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Challenge Spotlight: GS Created with Rewards and Font Challenge

Happy ?Saturday. Hope you are all enjoying this Easter weekend. Today I’m here to shine the spotlight on two more Challenges.

First up is the Gingerscraps Created with Rewards Challenge hosted by our own sweet Ginger. The only requirement for this challenge is to use the Free With Purchase kit or the Challenge Reward kit form the previous month.

I have grabbed a few member layouts from the gallery as samples. Let’s see what I found.

From Belis2mi using Bring On Spring:

From shariana using Bring On Spring:

From CathyS using read, learn, know, go:

From ktmoonblue using read, learn, know, go:

Now, let’s look at the Font Challenge hosted this month by Craft-tastrophic. Each month the host designer picks out a free font for you to you in a layout however you wish. This month, the font is called Columbia. I love fonts and this on is super cute.

Le’s see what I found in the gallery.

From Dee H:

From justpennys:

From A-M:

From lm44west:

I love the different ways they have chose to use this font.

Remember, any 10 complete challenges will get you this beautiful kit:

Hope you are enjoying these spotlight posts. I’ll be back tomorrow with more.

Fresh Baked: April 10, 2020

Is anyone else having problems remembering what day of the week it is? I’m working from home and making it a point to get dressed every day, but I find I’m having to make sure I update my planner daily to make sure I know what day it really is. I’m also struggling to remember that it’s Easter weekend. I’m sure I’m not the only one, so at least it’s good to have “friends” in the same state of mind.

Get his full beautiful kit when you spend $10 in the store.

~Signs of Spring~

Let’s see what’s new in the store this week!


Have you been following the blog posts spotlighting our Challenges? Remember if you complete 10 challenges you get this great kit:

It’s time to ~Bloom and Grow~!

Sneak Peeks–April 10, 2020

Time is dragging on, and nerves are getting a little frazzled.

Don’t be afraid to reach out and ask for help, however you need it. We all need a listening ear.

It’s getting harder to stay inside as the weather warms up, but the designers seem to be finding a use for all the time on their hands, and are creating beautiful kits that you’re just going to want!

Now, for some adorable layouts to showcase some awesome new stuff coming out!

Tinci Designs wants you to share lots of memories with her new template series!



Carol W is wanting you to create happy memories in her newest template set!



Aimee Harrison has a couple of kits, including an Easter kit and a monotone series!



Alexis Designs wants you to feel beautiful inside and make some framed layouts!



Whimpychompers wants you to find that hunny bunny and snuggle!



Mags Graphics is all about taking care of you!



JB Studio is reminding us that we are one.



Dagilicious is all about that spring swing!



Miss Fish is on the hunt for a flower patch!



So, get outside for a little bit, while practicing that social distancing. Get yourself some fresh air, take the camera with you, and remind yourself that it will be okay.



Designer Spotlight: Laurie’s Scraps

Hey GingerScrappers! Let’s get to know Laurie…

1. How long have you been designing?

12 years on and off

2. What made you decide to design?

I have always been creative so this is just another way to be creative.

3. What led you to decide to design together?

I love the designs from Just Because! She is an amazing talent and a great person too, so why not?

4. What do you use to create your designs (program, additional tools, etc.)?

and a Lenovo Laptop

5. Describe your design workplace.

Right now it is in my bedroom on a foldable table. I had to move up here so I can work away from the kids. But usually it is on our kitchen table.

6. What motivates and inspires you as a designer?

My kids most of the time.

7. What is your favorite kit currently in your GS store and why?

uhhhhhhhh…… I have no idea! Probably one of my “magical” ones. I love Disney and all that magic!

8. If you could only eat one meal for the rest of your life, what would it be?

wow, ok….ummmm…. Probably a typical Thanksgiving dinner. But I love all sorts of food!

9. What is your favorite game or sport to watch and play?

Soccer… it is easier to understand.

10. What did you want to be when you were small?

A Lawyer, Doctor and Teacher. All at once.

11. Aside from necessities, what one thing could you not go a day without?

Right now….Allergy pill. Hahaha.

12. Who would you want to play you in a movie of your life?

Charlize Theron…. she is sooo pretty!

13. If you had a warning label, what would yours say?

#NOFILTER! I do not filter out what I say most of the time. So what you see if what you get!

