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Kit Spotlight- Lil’ CrimeFighter.

Do you have boys or grandsons? What is it with boys? I mean at the youngest possible age, they seem to know, just know, how to make a gun out of anything and shoot bad guys. Just the other night my 3YO got an empty wrapping paper roll and proceeded to pretend he was shooting a bazooka. I was the bad guy of course {what else could I be as I sat on the couch nursing the baby?!?}. Anyway, I have never taught him about gunfights, he just KNOWS! This is the cutest kit for scrapping all those games of cops and robbers that boys love so much. Lil’ Crime Fighters by Statements By Jodi. Such a unique and adorable kit. Some of my favorite elements in this kit include a walkie talkie, hand cuffs, sheriff stars, police dog, jail bars and my personal favorite, the barbed wire. This kit has 13 papers and 33 fun unique elements. Here is a look at the kit-

And here is what Jodi had to say about it-

What was your inspiration for this kit?

1. My little boy.  He has the cutest outfits and one is a cute shirt and bib that says “Daddy Little Hero” and it’s got a firetruck on it.  It got me thinking about other little things boys could be and it got me on a series of “Lil’ Fighters”.  Next will be “Lil’ Fire Fighters”.  Also keep your eye out for “Lil’ Germ Fighters” and “Lil’ Cavity Fighters”.

How do you go about making a kit?
2. First I come up with my idea and then start thinking about what elements I would like in the kit.  Then I make my papers because I like to use the papers in my elements.
What is your ideal scrap zone?

3. My scrap zone is complete silence.  There is so much going on during my day with the 2 kids that I like complete silence while scrapping.  Nap time is best!

Look at what I scrapped, I choose to do a non-crime fighting LO, Just to show the versatility of the kit-

And now for some gallery inspiration, images linked

And Jodi has generously made this cute lil add-on for us all! Leave her some love! You can grab it HERE