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Behind the Scrapbook

Good evening scrappers, if you’re still up if not good morning! I hope you are having a wonderful day! I had a quiet day. I drove the hubby to the airport today, he is gone till Friday:( So it’s an all girl week… I feeling some rice, chicken and broccoli coming on and maybe even a little shopping!!! Then I made my hour drive home take about 5 hours!! OK so I spent a little time searching for Geo Caches all the way home! I have found 68 caches to date! It’s really nice to have some quiet time walking around in the bush looking for junk but the quiet time is the real treasure. I’m also getting ready to launch my own caches soon. I made some super cool cache containers and I’ll share some photos next week!

So I was chatting with Amy and she is looking forward to having some quiet time too…. kinda….

Amy is pretty excited that her husband is taking their three year old to the “Big Guy, Little guy and Gal” overnight camping trip on the 10th. She will have one evening with just her one year old (who goes to sleep at 7pm), and the the “big guys” will get a fun experience. (Next year the one year old will be old enough to join them!)

I remember those days!! And look forward to maybe seeing some fun photos!! IDK do dad’s take pictures??

Oh and Jodi had a big week…

Tuesday September 7th Jodi started home schooling Rebekah! Rebekah is 3 and will be 4 in December so is in Pre-School. Rebekah was very excited about starting school and asked if it was time for school yet everyday for weeks before she started. The day after Labor Day was the big day and Rebekah was thrilled to get started. She picked out a backpack that she wanted just a few weeks before.
This week Rebekah learned about the letter A, the state of NJ (where she lives), the planet Earth, the number 1, the shapes heart, diamond, circle, and square and the colors red, blue, yellow, and pink. She also learned from her Bible about creation and Adam and Eve. She painted with paint and water colors, colored with markers and crayons, and wrote the letter A and a and the number 1. Boy she’s had a full week!

Her Dora desk that she loves so much!

The backpack she picked out…

Painting in one of her daddy’s old shirts…

Coloring a heart with markers…

And the letters A she made with cereal (Apple Jacks and Alphabet Cereal)

Jodi realized after she took the picture that she put the lowercase a upside down for the picture. hehe

Wonderful work Rebekah!!! Jodi is such an ambitious mom to take on this big job!! I know there are quite a few of you mom’s out there that decide to home school your children…. my hats off to you!! I have no idea how you do it!! I sure look forward to updates along the way and seeing some more art projects!!

While I’m on the topic of school and kids… my sister an I were talking about school uniforms yesterday. I have to say I’m all for the school uniform. I love that everyone at school would wear the same thing and it wouldn’t cost parents a small fortune buying all the brands our kids love!! My sister on the other hand is totally against it! Her stance is that a school uniform only comes in limited if not only one style and that we are all different body shapes. So the same outfit doesn’t work for everybody!! I can see her point but I have to say that I’m still all for it.

So I’m wondering, did you ever have to wear a uniform and how did you feel about it?? Would you want your kids to have school uniforms??