14. What celebrity would you like to meet at Starbucks for a cup of coffee?

Yikes! I have so many…. to have a discussion, probably Leonardo DiCaprio.


Challenge Spotlight: Facebook Header and Let’s Get Acquainted

Before we get into today’s challenge, I have to make a confession. I didn’t do a layout for either of these. My EHD was not playing nice tonight. Actually, I think my computer is just tired of me working from home (haha). But bigger reason is that when I looked in the forum to pick some samples, I knew I wanted to showcase only those. These are amazing.

First is the Facebook Header Challenge hosted by CathyK. This is usually one of my favorites to do. If you are a template junkie (like me), there are templates out there to help. This month’s theme for the header is “HOPE”.

Let’s see a few of my favorites from the gallery.

From honeybee:

From ptktj:

From shawnarenee31:

From pauline:

Aren’t these inspiring?

Second, we’re looking at the Let’s Get Acquainted Challenge with Snickerdoodle Designs. Here is this month’s question:

It’s officially Spring.What is it about the season that calls to you most? Is it talking a walk in the warm sunshine, feeling a cool breeze on your face, or perhaps planting a garden or tending to the flowers in your yard? There are so many things that we can do in the Spring that we can’t do in other months. What is your FAVORITE thing about Spring?

Since most of us are “sheltering in place” or on “lockdown,” feel free to show us what you are doing.

Let’s see what I found in the gallery. This first one spoke to my soul. Nani and I share a love of scrapbooking and baseball. I’ve been blessed to actually spend some time with her (at a baseball game no less).

From keevs:

From 01lousmith:

From Glori2:

Again – these were all so stunning, I decided it was better to share them.

Remember, any 10 challenges gets you this fabulous collab:

Enjoy your week. I’ll be back on Saturday with two more great challenges.

Tutorial Tuesday

I know all of you have been waiting patiently for this week’s tutorial. But I’m sorry to report there isn’t one. My dad (83) was admitted to the hospital (in another city) early Friday in serious condition. He’s okay, and has been discharged, but I’m mentally and emotionally exhausted. I hope to be running on all cylinders again soon. Meanwhile, stay home – flatten the curve! Take care of yourselves and the ones you love. 

Challenge Spotlight – A Year of Blessings and Template #1

Hi fellow scrappers.  Hope your week is starting off well.

Today we’re focusing on the A Year Of Blessings Challenge and the first Template Challenge.

First up is the A Year of Blessings Challenge. This month it is hosted by Luv Ewe Designs. Her challenge to us was to scrap flowers. That is a perfect subject for me because my husband loves to photograph flowers. While we were vacationing in Lake Lure, NC in Jnue of 2018, we got to experience their Flowering Bridge. It was a super experience. Here is my take on the challenge and a few others I’ve chosen from the gallery.

From Grace:

From Dannisa:

From ktmoonblue:

Aren’t these beautiful?

Next is one of my favorite challenges each month. The Template Challenge. There are two of these each month. This month the first challenge is hosted by Laurie’s Scraps. Look at this gorgeous template that she has provided for us to use.

I love working with templates so these fall right into my wheelhouse. I had a blast pulling out some older pictures of my kids. They are now much older than this.

From KatherineWoodin:

From pjm117:

From poki04:

So much fun playing with these.

Remember, any 10 challenges completed will get you this full kit!

I’ll have an other challenge spotlight on Wednesday!

Challenge Spotlight – Layout Bingo and Project 365/52

Hey there scrappers. We’re starting a new feature here on the blog. Several times during the week, I will be shining the spotlight on a challenge (or two) that you can do to earn a full kit reward from GingerScraps. Check out the post from April 4, or the Cookie Jar thread in the forum for all the fun information about how the challenges work here at GingerScraps.

Today I’m focusing on two the the multi-layout challenges. Most posts will focus on only one challenge.

First up is Layout Bingo with MagsGraphics. I will admit, I had not had a chance to look at this one much until I started. This looks like so much fun. I’m going to give the highlights in this post. To see the full instructions and to get the blank Bingo card for this month, head over to the post in the Gingerscraps forum.

