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Behind the Scrapbook

So summer is slowly winding down. Kids are back in school and now the mommy’s have a little more time to do mommy things! I know I’m excited and so is Shannon, A.K.A Shananigans! Here’s what she wrote me when I asked what was her favorite thing about this summer….

My kids start school on the 1st. Officially one more year before my “baby” can go to pre-kindergarten, which really means one more year before I get 2 hours to myself everyday!

My favorite thing about the summer was starting to work for Ginger Scraps!

Awww isn’t she awesome!? It so awesome that she loves Ginger Scraps as much as we do!! I know in the morning GS is my first stop. I have to check out the chatter section and see what you’re all up to!!

I was also talking with Rachel, She’s had a few milestones this summer…

If you remember a few weeks ago Rachel of Pretty in Green shared with us a little milestone of Ana’s, she got a Big Girl bed! Well now little miss Ana is 2!!! She turned 2 on the 31st of August and is officially in the “terrible twos” lol no really she’s always terrible but she knows how to steal your heart and get away with it, lol! Here’s a few pics of here birthday cupcakes, Rachel made the frosting from scratch, she said it was a big hit! Happy Birthday Anastasia!

One other Milestone she wants to share with us, her little boy, Gage, is now a biker! He learned how to work his big bike with training wheels, no more trike for him! We are all very proud of him!

Mandy has had a fun summer… their last outing before school started was the Calgary Zoo!! Here are a few snaps…

Julie, Kelsey and Ben:)

Mandy’s favorite part of the whole day was the butterfly tent!!

And here is the little one carrying the big one…

Poor Kelsey’s feet where getting sore so Julie thought she’d help out!

And of course Mandy’s favorite summertime activity… this was her first ammo box find!!! If she’s not at Ginger Scraps you can find her Geo Caching!!

So what was your favorite summer activity??