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February 25, 2022: Fresh Baked and Fun News

Happy Friday Everyone!!!

As many of you already know, after 13 years of Scrapping Survivor competitions Ginger has decided to do a new event this March. I know how much you all loved Scrapping Survivor but as the community has grown, it just became totally overwhelming for not only Ginger but for you all as well (based on the forum thread asking for feedback), the posting, voting, alliances … it all just became too much. So, our new annual March event will be …. drum roll please … The GingerScraps Scrap-A-Thon!! This will be a much more relaxed, work at your own pace, no voting, no sign ups, an event full of inspiring each other, lifting each other up and all based on the current monthly challenges! It will kick off on March 1st, stop by the forum for all the details. Believe me, you are NOT going to be disappointed with this new event!

Remember, spend $10 in the store and get this kit for free.

Let’s see what our designers have this week!

How are those challenges? Any 10 completed challenges will get you this great kit as a reward.

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Tutorial Twos-Day (Photoshop Elements)

Two Mini-Tuts! Parallelograms and Hanging Chads

Reader beware: This tutorial will be strong on bad puns and corny jokes… ICYMI in the header.

After last week’s tutorial covering the February Inspiration Challenge and shapes, Karen left a comment asking where she could get the template mdusell used for her Bodega Sunsets layout because she really liked the parallelogram. I took a look at the credits for the layout where the template was listed, then went through (all 38 pages) the designer’s store to see if I could find it. [She used a Connie Prince template, if you’re curious.] Alas, the template set has been retired. So the next best thing I could think of is to show her, and all of you too, how to create a parallelogram photo spot complete with white border, like the one from Connie‘s template, that can be saved and used ad infinitum. Then to finish off this week’s post, I’m responding to granny5pics [Kathi] who sent me this message: “I thought I saw some place how to trim/crop a layout so any overhanging picture areas get cropped off and the layout fits in the given size. I thought I had done so successfully myself recently, but I can’t get my current layout to cooperate!” Let’s get started.

Karen‘s parallelogram starts life as a rectangle that is led astray. I’ve activated the Rectangle Custom Shape Tool as you can see below. I’ll start with a square. Then we’ll see how it looks and make any adjustments it may demand. You can see that there are two rectangular options in this toolkit; don’t pick the rounded one!

Here’s my one-step square. I just clicked at the centre of my workspace and it appeared. Remember, all Custom Shapes start out as Smart Objects and can’t be manipulated as is.

Newer versions of Photoshop Elements have a Simplify button right there in the Tool Options. If you don’t see one, you’ll need to Right-Click on the layer in the Layers Panel and choose Simplify from the pop-up menu.

Here’s a Work Smart Not Hard tip. Use your tools! I’m going to turn on the Grid to help me with my shape-shifting. If you don’t regularly use the Grid, I hope I can change your mind about it. But it’s only useful if it’s set up to be useful. Although I live in Canada and the metric system has been our method of measurement since 1979, I still think in inches so my Preferences for the Grid are set so I have a Gridline (heavier) every inch and 4 Division (lighter) lines per inch… i/e I have reference lines every 1/4 inch. Now, to turn the Grid on, View>Grid, or CTRL/CMD>’ will get you there.

Once I had that Grid for reference, I moved the square over to the right an inch to give me lots of room to manoeuver.

Going from square (which is a parallelogram already, but…) to a more diamond-shaped parallelogram requires the use of the Image>Transform>Skew command.

Grab one of the upper corner handles and pull it out to the side. I went left. You do you! Then grab the other upper handle and move it the same amount.

My finished shape didn’t look enough like the one from the template, so I pushed the top edge down a couple inches and like it much better.

The grid isn’t necessary any more so it can go away.

On mdusell‘s layout the parallelogram shape had a white border. The easiest way to do that and have a save-able, reusable clipping mask is to use a Layer Style. There are some basic Strokes in the Layer Style palette, and although there isn’t a white option, that’s a simple fix. Why not just add a Stroke through the Edit menu, you wonder. Well, it’ll be part of the shape, not sitting on top of the shape; it won’t be visible when something is clipped to the shape, and that defeats the purpose.

So I’ve added a Stroke Style. It’s 20 pixels according to the menu, but shows as 26 pixels later. Regardless, it’s all completely adjustable! And that’s a good thing, because I don’t like the rounded corners much.

