilisa Designs

using new template from Little Rad Trio

A new collab featuring Luv Ewe Designs and Dear Friends Designs:

Collab with Clever Monkey Graphics:

using new template from Cornelia Designs

Connie Prince has a TON of new bundles and kits!

Wimpychompers has two new bundles:

Deer Friends Designs has several new products:

Little Rad Trio has a new grab bag of templates:

Aprilisa Designs has two bundles and a Buffet Collection:

Dagi’s Temp-tations has a couple packs:

Cornelia Designs has several new releases:

This is only part of what is releasing! I am eagerly awaiting Friday! I hope this iNSD weekend is filled with lots of fun and scrapping!

Sneak Peeks April 23rd, 2015

Happy Thursday! I can’t believe in one week iNSD will be upon us! I hear there will be some great sales, giveaways, lots of grab bags and a new buffet! I don’t know how the designers are cranking out such amazing kits this week as well! The CT has been very busy with all the great new releases coming out tomorrow!

Dear Friends Designs has two new template packs:

Dagi’s Temp-tations has a new template pack:

Little Rad Trio has a new kit:

using new template from Craft-tastrophic

using new template from Dagi’s Temp-tations

using new template from Deer Friends Designs

Craft-tastrophic has two new template packs:

Dandelion Dust Designs has a new kit:

using new Deer Friends Designs Template

Magical Scraps Galore has a new kit:

using new kit from Craft-tastrophic

using new template from Craft-tastrophic

Pixelily Designs has a new bundle:

using Dagi’s new template

using new template from Craft-tastrophic

using new kit from Craft-tastrophic

Connie Prince has a great new collection:

CathyK Designs has a new kit:

Take a look at the goodies coming out from Seatrout Scraps:

There will be lots more coming tomorrow so make sure to check out all the new releases! Have a great weekend!




Did you know the 22nd is Earth Day? What is Earth Day you ask?  It is a day in which events worldwide are held to demonstrate support for environmental protection. It was first celebrated in 1970, and is now coordinated globally by the Earth Day Network, and celebrated in more than 192 countries each year. Numerous communities celebrate Earth Week, an entire week of activities focused on environmental issues. (via wikipedia)

There is a digital scrapbooking kit for just about every holiday imaginable. I took the search work out of it for you! Here are some great Earth Day inpsired digital scrapbooking kits I found in our store.

REDUCE, REUSE, RECYCLE: Complete Kit by Inspired Designs


Here Today Back Tomorrow by Clever Monkey Graphics


Monthly Mix: One Planet


Going Green by Wimpychompers

So, get to recycling, love some nature, and save some paper! You know, I think digital scrapbooking is a great way to get that started! Make sure to upload your layouts to our gallery. Come back here and link us up to your Earth Day layouts! We would love to see what you created!


GingerBread Girl Inspiration | Deanna

Hello scrappers! It is another happy scrappy Saturday! Today I thought we would get a little inspiration from one of the talented Gingerbread Girls. I enjoy looking through the gallery and finding inspiration. The GingerBread Girls are some of the most talented scrappers out there! Let us take a look (and get some inspiration!) from team member Deanna.

I might be a little biased when it comes to enjoying Deanna’s layouts. I’ve been scrapping on teams with her and digi-friends for a few years. I enjoy watching her grandchildren growing up via her layouts. To me, Deanna is a traditional scrapper but doing it digi-style. She scraps the everyday, her history, and those fun moments. Her title work on her layouts are something I wish I could do. They are well done and grab-your-attention titles! So, without more of me talking, here are some of Deanna’s latest layouts that inspired me.


Cute Froggy

Love you

Boy Explorer

Define “Play”

What did I tell you?! Great inspiration, right? Where as I struggle at title work, Deanna knocks it out of the park. She does so much more with her layouts that make them stand out. From the subject matter, the journaling, and the sweet sentiments to the page. I get inspiration from Deanna’s gallery. I hope you do too! On the look out for more inspiration, check out her gallery HERE!