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Weekly Wrap-Up: Banner Love

Good morning scrappy friends!

Can you believe June is almost over? One more week! I really can’t. Where is the time going? I swear, it’s just getting up and walking away, unannounced and unnoticed. Soon we’ll all be celebrating the Fourth (those of us in the United States, that is ūüėČ )! ¬†Now since I don’t have any clever transitions, I’ll just come out and say it, I LOVE BANNERS! I’ve been oohing and ahhing for a while now at all the delicious banners out there, so really, the next step in my addiction is to go hybrid, right?

So I’ve got to share with you this gem I found in our store,

I’ll be honest, I’ve been eyeing it up for a while, now is as good a time as ever to jump on the hybrid bandwagon- with July 4th a little over a week away! It looks too cute and EASY to pass up! ¬†There are some great kits in the store you could use to create your banner! I want to share with you a new one by Connie Prince and an older (but still absolutely beautiful!) kit by Kathy Winters Designs!

I have yet to grab Connie’s but I am TOTALLY loving that banner! ūüėČ (see, addicted) I have used Kathy’s and it’s VERY awesome. I love all the stars and buttons and word art and… well, go grab it now and see for yourself! ūüėÄ

To stray a bit from scrap-talk, there is a fascinating and insightful thread hoppin’ in the forum right now. Sara (Tree City) asked, “What are the Top 5 Most Important Decisions You’ve Made in Your Life?” ¬†Responses are so different from each person, sad, happy, ongoing challenges. It really makes you sit back and think, what ARE ¬†the 5 most important decision you’ve made in your life? I’ve yet to answer but that’s because it really does¬†make you think! ¬†So, tell me, what are YOUR five?

Have you finished reading our June read, The Lucky One for book club? You’ve got a few days left before the book chat! You can find the information on The Lucky One by Nicholas Sparks¬†in this thread. The forum discussion can be found here in this thread¬†and the chat is on June 28th.

We hope to see you there!

Remember to get your June challenges in, you’ve got one week left! I know I’ve got to finish up a few, which is what I plan to do today! Make sure to check out this past Friday’s new releases in the Fresh Baked section, there are some great new kits in the store! A few in particular I am oogling, that’s for sure!

Have a scrap happy Sunday my friends!


<3 April

June 24 Daily Download

Inside the Designer Studio: Ask the Designers

Hello friends! I’m here this morning to bring you part two of Inside the Designer Studio for this month. Earlier in the month we met the designers, May of Siamese Studios, Jennifer of Luv Ewe Designs and Amy of Unforgettable Moments. ¬†I put to you, our fabulous community, to ask the designers anything you wanted to know and this is what you’ve come up with:

First, as I sip my breakfast tea, coffee or tea?

May: Both! Normally one coffee to start the day, then hot or iced tea during the day, but sometimes I love to have iced coffee as well.

Jennifer:¬†Neither…Dr. Pepper!

Amy: I really do like both, but I drink coffee every morning. I enjoy fruity/floral herbal teas and black tea with cream. I like going to coffee shops with friends also (hence my Coffee Shop With Friends kit LOL).

Jennifer and Amy, how long have you been with us at GingerScraps?

Jennifer: October of last year (2011)

Amy:¬†I started as a designer at GS 1 year and 9 months¬†ago. However I first started hanging around GS when¬†I registered for Scraping Survivor2 in 2010. I¬†played survivor and learned what a fun, friendly¬†place GS is! I did get 4th place in the contest that¬†year which I was excited about- I couldn’t beat that¬†talented Rachel (Pretty In Green) LOL.

May, Where are you originally from and how did you find yourself in Thailand? 

I am originally from Thailand as I was born here, but our family moved to Singapore, and Malta for several years, then moved back to Thailand since 30 something years ago (no, no, don’t ask how old I am, LOL).