Each month, MagsGraphics will provide a Bingo cards with different items to complete. Things like: 1 layout with a border. 1 layout with a GS Free-With-Purchase Kit, 1 layout about spring break, etc. The idea, of course, is to get Bingo. Specific instructions on how to full out the card are in the forum. The good news, is that only one of the layouts has to be unique for this challenge (not used in other GS challenges). The other spots can be other challenges for this month (or within the last three months).

Here are a couple of finished bingo cards from March. As you can see, some choose to fill out only the line that makes BINGO and others fill out any of the squares that the task is complete.

From gmae:

From gadawg83:

Doesn’t this look like fun? I’m going to try to work on getting BINGO this month. I’ll show my card in a wrap-up post at the end of the month.

Here is a glimpse at April’s card. Remember to head over the forum for the complete rules.

Next, let’s look at the 365/52 Challenge. This one is hosted by Heather Z Scraps. This challenge is fairly straightforward. The only real rule is that the pictures used must be from the current week you are working on. If you take a lot of pictures and document everything, this may be the challenge for you. The good news? Each week counts as one challenge point. If you do layouts for 3 weeks of the month, that’s 3 of your 10 layouts done.

There are so many different ways you can choose to do these. Here are a few below, but browse the gallery and see what others are doing. These is also an FAQ thread on the forum to help if you have questions.

From CindyB:

From pinklily:

From pizazz:

And now for a sneak peek at the kit you will get for completing your challenges:

Leave a comment and let me know if you are going to try either of these challenges.  Happy Scrapping!


April 2020 Challenges

Hey there scrappers. Did you know that GingerScraps has 28 challenges you can complete each month? Yep – 28.  I know. I was blown away when I actually counted them. Did you know that if you complete any 10 of these, you get a free FULL SIZED KIT designed especially for this purpose (see the bottom of this post)? That’s just crazy, right?

In order to get your rewards, you must keep track of your layouts in the Cookie Jar tracking thread in forum. You just copy and paste the information MissDamsel has provided into a new post. During the month, every time you create a layout for a challenge, come back to your message and edit it with the link to your layout in the gallery.

April 2020 – Challenge Reward Info
Monthly Challenge Rules –

  • You will receive the collab of the month in which you COMPLETE your 10 challenges.
    For Example:
    You do 5 in March, 2 in April and 6 in May – you would get the May collab.
    You do 7 in March and 4 in April – you get the April collab
    You do 10 each month you get EACH Collab!! (BEST DEAL!!)
  • Challenge rewards will be sent out after the 5th of the month
  • All challenges layouts must have at least 50% of GS products – Daily Download and Welcome wagon counts. (See individual challenge rules for specific rules on usage such as Designer Spotlight Challenge)
  • Speed Scraps and Chats DO NOT count towards your challenge rewards (of course your host will usually provide fun goodies for all attending their SS or Chat)
  • Every challenge must have a unique LO. Meaning, you can not use the same LO for more then 1 challenge (the only exception is the Layout Bingo challenge – more on that in the next blog post).
  • You are responsible for tracking your completed challenges, find the monthly tracking thread in the “Cookie Jar“, and follow the guidelines.

(Just in case you missed it above – your challenges add up from month to month until you get to 10.)

Challenge Rewards:
Complete any 10 challenges, and you will receive a brand new designer collab!
Each month we will offer a brand new GingerBread Ladies collab as a reward for completing the GS challenges.

Complete any 10 challenges, during the month of April 2020, and receive this collab for FREE!!

Bloom & Grow: A collaboration from our GingerScraps designers
By Designers: JB Studios, LouCee Creations, Miss Fish Templates, Aimee Harrison

  • 2 Alphas {Uppercase, Lowercase, Numbers & Punctuation}
  • 50 Papers
  • 85 Elements

Come back tomorrow for the a spotlight two of the challenges you can choose from.

Fresh Baked: April 03, 2020

Well, Spring has sprung. Well… mostly. We actually had frost on our windows on Thursday morning, but I think we’re past any chance of really cold weather. This was probably the mildest winter since we moved to North Carolina 20 years ago.

It’s the beginning of April, so you know that means a new Free with Purchase. Get this full kit as a bonus when you spend $10 in the store.

~~Signs of Spring~~

Don’t forget to grab the Survivor Mega Collab. Even if you aren’t playing, this bundle has so many great things in it.

Now let’s get a look at all the new releases.

Remember if you complete 10 challenges, you get this amazing kit!