By double-clicking on the fx icon on the layer, I can fix all the things I don’t like about the stroke. I can make the stroke wider or narrower, I can change the colour and I can move the Position from Outside to Inside and get those sharp corners.

Here’s the easiest way to turn black to white. Just click on the colour swatch then type ffffff into the # box! If you think you’ll want to reuse this photo clipping mask again Save As a PNG and call it something you’ll remember.

Meet my new neighbour.

Now, for Kathi‘s question… I figured the easiest way to help her with her problem is to show her.

I have a lot of paper outside the boundaries of my signature canvas.

Enter the Crop tool. You can use this to remove the overhang at any point while you’re creating. Here, I’ve waited until the whole thing is done and Cropped all the overhanging stuff away at one time. I hope this is what Kathi needs for her issue…

I’ve been helping my daughter with a top-secret project that I hope we can share with the world soon. It’s eaten up quite a bit of time over the last week, so I’m behind………………… and next Tuesday it’ll be March. Gah.

PDF Version :

$2.00 Tuesday MEGA SALE! 2/22/22

We have another MEGA $2.00 Sale! This sale is good for 24 hours only, it will end at 11:59pm Eastern Time, so make sure you get your cart full and check out before the prices reset. There are so many AMAZING products in this sale, you are going to love it!

Fresh Baked: February 18, 2022

Hello lovely scrappers! We have a special treat for you, our 2022 Newsletter Hop!
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Let’s see what our designers have for us this week.

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Tutorial Tuesday (Individual Style)

Challenge Spotlight: INSPIRATION

Yes, it’s the third Tuesday of February already! This month and next start on a Tuesday, so here we are… looking at a Challenge and the Individual Style each of us brings to a common goal. With the month really only halfway over – and both the Olympics and the Super Bowl squeezed in there, it was a challenge in itself to find one with enough examples to make a good post. But not to worry, the Inspiration Challenge, with Memory Mosaic, fills the bill. Before I go on, these Challenge Spotlights aren’t only meant to encourage you to give them a try, but also to help with the logistics. There are several layouts displayed in the thread that aren’t found in the Challenge Gallery. Posting your layouts to the Challenge Gallery is a required element for proper credit toward Challenge Rewards. So don’t forget that step! Now, let’s talk Inspiration

Joy’s theme for this month’s challenge is SHAPES. But she also wants a brief explanation of how the participants decided which shapes to include. There are some unique takes on this one, and my descriptions aren’t going to replace the scrappers’ own words. You’ll have to check out the layouts in the Gallery to see those. Each layout is linked to the Gallery through the scrappers’ names, so please do drop by and leave them some praise.

First up is this one by B2N2Scraps. She has a variety of geometric shapes here: circles, rectangles and parallelograms. (Thank you, Google, for helping me out with the names of some shapes that I’ve forgotten.)

What has Pippin got going on here? I see hexagons, triangles, trapezoids, pentagons, circles and rectangles. Oh, and some square gems too!

In SusanSays‘ layout the predominant shape is the triangle, but it isn’t the only one. I see squares, rectangles, circles, trapezoids, a couple of ellipses and a star.

Tbear has used lots of circles, but she’s also got some pyramids there, some trapezoids and rectangles too.

This layout by greenfiend27 is too clever by far! There are a plethora of trapezoids, triangles, rectangles, squares and at least one pentagon in there. I almost overlooked the tiny circles!

I like how simple mdusell’s layout is, but still contains a number of shapes: triangles, a parallelogram, rectangles, circles and two overlapping trapezoids.

Trapezoids seem to be a very popular shape! pjm117 has included some circles and triangles, as well as a couple of rectangles too.

There’s a lot going on in Lisa Campbell’s layout, but a close look shows triangles, parallelograms, circles, rectangles and some overlapping trapezoids.

Dovedesign made it easy. Circles and rectangles are obvious; ellipses are less-so… they’re the beads!

Basketladyaudrey made it easy too, big squares, rectangles, a big circle and two overlapping trapezoids are there.

Here, lousmith went with just the square of her background and LOTS of circles.

Last but not least, princess-scrap has circles and rectangles and one solitary square photo.

Great layouts, ladies!!

PDF Version :

Fresh Baked: February 11, 2022

Another Friday and some fun stuff from us.

Hello lovely scrappers! We have a special treat for you, our 2022 Newsletter Hop!
You can hop around our designers newsletters and collect tons of fun free goodies!