Wouldn’t dream of it! ūüėČ

Jennifer, since you mentioned never wanting to be called Jenny, now we’ve got to ask why. ūüėČ

LOL! It just sounds kiddish to me. A very few call me that like my sister and brother and I don’t even know where it came from but they call me that.

Amy, what do you love most about OR? 

Oregon is a really fantastic place. I can drive two¬†hours west and be at the ocean, Visiting the desert¬†of Eastern Oregon is a day trip also! Mt. Hood is¬†just a short drive away, and not to mention Portland¬†which is a decent sized big city. My favorite is the¬†big evergreen trees. I also love visiting the river¬†beaches. There are so many recreational¬†opportunities here. There is also no state tax, and¬†a lot of out of state people love buying things here¬†because of that. We do have higher property taxes¬†for home owners to make up for that though. Oregon¬†is beautiful, but it does rain a lot which doesn’t¬†bother me at all though.¬†

That sounds like a dream!

With summer in full swing, what are your favorite warm weather activities?

May: Swimming!!! Our warm weather is normally VERY HOT, so swimming helps a lot.

Jennifer:  Swimming, but prefer swimming indoors than outdoors.

Amy:¬†I really love taking camping trips with my family.¬†We aren’t really “roughing” it kind of campers, but¬†we love being outside, roasting things on the¬†campfire, and playing in nature.


Now let’s talk designing! ¬†What do you enjoy most about designing scrap kits?

May:¬†I love it most when the final result is just like what I’ve vision about the kit. Then I love when seeing layouts made from my kits. It’s amazing to see all different layouts from just one kit.

Jennifer: Just being creative. I can let off steam while creating.

Amy: OH! I love so many things about designing. I love designing scrap kits AND templates. Love it! I really love the creative process and watching my ideas go from idea to product. I really love seeing my designs on a scrappers layout!

What is one element you feel you must always include into a kit?

May: Foliage! I love to see some green in my kit.

Jennifer: Buttons and string.

Amy: ¬†I would say fasteners. I know that is kind of¬†generic huh? I’m having a hard time narrowing my¬†answer down to just one element LOL.

¬†What is your most favorite kit you’ve designed and your best selling?

May:¬†My most favorite kit is usually the latest kit(s) that I’ve designed. For now it would be Cotton Candy and Lemon Drops. My bestselling would have to be¬†Bumble Rumble.

Jennifer: I think it was Miracles Happen. I just really like the color palette and felt it all fell together! My best selling would be In A Boys World.

Amy:¬†I really like the kit I made for the June FWP grab¬†bag. I had my hubby in mind when I made that one. ūüôā¬†Honey Love¬†is my best selling kit, and Something Sweet is my best selling template pack.

From a personal opinion of someone who owns this kit, it’s absolutely awesome! I think it’s my favorite of yours!¬†It’s FREE with a $10 purchase in the GingerScraps store (for the month of June, so you’ve got 7 days left!)!

Those are some GREAT kits!

Just for fun let’s end with what your favorite foods are!

May:¬†All sorts of pasta, but my favorite would be Cabonara. I make yummy Cabonara too! ūüėČ

Jennifer: Oh my too many to name! I love mexican, anything cheesy (the cheesier the better), oh and home made potato soup. I can make myself sick from eating too much of that LOL.

Amy:¬†My favorite “meal” is probably taco salad. We have¬†this a lot in our home. We try to think of new and¬†fun ways to make it lol. My kids love it because we¬†let them crunch up tortilla chips on the top. My¬†favorite bad-for-you food is ice cream.

Now I’m hungry, and I JUST ate breakfast (especially since I, too, am a giant pasta fan!).

A HUGE thank you to the designers for taking time out of their family and designing time to answer these questions! There were so many more I wish I could keep sharing but we don’t want to be here all day, we’ve got scrappin’ to do. ūüėČ ¬†I always have fun finding out these little tidbits about people.

Until next month!

Have a scrap happy weekend!





