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Challenge Spotlight – Layout Bingo and Project 365/52

Hey there scrappers. We’re starting a new feature here on the blog. Several times during the week, I will be shining the spotlight on a challenge (or two) that you can do to earn a full kit reward from GingerScraps. Check out the post from April 4, or the Cookie Jar thread in the forum for all the fun information about how the challenges work here at GingerScraps.

Today I’m focusing on two the the multi-layout challenges. Most posts will focus on only one challenge.

First up is Layout Bingo with MagsGraphics. I will admit, I had not had a chance to look at this one much until I started. This looks like so much fun. I’m going to give the highlights in this post. To see the full instructions and to get the blank Bingo card for this month, head over to the post in the Gingerscraps forum.

Each month, MagsGraphics will provide a Bingo cards with different items to complete. Things like: 1 layout with a border. 1 layout with a GS Free-With-Purchase Kit, 1 layout about spring break, etc. The idea, of course, is to get Bingo. Specific instructions on how to full out the card are in the forum. The good news, is that only one of the layouts has to be unique for this challenge (not used in other GS challenges). The other spots can be other challenges for this month (or within the last three months).

Here are a couple of finished bingo cards from March. As you can see, some choose to fill out only the line that makes BINGO and others fill out any of the squares that the task is complete.

From gmae:

From gadawg83:

Doesn’t this look like fun? I’m going to try to work on getting BINGO this month. I’ll show my card in a wrap-up post at the end of the month.

Here is a glimpse at April’s card. Remember to head over the forum for the complete rules.

Next, let’s look at the 365/52 Challenge. This one is hosted by Heather Z Scraps. This challenge is fairly straightforward. The only real rule is that the pictures used must be from the current week you are working on. If you take a lot of pictures and document everything, this may be the challenge for you. The good news? Each week counts as one challenge point. If you do layouts for 3 weeks of the month, that’s 3 of your 10 layouts done.

There are so many different ways you can choose to do these. Here are a few below, but browse the gallery and see what others are doing. These is also an FAQ thread on the forum to help if you have questions.

From CindyB:

From pinklily:

From pizazz:

And now for a sneak peek at the kit you will get for completing your challenges:

Leave a comment and let me know if you are going to try either of these challenges.  Happy Scrapping!