Archives for September 23, 2010

**BIG news **BIG Give Away **24 Hours ONLY!!

I have such exciting news that I just had share with you.  It is so BIG that it is definitely worth it’s own post.  Are you sitting down?  You probably are because you are using a computer.  Then again you may be on your phone – so maybe you are standing.  I suppose it doesn’t matter if you are sitting or standing, but I do hope you are ready for some BIG news.

Ginger Scraps is being featured on My Give Away Today.  HUGE right?!?!?

There are TONS of special store discounts JUST for people that go to their site – My Give Away Today.

If all of this wasn’t good enough – 4 lucky people will win 2 Ginger Bread Lady collabs of their choice to the store!!

Make sure you go to My Give Away Today! But hurry – it is good just for today (9/23/10).  Trust me – you DON’T want to miss this!!