All you need to do is sign up to receive the list of newsletters BEFORE February 22, 2022.
Please visit the GingerScraps forum thread for a complete list of all the participating designers!
{2022} Newsletter Hop!

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I’m starting to see some spring kits float into our Fresh Baked. Anyone else ready for spring?

How are those challenges coming along? Complete any 10 of our 31 monthly challenges to get this kit as a reward.

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Tutorial Tuesday (Mixing It Up)

Perfectly Paired, with Diamond Dust Designs

After last week’s marathon tutorial I needed some downtime, so I took a look at the February Challenges. (I know, it sounds like the opposite of relaxing, right?) But to me, Challenges are a way of turning off and tuning out a bit. I mean, come on… they tell you what to do, all you have to do is do it! Lots of room for creativity, but less thought required. Ha!! Did you look at the Perfectly Paired Challenge?

“…you must use two different kits from two different GS Designers and select an equal number of papers and an equal number of elements from each kit that go well together. Then pick a favorite template from a GS Designer and create your LO, showing how you perfectly paired the two kits together. List both kits and their designer and the template designer in your credits.”

Sure, Ginger laid it all out about how to meet the requirements of the Challenge, but many of us are single-kit scrappers. So that got me thinking about a tutorial I wrote quite some time back about how to use multiple kits without losing our minds, and it seemed a good idea to replay it this week so more of you might be tempted to give it a try. The original tutorial is Windows-based, so if you’re using a different operating system there will be some adjustments to the search piece needed. Let’s have a look.

Caveat: This is my workflow and you might have a method that will work better for you.

I like to use templates, not gonna lie. They make scrapping so much easier. And I like to use folders. For me, they too make scrapping easier. For mixing kits, folders are a HUGE help. I have folders for each store I frequent, each of the kits I’ve added to my stash and I have folders for every layout I’ve created. It helps keep me organized. I’ve read posts from people who go through all of their kits and individually tag EVERYTHING. That’s a ton of work, and for the most part, it’s unnecessary. Designers usually label everything in a kit in some way, so why duplicate their efforts? Work Smart, Not Hard!

So let’s talk about folders. At the beginning of every month, I create a Challenges folder. And in this folder I add subfolders for all my favourite challenges. Into those folders, I copy my photo(s), template, papers and elements. After I’m happy with the layout, have ensured I have no bloopers and the layout is posted, I empty the folder of everything but the PSD of the layout and 2 JPEGs. That keeps the space taken up by the layout to a minimum but lets me find them later. The image below shows some of my folders in the list to the left. My first step is to select a template to use. In the tutorial on organizing your stash, I talked about labeling template previews in some fashion so it’s easier to find what you’re looking for later. My system, borrowed from someone else but modified to suit my workflow, is to label with whether the template is for a single or double spread, the number of photo spots and sometimes the shape/mask/blend the photo spots assume. The screenshot below shows a Windows File Explorer search for a single spread with 1 photo. (The icon for this utility is the file folder… super simple!) I had chosen a cute photo to build my layout around, so I opened my GingerScraps digikit folder then in the search box shown on the upper right, I typed in “single1“. After a few minutes, Windows had found all the template previews so labeled and showed them to me. (The actual search time will depend on the size of the folder you’re searching and the number of like objects to be found. It may only take seconds.) Now I could look at them and pick a template that would work for my layout.

Now, how did I find the actual template, you ask, since all that’s displayed are the preview thumbnails? I right-clicked on the preview and selected Open file location from the menu window. That takes me right to the folder that holds the template. Then I copied the template file into my challenge folder. For other searches this step won’t be necessary, because you can just copy the objects right from the search pane.

Next, I opened the template preview thumbnail in a photo viewer so I could see what supplies I needed to find next. I counted up the different papers the template employs and went on to my next search.

For this search, I put “paper blue” in the search box, as I’ve shown below. And Windows found all the papers labeled with those two words. Results will show both folders and individual images, which makes it easy to see just what you’re looking for.

I copied each of the blue papers I might want to use into my GingerScraps Challenges> September 2017>Colour SHADES OF BLUE folder so I could see them all in one place. That helped me determine if they’d work together or not. They look pretty good!

I worked my way through the different items used for the template one at a time to find things I wanted to include. There was a circular element I decided must be a flair, so I did a “flair” search.

Remembering that templates don’t necessarily have to be duplicated exactly, I chose to add some string to it. The search showed me a blue string right near the top that would work beautifully!