June 23 Daily Download

June 22 Daily Download

Fresh Baked for June 22, 2012

Pool parties, fireworks, celebrations of dads, oh my. This weeks kits are the epitome of what summer means.
This week isn’t just about summer, though. Positive thinking and a powerful spirits are also part of this amazing collection!
I know I see a few I’m going to have to get!!

Before you decide to swim away, make sure you check out the kits, of course!

Remember, when you spend $10 at the store, you receive an amazing grab bag. This month’s grab bag is by Unforgettable Moments. It’s perfect for the males in your life! June is the month of Father’s Day (at least in the States), so this would completely suit a hybrid project or layout for the special man in your life!

PreDeco Papers:
Border Clusters:
Wood Backgrounds:
Word Bits:
Word Art:
Flairs and Brads:

PreDeco Papers:
Border Clusters:

Word Art:
Flair Pack:
FB Timeline:


This Week’s Sneak Peeks!


Good morning friends!

Beth is out this week so you’ll have to deal with me delivering you your sneak peeks. ūüėČ Though, I’m sure you don’t mind who does so long as you get to see all of these beautiful layouts created with some pretty stellar looking kits coming out tomorrow! ūüôā

First up are a few from Joyful Heart Designs:

I am totally diggin’ those tattered, torn and grungy lookin’ papers.

Next up we have some new goodness from Sugar Kissed Designs:


I love all things purple, so this one is a definite win for me. I love that plaid paper. I mean LOVE it.

This one is from Connie Prince:

Seriously, the color pallets coming out this week are driving me insane! And by insane I mean I want them all! I love the greys and blues of this kit, plus stars, oh how I love love love stars.

There is this cute one from Keep in Touch Designs,


and this totally bright, fun one from Find Your Bliss Designs:

Last, but certainly not least is a new one from Pretty in Green:

A big huge giant thank you to the fantastic CT ladies for allowing us to share these beautiful layouts with you! As ever, I will be waiting on the edge of my broken desk chair (don’t ask), coffee in hand for Friday morning.

The wealth of talent we have here at GingerScraps never ceases to amaze me. Nor does it help any with my kit hoarding problem. ūüėČ Seriously, I can’t wait to see what Friday has in store for us. Literally! HA!

Alright alright, enough of my silliness. Have a super awesome scrap happy Thursday my digi-friends!


June 21 Daily Download

June 20 Daily Download

Challenge Spotlight ‚Äď Word Art Challenge

Happy Tuesday, ladies! I hope everyone had a great weekend and y’all’s week is off to a good start! (Is it weird that I used a slang word like y’all, but still punctuated it properly??) The weekend was a long one for me and I’m already ready for the next one! I was busy the whole time, but I did get some scrapping done! Speaking of scrapping (and getting back on topic), this week I am spotlighting another wonderful challenge: the word art challenge hosted by the amazing Susie of Psychozoe Designs!

Let’s see the gorgeous WA Susie created for us to work with this month:

Unique, upbeat–so very Psychozoe! hehe

This WA is really cool and the fabulous ladies in the forum did not disappoint with their sweet creative skills this month! If you need some inspiration to complete this challenge, look no further!

By skcosti

By BriannasScrapper

By mom2triplets04

Beautiful, beautiful work! I love how all three of these LOs use the same word art in totally different ways through completely¬†different¬†techniques. Now that’s talent!

Now it’s YOUR turn! Of course, the June word art challenge is going on through the end of June. To get the WA freebie, just hop over to the forum for instructions and you can get to scrapping!

As always, I want to remind you to get credit for the challenges, you need to head over to the June Challenge Points Tracking thread and post with your LO links so we can get you that discount code or gift certificate! Also, any questions about this or any of our challenges should be directed to the Cookie Jar¬†so a groovy GingerScraps lady can help you!¬†Note: if you want to see your layout highlighted here on the blog, don’t forget to¬†play along with the challenges¬†and post your LOs in the threads! I pick three scraps a week to show off; yours could be up here next week! ūüôā

That’s it for this post! Have a great rest of your week and see you in the forums! <3