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Challenge Spotlight–Signature Challenge

Good morning ladies! Sorry this is a little late; I am going on vacation this week and I’ve been swamped trying to get all the “little things” done before I go! Eep!

Today is the LAST DAY OF JULY–what?! That means you have to get all your monthly challenge points in tonight! Make sure you visit the July Challenge Points Tracking thread and get everything in so you can be the winner of a shiny new buffet kit or store gift certificate! 🙂

I will do a quick spotlight of an easy challenge you can do to get your last point in! This is one you can snap together in a few minutes and enjoy all month: the Signature Challenge hosted by  JoyLynn of Blue Heart Scraps!

This month’s siggy challenge was simply to make one representing you country’s colors! With 4th of July in the US and Canada Day in Canada (of course), the forum has been swamped with patriotic pride in digiscrap form! Let’s peek at a few of the cute siggies the girls have been sporting over the last month!

By kandiced

By BriannasScrapper

By Zanthia

Cuteness! I just love the cute little maple leafs on the Canada siggy and all the stars on the USA ones! The old red, white and blue has never looked better! 🙂

If you haven’t done this challenge and you need an extra point, DO IT! It’s super easy and you can sport your siggy for a bit before you come up with something new for August. 🙂

Remember, the new challenge rewards system started in July; stop by the thread and read up before you hit the tracking thread and tally up your points! Again I say: TODAY IS THE LAST DAY TO GET YOUR JULY POINTS IN! Make sure you’ve got everything posted in the challenge threads and in your tracking thread for credit!

If you have any question about this or any of our monthly challenge, please direct your queries to the Cookie Jar and someone fabulous will be along shortly to help you. 🙂

Tomorrow is the first day August–AHH! Fall, fairs, football, back to school: I can’t wait! I’ll be back next week with a new challenge for the new month. Have a wonderful week, ladies! 🙂

Daily Download July 31

Daily Download July 30

Congratulations to modgee for winning LOTW! I adore her beautiful layout. The soft colors, the layers of papers and the colors make me smile. It’s a fabulous LO to say the least.  Click the image to leave her some love or click here to view her entire Gingerscraps Gallery.

You can pick outstanding gallery layouts which become the next LOTW nominee’s by posting in the “Baker’s Best” thread. Check out the rules here.

As always your vote counts so head over the the forum to vote for the next LOTW winner. You can be a LOTW winner too, all you have to do is scrap! Happy Scrapping.

Weekly Wrap-Up: Got your eyes on the prize?

Good morning ya’ll!

Late start for me this Sunday, woke up with a crick in the neck and while I was putting away clean dishes I suddenly needed to reorganize my Tupperware cupboard. Yup. So, now I’m here, with my fresh cup of Butter Toffee flavored coffee (just a quick splutz [that’s a word, I promise] of milk) and ready to dawdle on through what will undoubtedly be a very lazy Sunday.

Enough about me!

Let’s talk scrap!

The biggest thing happening around here is our Christmas in July celebration! Please kindly crawl out from your rock if you were unaware of this. 😉 We’ve been so excited about all the activities and PRIZES – OH THE PRIZES! – that it’s been quite difficult to contain our exuberance. Today wraps up our celebrations, so if you’ve got any last minute layouts to finish for the special challenges, or want to pop into one last chat (a story speed scrap!) with Pixels by Jen (2:00PM EST!) then now is your chance! Have you been keeping track of your event points? Got your eyes on the BIG prize?

If you earn a total of 10 points by Sunday July 29th at midnight EST, you will receive this special gift from our GingerScraps Designers!!

Check out the Christmas in July thread for all the details!

One of the challenges you can complete for our Christmas in July(CiJ) celebration is the Hybrid Ornament – which I am working on making several of for Holiday gifts! Simple, personal and, obviously, awesome.

Christmas Hybrid Ornament

Even after the CiJ has wrapped up there is no reason NOT to get a jump on your Holiday gifts! I know with the endless supply of goodies that GingerScraps creates for us I’m certain to actually get my gifts completed BEFORE December 24th this year. You know, like December 23rd. 😉

December will be here before you know it- yes summer is still in full swing, and I am expecting some very warm August days to come but yes, AUGUST! There are only three days left of July! HOLY MOLY! I’ve come to the conclusion that there is indeed a time thief among us. Get ready though, August is bringing some phenomenal things to GingerScraps (as if any other day doesn’t already 😉 ). However, soak up the last few days of July by shopping PsychoZoe’s Retiring Sale.

For example, the must-have Fun With Tulle Templates

Don’t miss these, get them now before they are gone! Don’t forget to browse our ENTIRE store either, so many of our Designers having many items on sale through today. If you’re new to us (HELLO!) totally take advantage of our Christmas in July extravaganza!

And remember if you spend $10 in our store you get this HUGE Grab-bag for FREE!

Speaking of new, I’ve seen so many fresh smiling faces (emoticons 😉 )in the forum that it warms my scrappy heart! WELCOME WELCOME! I hope each and every one of you gets your fluffy bunny slippers on and makes GingerScraps your cozy little corner of the web. We LOVE having you here!

With that, I’m wrapping up this wrap-up to go and get scrappy with it.

Have a scrap happy Sunday my friends!

Daily Download July 29

Daily Download July 28

Daily Download July 27

Fresh Baked for July 27, 2012

The last week of July! Our fun stay-cation, mini-vacation is almost at an end. I’m excited to see what August brings, but wow, July flew right on through!

The designers were hard at work doing things for Christmas in July, but they still were able to put out things for today as well!!

There’s also a sale still going on! Winter and Christmas themed goodies! At rock-bottom prices!! You’ll never see the prices this low again!

Remember that when you spend $10 in the store, you get an amazing grab bag. This month’s was created by Ryan, of Roseytoes, and it’s JAM-PACKED full of stuff.


Oh goodness!! So, go, go forth, have fun!

And make sure you check out Christmas in July!! It’s still going on!!

Sneak Peeks 7.26.12

Good morning everyone!

How’s everyone’s holiday? 😉 WHAT! You mean you didn’t know that it’s Christmas… in July! 😀 Well, it is, and we’re pulling out ALL the stops here at GingerScraps!  I feel like I’ve got a cookie hangover but I’m pretty sure I haven’t had any cookies. 😉

I’m here to share with you just a couple sneak peeks for Friday’s Fresh Baked. Don’t have too many since the designers have been busy as elves getting the Funky Christmas Buffet together for you, not to mention the incredibly awesome Facebook hop!  Alright, alright, before I go on and on about the Christmas in July event let’s get to the matter at hand: sneak peaks!

First up I have something by Twin Mom Scraps

I really do love the greys, greens and browns. That pallet is just so pretty. 

I’ve got one more from Joyful Heart Designs

If that sneak peek is hinting at all those amazing papers, COUNT ME IN!

I can’t wait to see what goodies appear in the store tomorrow. It’s one of the first things I do every Friday morning! I suppose if I said that to anyone else they’d look at me funny, but I’m sure you understand. 😉

Hope everyone has a terrific Thursday! Make sure you join us for the Holiday Festivities, there is SO much going on! I’ve seen SO many new faces too, which I LOVE! So many CAPS but I assure you, it’s because I’m just so… EXCITED! (and I can’t hide it 😉 )

Oh, I’m goofy, I know. Time for coffee, scrapping, and friends! Hope to see you in the forum!