Once I had chosen all the things I thought I might use (substituting flowers for the stars) I could see everything in one place and knew they’d all work well together. I had pieces from FOURTEEN kits!

Once I was ready to build my layout, I opened Photoshop Elements and went to the Colour SHADES OF BLUE folder and opened all the items onto my workspace. From there it was zip, zip, zip!

And this is where I ended up. (Once I post my challenge layout, I add a hyphen to the beginning of the folder name so I know it’s done.)

Another way this method is useful is for speed scraps. You can have Windows searching for things while you work on the previous steps. That’s sort of where I came up with my system. I used to partake of monthly speed scraps at another site that is no longer around and I wanted to be sure I was finished my layout with time to spare in order to win the prize.

This screenshot shows how CathyK has labelled the items in her kit Aviator. This is for GingerScrapper Karen who had some questions about metadata.

Please feel free to adapt this however it will work for you! Now I’m going to collect my papers and elements to take on this Challenge. See you next wee, when we’ll be looking at Individual Style Challenge Spotlight time! (It might even be this one…)

PDF Version :

Fresh Baked: February 4, 2022

Welcome to another Friday. The Winter Olympics opening ceremony is today. Will you be watching? What are your favorite winter Olympic sports? I love figure skating the most. I will watch almost any of it though. 

Remember, spend $10 in the store and get this great kit for free. I love the teals in with the pinks in this.

You can tell that Valentine’s Day is growing closer. We have a lot of Valentines-type kits in this weeks new releases.

Have you gotten started on your challenges? Complete any 10 of our 31 monthly challenges to get this kit as a reward.

Designer Spotlight: February 2022

Aimee Harrison and Cheré Kaye

I’m really glad I waited until AFTER the GIGANTIC $2 sale we were treated to yesterday!! I’d hate for our Spotlight Designers to be outshone by something like that. [Editor’s note: Jan has to limit what she buys these days, since her hard drive is almost full.] Are you ready to get the 411 on our two BFF-designers, Aimee and Cheré? [Editor’s note: These colourful names are hyperlinked to the ladies’ shops, so just click through and take a look!] We had a little chat and here’s the scoop:

J: Hey ladies!! It’s nice to see you both again. I think you’ve noticed our GingerScraps family has grown by leaps and bounds since last we chatted so let’s go back to basics for a second. How long have you been designing?

A: I have been designing since 2009 when I decided I wanted to do my own stuff after having started making digital layouts a month before.

C: I’ve been designing since 2007.

J: Wow! I could ask how you can keep coming up with fresh, new stuff all the time, but let’s save that for another time. But Cheré, maybe you’d share what led you to designing in the first place.

C: I loved scrapbooking first, but then our daughter came home and the mess of regular scrapbooking kind of seemed like too much.  So, I started digital scrapbooking, but realized I wanted specific things – so my design career was born.

J: I came to digital scrapping for the same reason! No mess. No waste. Win-win! So, what tools do you use to create your designs?

C: I design in Photoshop CC, but I love my iPad.  I use Procreate and Adobe Fresco to draw many of my embellishments and add ons.

A: I use Photoshop and Illustrator. I also draw and use my scanner then extract or draw using Photoshop. An iPad is on my list of things to get so I can get Procreate and create using that.

J: Huh… Adobe’s making a fortune off digital scrapbooking, aren’t they? I’ve never been a fan of Apple products so Procreate isn’t something I’m ever going to learn, unless there’s an Android version. Describe where you do your designing for us, please.

A: I am in our upstairs bedroom – all day long. I have a huge desk in front of four windows that overlook our front yard which is full of plants and trees as we love to garden. It is the most beautiful place for me to work. I have a tower computer that my boyfriend built for me that lights up in cool colors and I play my favorite game, Skyrim, on it as well.

C: My workspace is small.  We live in a teeny apartment, so I have a little desk in the corner of the living room.  Because it’s tiny, it’s almost always tidy, which speaks to my soul.

J: I’m not familiar with this “tidy”. I move things around just so it looks like I’ve been productive. Aimee, do you have a favourite kit in the GS shop?

A: I would have to say that it’s hard to choose between two I made this past summer. I adored my Rosemary & Thyme Collection and my Oceanography Collection. Both had wonderful colors and made gorgeous layouts.

