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Let’s Get Crafty: Paper Tole/Tolle

It’s Jen (vcjordi) this week, instead of Julie, hope you don’t mind 🙂

This week I have a tutorial and a Print-a-Pixel Card for you to download.  You can get the Print-a-Pixel Card here.

I was originally a paper scrapper, and I LOVED making cards.  I had every tool imaginable- a room stuffed full.  Recently I have been giving away/selling my paper scrapping goodies.  However, there are a handful of items I will never get rid of!  I still do hybrid projects and love to “feel” the things I make.  So in my stash I have a paper trimmer, a pair of scissors, a variety of adhesive, and a variety of hand held embossing tools.  I have found that with digi I don’t need much more than this for just about any hybrid project.  All of these tools will be used to make this card:

The technique used here is called Paper Tole or Tolle.  It is very similar to paper piecing with the main difference being that it usually has more than two layers AND the entire image is printed on the base layer.

When doing traditional paper tole, you will typically have the same item printed off multiple times.  While you don’t use all of each print it is important to have the same item lots of times to create dimension.

Step 1: Print your Print-a-Pixel Card.  I like to use photo paper, semi gloss when I print.

Step 2: Cut your pieces according to the instructions.  NOTE: Label the number on the back of your pieces as you go!!!  This will save confusion and make it easier to glue everything down.  Also, part of the reason why the full image is printed multiple times- you don’t have to be EXACT on your cutting!  When you line up your pieces, the layer underneath also has all of the lines and colors, the blend you eye makes between the layers gives a 3d look.  If you like you can “shade” the edges of your cut pieces with a black, brown or gray marker (whatever works for your image).

Step 3: Emboss your pieces, or shape them.  Do this by placing them upside down on a semi-cushy surface.  I like to use the piercing mats you can find in the scrapbook isle at your craft store.  The idea here is to “curve” your paper piece.  You can use a broad tip embossing tool or something like a spoon.  If you would like to get more detailed, after you curve your piece, turn it over and trace the lines on your image with a smaller tipped embossing stylus.

Step 4: Glue your pieces down in their numbered order.  Some adhesive you can use are pop dots or dimensional foam strips.  For smaller pieces or to only raise a piece a little bit, use glue dots, you can layer glue dots on top of each other to achieve different heights.  I also like acrylic glues for tiny pieces- if you let it dry just a minute before putting your piece down it will give you height without visibility.  Do not push too hard when using acrylic glue, the idea is to NOT see the adhesive.

That’s it, easy huh?  LOL, it may seem kind of tedious at first, but the results are amazing!  Don’t forget you can use this technique on scrapbook pages too!  The PDF tutorial has more images so you can see what each step does.  Feel free to ask any questions you have in the forum here.

Post what you make in the gallery for us to enjoy too!  Happy crafting!