J: Oh, they’re both fabulous!! [Editor’s note: the collection names are linked to the product in the shop for your browsing pleasure.] Oops, excuse me for a second while I head the Amazon guy off before the dogs know he’s here.


Ahh. Back. No barking, no trying to jump into his pockets… success. Now, where were we? Oh yeah. Let’s talk about dream vacations for a sec. [Editor’s note: Jan needs a vacation but isn’t ready to travel yet, so she’ll travel vicariously with Aimee and Cheré.]

C: My perfect vacation would be with my husband Chris, somewhere warm (but not blazing hot), totally unplugged from social media.

A: This is a hard one. I grew up studying Archaeology and History. So I would LOVE to go somewhere that has a lot of history and archaeology. I would like to visit sites and take so many photos. I also would like to visit a few countries that my family emigrated from to the United States like Hungary, Slovakia, England and Germany. I always wanted to go to my families hometowns.

J: Aimee, that’s my idea of a great vacation. In 2018 I went to Ireland and visited the villages where three branches of my Dad’s family emigrated from to Canada. It only made me want more… Is that what you’d do if you won the lottery?

A: Nope. I would pay off all my school bills, my boyfriends bills, buy us a small farmhouse in the country where we can have a number of animals that we could take care of and love. I would continue to design as I adore doing it. I can’t imagine not designing. Its the best job ever.

C: I’d probably just pay bills and give money away 🙂

J: Bills. Eep. Cheré, would you sing or dance in the shower?

C: I never dance in the shower.  I would fall and break my neck.  Singing I do all the time, including in the shower.

J: That was a silly question, I know. But I have room to dance in my shower, so I had to ask. Do either of you garden? What do you grow?

C: I have two black thumbs, all the way up to the elbow.  I really can kill any living plant.  I don’t know how this happened, as my mom could grow ANYTHING!

A: LOL. I do NOT have a green thumb but my boyfriend, Tyler, does. He grows tons of things each year and a few of our favorite things to grow are tomatoes, peppers, chard and herbs of all kinds. Oh and Strawberries! We have tons. It’s absolutely wonderful. I love to spend time with Tyler while he gardens. I sit in my chair reading my Kindle while he works happily away. We love it.

J: I love getting sweaty and dirty in the garden. I’ve planted literally hundreds of perennials in the three yards we’ve owned. It’s a great stress reliever. Aimee, are you a sports fan?

A: My favorite sport is for sure soccer. I love to watch it and if I am to watch sports, that is the one I like to watch. I don’t really play sports, never have. But. I love to watch soccer and football.

J: Soccer. Um. Nope. Gimme baseball and curling, please! What are your favourite colours? Are there colours you really DON’T like?

C: I love blues and teals the most, with the occasional pop of orange or pink.  I don’t love to work with red.

A: My favorite color is definitely Aqua or Teal. I love blue green. I have loved it since I was a small girl. I tend to love all color but anything muted or dark is not my thing. I tend to like bright colorful things.

J: How unfortunate for you Cheré to be given February! It’s almost an imperative to do red, isn’t it? Have either of you ever met a celebrity?

C: I met Tony Bennett once in Central Park in New York.  That was pretty cool.  He was super nice.

J: Did you see the special with him and Lady Gaga? He’s got dementia but the part of his memory that isn’t affected is where his music lives. Aimee, is there one celebrity you’d like to have coffee with?

A: I am one of those people who enjoy being a bit of a fangirl. I’m currently fangirling over Adam Driver, Benedict Cumberbatch, Tom Hiddleston and Keanu Reeves. But I have to admit, I don’t really care if I meet them. I really just enjoy watching from afar. Fun stuff though.

J: So you like a more cerebral type, eh? I’m more of a country musician groupie. Not that I’m a musician myself. I did learn Hot Cross Buns on the recorder back in the day.

C: I can play piano, guitar, trombone, and I love to sing.

J: Last nosy question. Feel free NOT to answer. If you could change one thing about yourself, what would it be?

C: I’d like to be more confident for sure.  I take what other people think about me WAY too seriously.

J: That comes with age. I could totally be one of those Red Hat Society ladies without any hesitation. Well, thanks so much for taking the time to let our GS family into your lives a little. Before we go, I want to remind everybody that the girls are also hosting the Daily Download this month in addition to being in the Spotlight. The sneak peek looks so intriguing! And…… drum roll please. Their stores are both 30% off for the WHOLE MONTH!! Check out the Spotlight Challenge for details. Make sure to give them some support!

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